Ozone Movie Theaters

Post by Mark

Last night I found out we have a 5th cinema operator in Kuwait called Ozone Cinemas. The surprising thing is that they’ve been open since last summer. Ozone is currently open in a mall called Trio in Khaitan and they’ll be opening up another theater in Jahra soon. Their locations is obviously the reason why I hadn’t heard about them until now. Check out their website [Here]

Thanks Ninar

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  1. Motlaq AlMutairi says:

    Their website feels like a torrent site.

    Their banners say “tickets on sale now” but their banners design say “you still don’t wanna buy them.”

    I don’t want them in Jahra.

  2. سفاح العازمي says:

    There is family section ? what is your number ?

  3. q80 says:

    What are the names of all cinema operators in Kuwait right now?

    I can’t manage to name all of them right now

    Anyone can help please

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