The most wonderful green place in Kuwait

Post by Mark

The below is taken from the Boulevard project about us page:

Nestled in the heart of Salmiya, the vibrant area southeast of Kuwait City, with rich demographic diversity, Boulevard is an emerging oasis in the middle of the city, a fabulous world full of real facilities!

Once a large desolated plot of land, the area is now one of the most wonderful green places to visit in the State of Kuwait, benefiting from excellent road access on all sides principally from the Fifth Ring Road and Arabian Gulf Street.

Today, Boulevard is the largest touristic hub in the country, including more than 353 thousand square meters of fabulous year-round family fun, and offering a splendid range of cultural and recreational events and activities and a constant source of wonderful delights.

Notice anything strange? Well below is a picture of Boulevard today. I don’t think it looks that green and popular but I could be wrong… [Link]

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  1. zaydoun says:

    They’re turning that desolate piece of land into a park…. with the requisite retail & food outlets of course

  2. Radly says:

    hahahahhaha..nice pointing that out! the place is still under major construction and may have some time until it can be called ‘green’ or have ‘year round family fun’ The choice of wording in their site is quite interesting

  3. Mark says:

    zaydoun: I know but notice how they’re talking about the future in present tense?

  4. cajie says:

    Mark, I find it strange that you find it strange that an Arabic company is grammatically incorrect on their website.

    Yes. I just watched Inception.

  5. Randy says:

    how can they honestly call themselves “green” when they are probably going to use an obscene amount of concrete to construct buildings etc?

    while they will probably plant some trees and lay a few patches of grass, everybody knows that people in Kuwait do not tend to gravitate to “green” spaces such as a park especially 9 months out of the year!!

    bring on the restaurants & cafes …

  6. Labeeb says:

    The idea of this project is really great. But come on we are in Kuwait. Considering the location, I predict that the place will be packed with expats bbq-ing and leaving all the coal and leftovers behind them. Azmi children will invade the park writing on every wall and destroying every lamp.

  7. sigh says:

    I imagine the creative minds behind the project talking one day, “lets call our project The Boulevard”, it’s clever, it’s original and it’s almost the same as The Avenues!”

  8. Desert Girl says:

    In the middle of Salmiya where the rents for the city are still the cheapest, Boulevard is a colorful series of fences in the middle of the city; a sandy plot where an inhumane traveling circus formerly called home.

    Still a large desolated plot of land, the area is now fenced in with vibrantly colored boards. Not a piece of green can be found as cement trucks roll in and out, oblivious to the high rate of traffic on all sides.

    Today, Boulevard is the largest hole in Kuwait; a touristic hub to stray cats and dhub. With more than 353 thousand square meters of year round dust, a constant source of wonderful delights to many of its 4-legged inhabitants.

  9. Mathai says:

    Its a wonderful place! there are pixies and unicorns and even a river that flows with Shani!

  10. Khozema says:

    The futuristic design looks good. Their English grammatical mistakes can be forgiven. But my concern is what will happen to the real estate prices in that area(since, i am staying there) once the project is complete. And what about all that traffic which increase again!!!

  11. Sat99 says:

    I wonder how much land they will dedicate to parking.

  12. SWOS says:

    wtf lol

  13. lolcat says:

    the dust rises from that place

  14. peter says:

    to Labeeb,

    you are probably right, but I think being careless with the environment is not only the part of the expats…

  15. Kojak says:

    Don’t expected it to be super! Think of it as another Shaab or Hawalli Park!!!

  16. smoothy says:

    They should call it Never-never land

  17. Les says:

    lol desertgirl :)

  18. BaHaar says:

    My apartment is cross the street of So called green park !! and everyday I wonder about the geniuses who came up with the plan of ” lets build an amusement park in middle of over crowded area to make getting in and out of salmiya during a holiday or weekend even more worse nightmare .

  19. Nirvana01 says:

    Isnt there supposed to be a skatepark being built there? I HOPE SO!!!

  20. Chai says:


  21. Kojak says:

    @ Chai
    is this ganna be at Salmiya Park?
    My supplier told me that I can loose some weight only if I went on diet. But I am not sure if my supplier is the same supplier of yours!
    However, I support Sheikh Majed ;)

  22. nasser says:

    they’ll end up replacing all the green areas in the blue print to shops (MONEY MONEY MOOOOONEY)

  23. Punky says:

    Avenues, Boulevard. How original

  24. qeight says:

    The 5th ring road was peaceful before souq salmiya poped in, then they created the new 5th ring road. After 5 years or so, the country will have its greenest pocket, lined up with food court, I wonder what will then happen to the 5th ring road.

  25. qeight says:

    To add to my comment, I miss out parking spots in the boulevard!…

    Then what is the meaning of boulevard

    “a broad avenue in a city, usually having areas at the sides or center for trees, grass, or flowers.”

    So this park will have trees on its sides, and have a highway right through it

  26. toasta says:

    we can have projects with such concept but it has to have special construction methods due to the weather conditions
    check the eden project in the uk .. amazing!
    all i can say about this one is BAD ARCHITECTURE!
    i feel so sorry

  27. allwyn says:

    waiting for it to open,One more place to hang out in salmiya i hope entry is free.the image on there website looks really good.Hope they manage to keep it green in summer.All the trees are turning brown these days.

  28. fishma4 says:

    Think they should concentrate on moving all the illegal chalets from the beachfront the entire length of the country, and giving ‘real’ people access to the coast.Just a thought.THAT is obscene.

  29. fishma4 says:

    Oh and a ”ski Kuwait” please.

  30. Elli Davis says:

    It’s really funny that they have the description of the future Boulevard ready in present and they already know that it will be the largest touristic hub in the country. Many things can change before they finish the construction. Btw: Fishma4, who do you call ‘real people’? Poor people are not real to you?

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