The X Factor Coming to Kuwait

Post by Mark

I’m not a fan of The X Factor but for those of you who are you might be interested to know they will be coming to Kuwait to hold auditions on November 30th at Courtyard by Marriott Hotel starting at 8AM. If you’re interested in trying out check out The X Factor Arabia website for more details [Here]

On the other hand I’d love to try out for the Fear Factor if they ever bring that to the Arab world.

Thanks Rayboy

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  1. Naif says:

    no auditions in Saudi -_-

  2. darkwolf80s says:

    Gotta set my satellite receiver to record this event. The comedy/entertainment will up the roof! :D

  3. Ahmed says:

    Is Simon Cowell gonna be there? ;D

  4. DJ says:

    any idea if we can just sing English songs also? hehe… and is it only for Kuwait nationals?

  5. Moey says:

    Mark, MBC had an Arabic version of Fear Factor, one season was done in Beirut, the 2nd was done in Cairo. failed miserably.

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