Souk El Tayeb & Tawlet are Coming to Kuwait

The most popular farmers market in Lebanon Souk El Tayeb is coming to Kuwait from March 16 to 18 and will be held at Al Shaheed Park. Not only that but they’re also bringing their award-winning restaurant, Tawlet which recently ranked #19 MENA’s 50 Best Restaurants list.

Tawlet is their farmers’ kitchen where cooks from around Lebanon come and tell their stories and traditions through authentic home cooking. It was one of the spots Anthony Bourdain visited on his show and described it as a “sort of utopian showcase” for the artisans at Souk El Tayeb.

Up to 30 small families will be flying from Lebanon to Kuwait to take part in this and up to 30 small local businesses will also be taking part.

More information will be posted closer to the event but for now you can follow the organizer’s account @leanstart.kwt

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This is really beautiful. Thanks to the organizers and participating families for bringing this experience to the people of Kuwait. Hopefully, conditions in Lebanon will improve so visitors can experience this market in its home.

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