Boulevard Opening Soon

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Boulevard is a project that seems like it’s been under construction for an eternity. The first time I posted about the project it was back in 2010 and the project was already well under way by then. Boulevard is located in Salmiya right off the 5th Ring Road and opposite Souk Salmiya. It’s a large project that contains a bunch of things including a mall, a restaurant complex, parks and even a cricket field. I passed by it last April and was impressed with the size of the whole thing but the project still didn’t have any water back then so there was no greenery or lakes. But, a reader just emailed me recent photos of the place and looks pretty nice. According to the reader, Boulevard is expected to open in 3 months time but no official date has been set yet. Check out all the photos below.












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  1. Neo says:

    Looks Nice…

  2. Rayboy says:

    seems like a commercial version of shaheed park.

  3. jihad says:

    that project started in 2008 and yet not finished. nice development plan. what a waste of time.

  4. BeeJay says:

    i hope they put running track and like alshaheed in this big area.. it will be great :D

  5. DeViL says:

    Looks Awsum! From the graphics representation, something between Green Island/Scientific Center/Hilton. Missing beach front won’t get them far from initial curiosity visitors. Will all depend how well they maintain it.

  6. Lulu says:

    I’ve been waiting for ages for them to open. I’m hoping it doesn’t get too crowded but who am I kidding. Don’t know if there is an entry fee to the park itself but there should be one.

  7. Tk says:

    I wonder how fast that water gets dirty with thrown rubbish

  8. Kuwait says:

    I wonder who the Cricket Ground is for?

  9. Rob says:

    Supposed to be a sultan center in there, tho not sure if it’s souk salmiya side or Hamad al Mubarak side.

    • gabbar says:

      The original plan was that Sultan Center would open up here and close their branch near Fanar.
      Duno if that is still the plan now (since this was supposed to happen in 2012).

  10. muhammad says:

    Very happy to know about this great project :)

    Great job Mark.
    keep up the good work.

  11. MrsLeonard says:

    Hilton will have a company outing this coming Friday, it must beipening soon.

  12. H says:

    Off topic but the health center in the middle of Salem Al Mubarak st. should be relocated.

  13. Looks like a nice project, a bit of a change from the regular malls we have. But let’s face it, it’ll turn out to be crowded, no parking, crazy traffic to get there and, by the standard of people who frequent this are, another disappointment.

    • DeViL says:

      “by the standard of people who frequent this are, another disappointment” Huh!

    • Umair Shaikh says:

      KUDOS to your thought process

    • Ruckus says:

      I understand your concerns. I agree with your sentiment about the standards of those who frequent the sight. I would say, however, that even the grandest Taj Mahal will eventually be a disappointment for the us.

      Happiness cannot be found in this realm of gross materiality.

    • RT says:

      Is this a sly for my nationality.. I don’t owe debt and don’t depend on doles to sustain my showoff lifestyle.. I earn honestly and spend most of it to educate my younger generation and live within my means giving importance to basics.. if that puts you off, good riddance… enjoy your life who narrative unfortunately is not set by you

  14. noura says:

    i remember passing by it everyday back when i was in high school and i’m now a senior at university! crazy how long its taken to finish but the pictures look beautiful.

  15. Sara says:

    They really should open this before the weather gets shitty otherwise what’s the point

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