New Proposals for Drones

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A user sent me a link to a proposal by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation on drones and other unmanned aircrafts. I’ve been going through the proposal now and here are some points I think are worth highlighting:

For Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Under 5KG (Private Use)
– The UAS shall not be operated within 300 Meters of any person, vessel, vehicle or structure not under the control of the UAS operator; and additionally, during take-off or landing the UAS shall not be flown within 200 Meters of any person, unless that person is under the control of the aircraft operator;

– UAV shall not be operated over a congested areas, except with the permission of the DGCA; it shall not fly over public or private properties, or within 5km of Kuwait’s airport outer fence, Heliports, Helicopter landing Sites, and airfields and shall remain clear of control zones.

– DGCA UAV Registration required for UAV which have a total mass including batteries and equipment greater than 1/2kg. Registration shall be done through proper entity.


For Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Under 5KG (Commercial Use)
– DGCAA UAV Registration. Registration shall be done through proper entity.

– DGCA UAS Operating Approval.

– DGCA Security Approval when equipped with camera or other scanning or surveillance equipment.

For Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Over 5KG and Under 25KG (Private Use)
– DGCA approval shall be obtained if operating outside flying clubs air space or the DGCA allocated defined zones.

– UAV shall not be operated near public and private properties;

– Use of video or image capturing device shall be prohibited;

– The applicant shall fill DGCA form to purchase this category.The form can be obtained from proper entity.

So basically if you own a drone or any other unmanned air vheicle you’re going to have to register it. If you’re shooting video and selling the footage then you’re going need to also get approval to operate the drone and approval from the air aviation security department. Finally if you’ve got one of the larger aircraft (over 5KG) like the hobby planes, then you’re going to be very limited on where you could use the aircraft plus you need fill out a form to be able to purchase one.

One thing I found odd is how sometimes they say UAS and sometimes UAV. So I started googling some of the points from the document and turns out they’ve just copied pasted a bunch of stuff from different proposals around the world including from the British CAA and the Emirati GCAA.

If you’d like to download the proposal and check it out, here is the [Link]

Image is a screenshot of drone footage from film Inspiring Kuwait
Thanks Abdulwahab

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  1. cajie says:

    At least some clarity on the situation. Hope this gets implemented.

  2. DeViL says:

    In short drones are not for public.

  3. 3azeez says:

    “One thing I found odd is how sometimes they say UAS and sometimes UAV”

    Its explained on page 5 under definition. There is difference and it is not just because “copy/paste”.

    • Mark says:

      No its not explained it’s defined and both UAS and UAV are defined as the same thing. You either use UAS or UAV but because they’ve copied from different sources sometimes its being used as UAS and sometimes as UAV. You can read through the document, some of the headings are UAS and then under it in the points they say UAV. That definition page FYI is also copied from the GCAA document. The GCAA use UAS not UAV.

  4. Quintin says:

    i have no problems with drones. the operator just needs to keep it out of airlines paths. i was flying to New York last year and we had to divert because a drone was in our flight path.

  5. can they make a drone that can transport me around Kuwait!
    how about transporting small packages to bring down car traffic?

    I’m kinda with them on the registration and some restrictions on drones, you never know what these guys are filming – could be a private beach with hot chicks and not sharing the video!

  6. Matt says:

    The plural of aircraft is aircraft.

    • Dun says:

      Also group of aircraft is called a ‘gaggle’. (ex. A gaggle of aircraft whizzed past my window)

      and a young aircraft is called an ‘aircraftten’. (ex. I was told not to feed the little aircraftten any more cookies because she had eat dinner later).

  7. James says:

    Drones in Kuwait are invasive and I’d like to see them go

  8. Matt says:

    The Predator guys are still laughing.

  9. Mastodon Media says:

    Does it say anywhere where we have to go to register our drones for commercial use? Any help about this would be greatly appreciated.


  10. adnan kazi says:

    looking to register my drone so that i can fly with the legal permit way.any help will be gratefull to me !!

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