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Travel Tip: Get your Biometrics Done on the Way Out

If you haven’t gotten your biometric scanning done yet and can’t find an appointment, here is a tip, if you’re traveling soon do it on the way out.

I got my biometrics done last year at the Saudi/Kuwait border but my wife hadn’t done hers yet and was worried we’d have to get stuck in line on the way back to get it done. But, a friend who recently traveled from Terminal 1 told me she got her biometric scan done after passport control on the way out, and she didn’t have to wait. So this morning while leaving from Terminal 4 we asked passport control if my wife could get her biometrics done and he pointed towards a blue booth in the corner. We went to it, no line, no appointment and no waiting. She got her biometrics scanned and now she’s done with it.

If you try getting your biometrics scanned on arrival, good luck cuz I’ve heard the lines are a nightmare.

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Does anyone know how to book online? I’ve tried pretty much every day for the past three weeks and it’s always completely booked.

What are we supposed to do? They also just announced that they won’t permit any new transactions until we get our biometric scanning done so I won’t be able to renew my residency.

Login to Sahel/Meta at 6:55 PM as they open the appointments at 7 PM everyday. It worked for me after several tries.
Also they have moved the deadline to end of this year so you will be able to perform your transactions till then.

Thanks for the very helpful informative tip. I swear most people wouldn’t even tell their relatives.

They refused to do biometrics for my father at the airport upon arrival and asked him to do it elsewhere. Anyhoo, he got his biometrics done at the Fingerprint Department in Mishref a couple days later. All is well! 👍

I walked in but I had to convince one of the cops to get my father’s biometrics scanned. We were in and out in under 5 minutes. We are Asians if that matters. 😅

Ummm you guys do know they take biometrics at 360, avenues, asimah , and kout malls. Its without an appointment but i heard they arent accepting maids and drivers etc. at malls. From 8 am to 8pm. Not sure if they operate on weekends.

Iris scans would have been so much better especially now that we live in an age of no touching after the virus came on a visit visa and is seeking a permanent resident permit

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