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I’m planning to purchase some shares and was wondering what online trading software you guys use and why? I previously used NBK’s Watani Brokerage but wanted to know if there is anything else better locally. I’m not interested in US based websites since they seem complicated to setup and from the few local ones I found they either seem outdated or they didn’t look very trust worthy.

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They won’t tell you what their costs are unless you sign up with them first and then login to your account. I thought that was stupid so moved on.

What are the fees and expenses charged by KMEFIC on the Online Trading Porfolios?
To know more about KMEFIC’s fees and expenses you need to be logged in first and then visit the fees and expenses page.

Not true. Call 22255555, choose Customer Service from the automated answering machine and ask anything you want about any market they deal in.

I was implying that what they are saying on their website is not true. If you’re still interested give them a call like i said. Get the info you need and then complain to them about what’s listed on their website.

I think and recommend EFG Hermes IFA one of the best companies here in kuwait and you can also trade regionally through them in gulf markets like Dubai and Qatar , Egypt and KSA
They have suitable Apps ( Desktop app , Web App and mobile trading app for Iphone , IPad and Android )
Also they have good call center answering phone calls quickly in case you want to add or cancel orders

Visit thier web site :
Call center : 22265222

I checked out their website, I don’t think I can trade in the US market or at least I couldn’t find any info about US trading on their website.

Yeah unfortunately we don’t trade in the US market, but if interested in any of the region’s markets or GDR market please let me know.

Really depends what companies you wish to buy. Depending on whether you want to invest in regional markets or international, there are a variety of options.

Most local banks offer online trading in parallel to their online banking. One benefit to using NBK for example is that when you fund your trading account from your bank account, the funds clear instantly, and theres no fee (if i recall correctly).

If you are going to be actively trading in and out (not recommended) then commission fees are important. If you are looking at buying and holding then perhaps more importance should be placed on ease of use, access to broadest number of markets etc. Ask about custody fees too, some brokers charge you a fee for holding shares in your account even if you don’t regularly trade.

Brokerage is quite a commoditised service, so most platforms offer the same basics.

Internationally, you have plenty of choices from Schwab, Saxo Bank, TD Waterhouse, and my favourite Interactive Brokers. Note that none of these firms support GCC markets.

alawsat fees are 18 bux per trade if under 50k usd or .075% of ttoal deal if over 50k pretty good customer care

in kuwait i couldnt find any good and reasonably priced websites

i used till they shutdown. atm your best website solitouin is

access will take two weeks and they have a dubai branch and a guy who speaks arabic. i can refer u if you want

TD Ameritrade – it is not difficult to set up and their trading tools are both easy to use and effective.

I used to use USBC, but then I switched to NBK and I regret it ever since. Using NBK’s app is painful, and not all the information you need is available. The app lacks some basic features which are necessary, and these features are found on their website only.

Considered trading in the Indian market?
try intraday trading.. you could get 13-20% returns in a day.. ofcoz it’s a gamble..

i don’t really know of any local trading sites though.

I don’t think foreigners would get intraday trading option on their accounts but yeah returns are good. Especially for those who bought and sold during last fortnight. is The gamble of stock trading, 60 second trading in:
– US stocks.
– Gold and metals.
– Currencies.
The a user friendly platform though, worth checking out 70% return yet risk are higher!

I’ve used Plus500 for demo accounts while at uni. It was pretty good. I don’t know how reliable they are though, all I know is that its based in the UK. I would do my research, but their trading platform is great. No regional stocks so far, but they have several markets around the world plus they trade in commodities, fx, etc. As well as a handful of tools to use. They have a web trader as well as a mobile app and a desktop download.

Yo mark.

Al Awsat will Charge you 18$ per transaction I believe, unless you dump 40k on a share it will be a percentage.

And for their live software its a 18$ subscription charge monthly (think its 20$ now, not sure).

+ I recommend that you move your eyes towards the american market and be a follower of Value investing 😛

Been looking too but came up with nothing worthy.. If you ever want to consider an American based company i recommend Ameritrade, all you need is a Social Security number and answer few questions.

If you have a US based bank account, I would use TD Ameritrade. Best platform out there in my opinion and pretty easy to function. Opening an account takes a few minutes. Good luck

Use one of the following systems:

2- Al-Waseet brokerage company
3- Al-Seef brokerage company
4- Al-Oula brokerage company
5- Al-Arabi brokerage company
6- Sharq brokerage company
7- RBC brokerage company
8- Watania brokerage company
9- Muthanna brokerage company

because they are using the best system in Kuwait, its developed by IDS (Integrated digital system)

Thank You.

NBK is way too expansive, they charge you with 0.02 for any transaction for 1000 stocks or above.. You end with paying them few hunder of dollars whether your stocks up or down.. Not forget to mention they are too slow in opening account

Im interested in opening an account with interactive brokers cause after doing some research i found out that in a single account u can trade equities , commodities , currencies , options , etfs and futures all over the world but i need to know how to open an account with them while im a Kuwaity citizen who live in Kuwait instead of trading with Nbk cause they only offer trading equities In GCC markets and the Us markets with no option of trading commodities , currencies or options

Hello all,

I was just reading the above comments from all, few were wise and helpful but may I please know how much the above system have changed in the past 2 years or which among the above mentioned have succeeded.


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