Salmiya Boulevard Progress

Post by Mark

The progress on the Salmiya Boulevard seems to be going very slowly but based on what I saw from my friends apartment, it looks like the main structures are nearly done. Originally the park (located opposite City Center Salmiya) was supposed to house a museum, restaurants, shops, a fitness center and even a veterinary clinic. But I heard that a lot of the original plans changed so not sure whats still left from the original plan and what got canceled.

Their “About Us” page still hasn’t changed since I last poked fun of it. They still think the Boulevard is one of “the most wonderful green places to visit in the State of Kuwait” and also “the largest touristic hub in the country”.

Check out a very large panoramic shot of the park I took [Here]

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  1. Hamed says:

    You should check out their leasing page. Apparently you can lease “yrarly” and their “proffessional” leasing team is at your service “24/24”

    At least it was fun to read :p

  2. qeight says:

    Why cant they just create a GREEN ZONE, plant trees. Seriously who needs all these structures. This is insane, it would take another 3-4 years for it to be operational.

  3. q80 says:

    Heard that the developing company is facing some financial difficulties

  4. soni says:

    just as one of the place of salmiya is in discussion, i thought to ask about one other issue, if mark or any other reader knows about it. in salmiya, block 10 opposite to the main entrance of salmiya ther is a small Salmiya co-operative constructed with parking, lights on, and other things. can see shelf ,placed in rows. and this situation is so long now. any idea if anyone knows when will it open and operative .

    Thank u

  5. Kash says:

    The developer’s grandchildren will hopefully complete the project one day.

  6. Kimo says:

    My father (allah yer7mo) would talk to me about this project (he was an architect for the gov’t) and how its original intent was pure and great idea but greed has taken its course. The original plans constituted for a ‘central park’ feel like the infamous park in NY. It would have one of the largest artificial lakes in the region and a beautiful landscape of trees, grass and seating areas. it was going to be free to the public. This original plans started around 1997.

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