Ramadan in Kuwait

Post by Mark

Ramadan starts tomorrow and for those you who’ve never spent Ramadan in Kuwait, here are some things you need to know:

– If you are caught eating or drinking in public during fasting hours, you can be fined up to KD100 and/or jailed for 1 month.

– Restaurants can’t serve food during fasting hours. That includes dine-in, delivery, and takeaway. But, over the past few years, some restaurants have started operating and serving food during fasting hours but not dine-in. I usually put together a list of these restaurants every year, so stay tuned to one again this year.

– Carriage starts delivery 5PM onwards during Ramadan.

– The law states that during Ramadan, the maximum working hours is 36 a week.

– Shops and malls change their working hours during Ramadan. Everything tends to open later and then stay open a lot later. I’ll be sharing a list of Ramadan timings next week.

– Nothing tends to get done during Ramadan since everything moves at a much slower pace. So you need patience.

I think those are the most important things to note. For more details on the above you can check out these two Ramadan Law posts [Here] and [Here]

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  1. The Other Ahmed says:

    Is it true that dancing during fasting hours is illegal?

  2. So2al says:

    1 month jail is a little excessive though no ?

    • k-man says:

      Not being able to eat, drink, or smoke outside is excessive too.

      Should people be a little courteous? Sure. But to outright ban drinking water outside during the blistering heat is a great example of the lack of openness the Arab world faces. No other region in the world so arrogantly forces their religion on people.

      Are people so weak-willed that they lose their mind if they see someone drinking water while they fast? Look at how many Arab/Muslim countries celebrate Ramadan without pathetic laws like this, and the people who want to fast don’t seem to have a problem fasting.

    • jack says:

      1 month in jail is a bit harsh i must admit, but I highly doubt that they’ll actually jail people for drinking or eating outside.

      most of the time if they catch you drinking in public they’ll just warn you and tell you not to do it.

      if you want to eat or drink water just do it in your own place, if you can’t handle the heat in this country and need to drink water or you’ll faint, just go to your car and drink it, or any place that’s not in front of people, don’t stand in front of many people who are fasting and drink it in front of them, that’s impolite

      • afnanzn says:

        sending people to jail and giving out fines just cause it is impolite? makes sense right? …right?

        oh yeah not to forget the videos which come out every ramadan where we muslims use violence to teach these nonmuslims a lesson so as to not offend our weak selfcontrol to stay away from MCdonalds and majboos.

  3. Ipsom says:

    I don’t think that people who are actually fasting get that affected from seeing others eat/drink… I mean I dont

  4. Tom says:

    ya and banks works for 3 hours only :)

  5. Zeecu says:

    Hello! When can we expect the awesome ramadan tent/ghabga post from every year?

  6. Blueelephantintheshroom says:

    Waiting for your open restaurants list.

  7. Sohrab says:

    I sense negativity in your post. Its month of blessings.

  8. EJ says:

    Assuming these laws do not apply to minors?

  9. Juuseven says:

    Surely, these laws are truly excessive and awkward. I mean every year I fast post-Ramadan for the six days of Shawwal when those laws are off and the fellas are eating regularly, I don’t get affected nor my will for continuing on my fasting!!

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