Kim Kardashian Meet & Greet Giveaway

Post by Mark

As I mentioned a couple of days back I have 5 “Meet & Greet” tickets to giveaway. These tickets will allow you to meet Kim Kardashian at Millions of Milkshakes during the opening as well as take pictures with her. Since I will be interviewing Kim Kardashian for this blog I’ve decided the competition will be as follows:

What would you ask Kim Kardashian if you could ask her just one question? Leave your question in the comments below. The five people with the best questions will each win a ticket. I will decide which questions are the best.

Make sure you use your correct email address because I will be emailing the winners.

Update: Here’s a video of Kim talking about her upcoming visit


Update: I’ve closed the post for comments so I can go through the questions. I was so not expecting to get 400+ comments I have no idea how I am going to go through them all…

Update2: And the four winners are…
Q8 Teacher

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439 comments, add your own...

  1. Al says:

    What’s your Favorite TV shows?

  2. Imran says:

    what do you value the most and why?

  3. Mohammad says:

    Kim you said that you wanted to educate your self more about the middle east, so you set up some meetings in kuwait and bahrain, can you share with us who are the people that you are going to meet in kuwait?

  4. Yousef says:

    Would you launch a DASH store in Kuwait?

  5. Zain says:

    What are the little things you and kanya west do to keep in touch when your off in your own worlds?

  6. Bob says:

    What’s your first expression when you landed in kuwait ?

  7. Tuan says:

    How are you so beautiful??? Tell me some of the beauty tips…

  8. Dana says:

    Since your boyfriend, Kanye West is a successful designer. How does he inspire your style?

  9. Mashael says:

    Do you consider yourself to be a role model?  If so, for whom and why?

  10. DON says:

    Which is your Favorite Drink Combination from Millions of Milkshakes ?

  11. Ibtisam says:

    In what ways do you inspire your younger sisters, Kendall and Kylie? What are some of the fashion tips they have taken from you?

  12. Omer Abdulrahim says:

    If you would stop doing what you do for one day, what job would you work as ?

  13. Shez says:

    Q: If you were given an elephant, where would you hide it and why ?

  14. Mohammed says:

    What your feedback about avenues mall ?

  15. O says:

    Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

  16. Jaber says:

    What are your thoughts on Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism?

  17. Manoj says:

    As per Twitter statistics u have 16 million followers, placed ninth in the top 10 league just 3 places away from President Obama-all theses sounds very prestigious and a life time achievement but my question to you is do you really feel you are worth all of these?

  18. Mustapha says:

    Now that you have become a very famous celebrity, what is the most thing that you miss doing that you can’t do anymore?

  19. Said says:

    What is one thing that a lot of people don’t know about you?

  20. Roy El Hachem says:

    Q: Kim you are a beauty icon to a vast number of Kuwaiti girls, many of them try to dress up and look like you. Some even go to extremes and undergo plastic surgery. Can I know who is your beauty icon?

  21. Optimus says:

    How would you like to be remembered ?

  22. M says:

    What stero type’s did you have about the middle east before visiting Dubai. And after Dubai what did you expect in Kuwait and how was it different from your expectations?

  23. jig says:

    do you think money gives all the happiness?

  24. Seham says:

    If you were a biscuit, which would you be?

  25. Bilal says:

    Who inspired you to become an ambassador for Millions of Milkshakes ?

  26. Ham says:

    Are you often surprised by your popularity and fan base in the Middle East given the manner in which you were first introduced to the public eye?

  27. fahad says:

    would you marry me ?

  28. Cartman-kw says:

    Would you rather fight a horse-sized duck or a hundred duck-sized horses?

  29. ~LE~ says:

    There’s so much pressure on the average girl to look pretty, glamourous and beautiful all the time, I can only imagine that the pressure on you to look good is 1000x more.. what would you like to say to young girls who are self-conscious and struggle with self-confidence issues?

  30. bader says:

    leaving your fathers success and fame aside, what makes Kim Kardashian who she is right now?

  31. Roy says:

    Q: Many girls all over the world have low self esteem regarding their looks and their figure. What would you say to these girls whom many of you look up to you as a role model in order to be pleased about the way they look and their figure?

  32. Haris Aydeed says:

    You are said to be of armenian descendent, because of which you have been strongly campaigning to acknowledge the armenian genocide. How far have you succeeded in that ?

  33. Haris Aydeed says:

    You are said to be of armenian descendent, because of which you have been strongly campaigning to acknowledge the armenian

  34. Roy says:

    Q: If you could be the ambassador to any cause in the world, what would that cause be?

  35. Roy says:

    Q: You are now on the “other half of the globe”, in a country who’s traditions and cultures differ from your country. What do you think the key to your success is in influencing people from all over the world even in cultures that are very different from where you come from?

  36. Abdullah says:

    With great success and super stardom, comes great responsibility to give back to society. What are the charitable organizations and causes which you are most passionate about and why?

  37. iMusaed says:

    How you doing?

  38. Mystery says:

    -Looking back 10 years ago, have you expected worldwide fame? (yes/no), And why?

  39. Faruk Durmaz says:

    What was your most embarrassing high school moment?

  40. Yousef says:

    Would you bring your family after when you have experienced here in kuwait and the middle east?

  41. Roy says:

    After your first impression of the Kuwaiti culture and your interaction with the locals. What is your first impression of Kuwait as a person who has never visited this country?

  42. SaSa says:

    “Kim, I have to know, What are your thoughts about when doing an opening, or interview etc etc?” I really want to know what goes in a celebrity’ mind.

  43. A8 says:

    If your fame comes to an end now, how would you like to be remembered? Also, If your time in the spotlight continues, what else would you like to achieve?

  44. iPhoneguy says:

    This one would definitely be one of the questions from Mark.

    Kim here is the last question but not the least , what’s your best burger place and which burger is your favorite!!

  45. Naif says:

    what do you like the most about the Gulf countries that you’ve visited so far? was it a good experience? do you plane on visiting them again?

  46. Elesa says:

    If you had a bucket list, what would be the top 3 things on it?

  47. AlQattan says:

    If you were limited to just one person to get advice and help from, which person would you choose? Why?

  48. Haris Aydeed says:

    Research says that Kuwaitis are one of the most fat people in the world. With your success in workout dvds what advise can you give them to get back into a shape like yours ?

  49. ftf says:

    what makes life worth living?

  50. berry says:

    youve been traveling around the middle east what is your opinon about the arabic culture? and what was the most thing you liked about thier culture? would you ever think about living in an arabic country? did you learn anything from visiting these countries such as tradetions and peoples way of living and history?

  51. SarahS92 says:

    Do you consider yourself to be a role model? If yes, for who and why?

    • SarahS92 says:

      My previous question was a little vague. This is my official question;
      As you can tell, the culture and lifestyle here in Kuwait and the Gulf is completely different to the United States of America; do you consider yourself a role model here? If so, how and why?

  52. Mohammed says:

    If you were a super heroine, what would you be called and what would your super power be?

  53. B3z says:

    if you were not who you are as kim kardashian today, and some one offers you to become her (attractive, famouse, celebrity etc … )but lose 10 years of your life expectancy, would you ? –

  54. Acerboy says:

    How do you deal with your busy life and keep your family so close ? Its wonderful !!

  55. jassim says:

    Hi kim … i would like to ask you, what is the best and most exciting millions of milkshakes you’ve ever been to and opened?

  56. sara says:

    Your the biggest reality star in the world! What does it feel like? Now that your a role model for most teenage girls, what do you advise them?

  57. Rayboy says:

    Many young girls choose you as a role model. Are you a Woman of Substance? if Yes? why do you say so? coz what message are trying you portray to them and why?

    This is one question, but instead of getting a single answer of “yes”, id prefer she explains why. The reason im asking this, is becoz many people considers her fake, unreal etc. But end of the day she still have a tv show, couple of business, rich, pretty and more. So how does she look at her own self considering all of this versus what media and people look at her and what she wants the young girls who follow her to the core and wish to be like her.. But whats “real” from her to follow?

  58. sura says:

    Now that your famous, what are some of the things you used to do and you can’t do it now?(Because of fame) And what can you do now that you couldn’t do before? (Because of fame)

  59. Lindsay says:

    Does your milkshake bring all the boys to the yard?

  60. Emily says:

    How will you be DASHing through the snow this season??

  61. Roy says:

    Many of the western countries consider Arabs as terrorists and have those “stereotypes” regarding our cultures and traditions. After your visit to Kuwait and getting the chance to communicate with locals you definitely got a different view about us Arabs. Can I know how could we as Arabs convey a different image to the western world to show our true identity not the one corrupted by media, & how can you take role as Kim Kardashian in changing this false image about Arabs?

  62. nYx says:

    Hala Kim, andich milkshake kakao? LOL!

  63. Izzat says:

    If I were to open your fridge, would I be surprised by what I find?

  64. Lindsay says:

    What is your best moment as an aunt to Mason and Penelope so far?

  65. Emily says:

    What’s the best advice you can give about having a positive relationship with your sisters?

  66. Lindsay says:

    What’s your favourite family tradition?

  67. mhm says:

    For how long do you think this will last? *with a smile*

  68. sara says:

    Do you think you lived your life? Do you think your father is proud of you with all the success you have in your life? Like having a tv show, store, nail polish line, clothing line, etc.

  69. Mathai says:

    “Can your milkshake bring all the boys to the yard?”

  70. Emily says:

    What has Kourtney taught you about being a mom?

  71. Alzain says:

    So, as we all know you’re very family oriented and one of the most things you value is spending quality times with your loved ones. How is it like to keep moving around from one country to another arranging meetings and photo shoots ?

  72. Ed says:

    Here goes;

    Good judgement comes from experience, and experience, well that comes from poor judgement.
    You are an excellent example of how to turn lemons into lemonade.
    Other then your family and Kanye, what else helps you through all the criticism, the bad days and the bad decisions ?

  73. Alzain says:

    The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart. How would you furthermore explain that quote with what you’ve been facing lately (the break-up, the problems, & Dating Kanye)

  74. Alzain says:

    Besides blowing up everyone’s minds with your modeling and acting career, what are you passionate about?

  75. Aziz says:

    If your life had absolutely no limits and you could have it all and do whatever you wanted, what would you choose to have and what would you choose to do?

  76. Alzain says:

    Kim admitted she is a ‘hopeless romantic’ and believes every boyfriend she’s ever had has been ‘the one’.

    Question: Does you believe Kanye is the one, if yes, what makes you so sure this time? Do you have your doubts?

  77. Alzain says:

    Kim said: ‘It had always been my dream to have a big wedding, and when people said that I’d made it over the top for the show, that was just me: I am over the top. But the next time, I want to do it on an island with just my friends and family and that’s it.’

    Question: So you’re up for another marriage, are we expecting a wedding on an island with Kanye this time?

  78. Alzain says:

    Tell us your deal breakers when it comes to relationships

  79. Alzain says:

    What do you want people to know most of your family?

  80. Maysa says:

    Success has several definitions for everyone. What does success mean to you, Kim?

  81. Alzain says:

    Who inspired you and made you the person you are today? Who do you look up to? And why?

  82. Shizzy says:

    Are you ready for the day when cameras shut off? (no more KUWTK)

  83. rabbit says:

    On TV your life seems perfect. Do you really think it is perfect? Do you guys take out some stuff from the episode before it airs? Don’t you miss some privacy every now and then?

  84. Alzain says:

    Keeping up with the Kardashians is becoming a national obsession, you are one of the most searched celebrities on the internet. You’ve been declared as the top earning reality TV star, why do you think that happened and how do you feel about that?

  85. Alzain says:

    How has your life changed after starting “Keeping up with the Kardashians” ? How are you coping with all the fame, and the lack of privacy?

  86. Z~ says:

    Why are Kuwaiti’s expecting to pay money to meet and greet you, when abroad, you do it for free?

  87. Moha_a says:

    What is youre best moment during high school ?

  88. zoro says:

    :) Me: Kim, will you marry me?

    ;o Kim: hahahaha…..NO

    (*”,*) Me: OK, at least give me a kiss

    ;/ Kim: hmmmmmmm…..well OK… i guess


  89. GeeDee says:

    Did you google about Kuwait when you knew you’re coming to it ?

  90. Khalid says:

    Some advice to people who want to follow your path; what are three things you should never do in this business? By doing that, what do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment during your career?

  91. Shabna says:

    What do you know about Kuwait?

  92. mi7sin says:

    What comes after milkshakes?

  93. Nouf says:

    1)You are a huge reality star, you have a fashion empire, your own perfume, you have acted in movies and tv shows, and you even recorded a single. What do you think u want to do next?

    2) When you were a kid, what did you wanna be when you grow up?

  94. Robert says:

    Briefly describe a Kim Kardashan normal daily activities?

  95. q80 highstreet says:

    If you could rule the world for one day, what would you do?

  96. Rehab says:

    You have become an inspiration to the people to Kuwait during the past years. How do you feel when countries from Middle east, who are known as conservatives, follows your western Fashion liberally and also encourages youth to have fashion trend like you.

  97. Travis says:

    if you were the one that chose to make the price of the tickets 350 KD each why would you do that?

  98. Travis says:

    I’m 15. Would you go out with me ? :P HAHA!

  99. Faisal says:

    Would you rather have it all? or nothing at all?

  100. Abdul says:

    Who has influenced you the most from your family ? And How?

  101. Riz says:

    What it’s taken to build the Kardashian brand!

  102. Joey says:

    What do you miss about life, before becoming famous?

  103. saroya says:

    Whats is your plan for naming your future baby ?

  104. Sul6an says:

    What attracted you to Kanye, Was it his level of fame or his friendship to Beyonce and Jayz?

  105. Esraa says:

    Your mother is your manager .. Who would kim be a manager for ?

  106. Rayboy says:

    If you go back in time, what would want to change and why?

  107. AS says:

    Who would that celebrity/family be that you’d want to see a reality TV show on?

  108. Nabil says:

    Do you ever find it difficult managing a full schedule while still making time for your friends and family?

  109. The Fixtures Q8 says:

    Why don’t you follow your fans on Twitter?

  110. Paul says:

    In what ways do you embrace your Armenian heritage?

  111. Yousef Yeezy says:

    Would you ever like to live here in Kuwait? And whats the best thing you love about Kuwait?

  112. muq says:

    whats the best method you use to shut up your ever annoying critics? p.s. IS IT REAL KIM?

  113. Ali Mikail says:

    What did you ask Santa for this Christmas?

  114. abdulaziz says:

    will you change your last name to Kim west after marriage or to remain a Kardashian ?

  115. Roy says:

    What’s your favorite song for Kanye?

  116. Ahmad says:

    Do you actually like Milkshakes?

  117. Zaid says:

    what’s your idea of a successful woman?

  118. Nader says:

    Whats your favorite Chuppa Chups flavour?

  119. Roy says:

    If you could take one thing from to Kuwait back to the States, and get one thing from the States to Kuwait. What would those two things be?

  120. David Rempel says:

    I tutor a young Kuwaiti girl who idolizes you. When I asked her what her greatest goal in life was, she said (without hesitation), “I want to meet Kim Kardashian”.

    Your lifestyle and opinions carry great weight in the minds of so many young girls all over the world. How does knowing this affect your daily decision-making in what you say and do publicly, which products you choose to support, and your personal relationships?

  121. Valerie says:

    If you could hold a dinner party with 6 celebrities/ public figures, from present or past, who would be on your guest list?

  122. Joe says:

    What makes you a celebrity?

  123. Bu Yousif says:

    Do you consider yourself to be a role model? If so, for whom and why?

  124. Ms.G says:

    What cartoons did u watch as a kid? Were Saturday morning cartoons a family thing for you?

  125. Q8 Teacher says:

    How would your closest friends describe the side of Kim Kardashian that isnt always in the spotlight?

  126. TweeZ says:

    do you know where Kuwait is on a global map?

  127. Andy says:

    In your considered opinion, who shot first Han or Greedo?

  128. Crazy Cat Lady says:

    You have been so successful by branching out in different arenas and promoting various brands and products…so if there was a “Kim Kardashian’s Favorite Tunes” CD, that had some of your all-time favorite songs compiled, what are some of the songs we would see on your list?

  129. Skyler says:

    What is the most important thing you hope to achieve while visiting Kuwait?

  130. Canuck In Kuwait says:

    Help us ladies out, Kim! Can you offer a few examples of simple gestures that a man can do for his woman, to make her smile and feel cared for?

  131. Ahmed says:

    whats your next move !!

    who inspired you to start your fashion line ??

    Give me exclusive secret about you ;p

  132. darkwolf80s says:

    You’re a famous icon and I was just wondering what is your future plan for taking over the world and how would you go about doing that?

  133. Rayboy says:

    Would you ever do a full Episode of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” in Kuwait?

  134. P says:

    Kim, how do you feel about coming to a place where your pictures are covered up using Photoshop from the neck below in magazines as it’s considered “provocative”?

  135. ItsNotMeTisYou says:

    What are the top 3 cutlural experiences you have had on your travels around the globe?

  136. PolkaDot says:

    What is “comfort food” to you?

  137. P says:

    Or most often with just a black marker.

  138. P says:

    Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and thought “Damn! How the hell can anyone be so insanely hot?”

  139. bluemoon says:

    What are some of your pet peeves and/or phobias?

  140. zooz says:

    since twitter,instagram,facebook and many social network that used by famous people and celebrities are a NEW way to communicate. how about blogging ? did you ever try blogging your thoughts or to talk to your fans ?

  141. P says:

    Have you ever thought of patenting “sex appeal”?

  142. Lucky_Boy says:

    are u virgin?

  143. xoxo_gossip girl says:

    If you could have a low-key day — as an average non-celebrity — what are some the things you would like to do, and places you would want to visit?

  144. P says:

    How was it when you were growing up in school with all the skinny girls?

  145. KM says:

    How has your life changed ever since you blew up into celebrity status?

  146. Mohammed hisham says:

    What made you so sure to marry kris humphries even though you would divorce him 72 days later?

  147. KM says:

    What did you feel when your father was representing OJ simpson? How did it affect you?

  148. P says:

    The world drools over Kim; who does Kim drool over?

  149. neema says:

    “I know you are already famous but if you could be anyone for a day who would it be and why? “

  150. P says:

    Who do you prefer? Kanye the boyfriend or Kanye the husband?

  151. P says:

    How many surgeries does it take to look like Kim?

  152. P says:

    How many surgeries does it take to look like Kim?

  153. hamshussein says:

    so kim..kanye? reallly??

  154. Tariq says:

    Do you consider yourself to be a role model? If so, for whom and why?

  155. Moataz Salim says:

    Dear Kim, you’re an incredibly famous woman with many achievements thus far and continuing to achieve more. Yet at the same time you’ve gathered bad rep amongst many, especially in this area of the world. Being an entrepreneur and an incredibly successful woman, what are your outlooks on the bad rep and life in general and how has your journey to the Middle East helped you?

  156. EJ says:

    In the Middle East, you are one of the most popular Western celebrities among younger females. Why do you think that is? And do you find it surprising, considering the more traditional mindset here?

  157. Q8insight says:

    I want to you to ask her…” can you plz define wut is beauty and depending on her answer just ask her if she think she is beautiful? “

  158. Amad says:

    When are you going to revert to Islam? :-)

  159. Juju says:

    I’ll cheat with two:

    If you had a dinner party and could invite any celebrity (living or dead)as the guest of honour, who would you most like to invite and why?

    If you could only travel to one more country in your lifetime, which country would you chose and why?

  160. Dana says:

    how do you think your life would turn out to be when you’re older? do you imagine yourselfjust as famous as you are now?

  161. D says:

    how did you organize you time with the meet and greets and looking after your clothing line and your reality shows and having some family quality time as well?

  162. what did you want to be growing up? and did you ever imagine yourself having a famous reality show ?

  163. Nisar Ahmed says:

    How do you like kuwait and what’s your advice for people of kuwait ?

  164. pizza says:

    does your reality show cause serious problems between you and your family ?

  165. pizza says:

    what is your bucket list for things you are looking forward to doing in Kuwait? and do you find the middle east exiting ?

  166. P says:

    Do you find it ironical that you have such a huge fan following in a traditional region like the Middle East?

  167. Roy says:

    Many people say that your leaked sex-tape with Ray J was the reason for your success and fame. What is your response to such acclaimed accusations?

  168. Q8 Teacher says:

    Describe some of your fondest school memories?

  169. Lauren says:

    Kim can you dance gangnam style?

  170. Samuel says:

    what is your favorite colour Black or White?:)

  171. Rommel says:

    Will you marry me? Even if it is for 73 hours.

  172. ItsNotMeTisYou says:

    Hey Kim, in Q8 most men live at their momma’s house til they move out to shack up with their new wifey (or else she moves in with momma too!)
    Hot or not?

  173. abdulateef says:

    Have you ever donate any charities? If yes to whom?

  174. lulu says:

    If all of this fame and fortune ended today, what would you say was the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt?

  175. P says:

    Do you regret that your sex tape with Ray got leaked?

  176. Nixon says:

    what is your favorite milkshake?

    • Hdawg says:

      If you had a daughter would you hope for her to follow in your footsteps and become a celebrity or would you want her to have a more normal and private life? Would you shelter her from any reality tv programmes you participated in? And Would you hope to have a child who became an academic/ doctor / human rights protester or a fashion designer?

  177. mm says:

    When you knew you were going to come to Kuwait what did you picture it looking like? Was it what you thought it would be like?

  178. DesertSky says:

    Do you consider yourself to be a role model? If so, for whom and why?

  179. Yousef Alabdullah says:

    Do you actually read your instagram comments? If so do you understand the Arabic comments ?
    … If not than, i will be your translator .. Just give me a call

  180. sasha says:

    i never understood what is so special about you, what about u? Did u understand?

  181. Vinoo says:

    Forgive my ignorance and please don’t take offence that I don’t know much about you, but can you tell me what exactly Kim are you famous for ?

  182. gunner says:


  183. Buya3goub says:

    whats your bbm pin ?

  184. ahmed says:

    Have you tried Machboos yet ? then explain machboos if she havent

  185. Salwa says:

    What is your biggest dream that you feel sorry that it didn’t come true after all the success you have?

  186. Roy says:

    What’s your thoughts on a country that was just a desert and turned into the world’s 4th richest country and is really developed?

  187. Shawn says:

    1.What made you change your own style recently?

    2.How does your boyfriend, Kanye West, deal with your whole life being on TV?

  188. Husain says:

    God forbid,but if a tragedy strikes this beautiful face of yours…..Then what….Do you think there still shall be admirers drooling over that one glimpse of yours? Or do you believe there still will be fans who are skin deep and appreciate the person inside you rather.

  189. farah says:

    Do you regret not spending more time with your father, Robert Kardashian, and was there something you needed to tell him before he passed away?

  190. maysoon says:

    Would you visite the middle east again for your fans and not for the money?

  191. Nilson says:

    Whats the altitude that your private jet flies on?

  192. aalbanna says:

    Are you a fan of

  193. Mohamed says:

    Where would you see yourself right this day if it wasn’t for your fame and Ryan Seacrest’s amazing idea to start your show?

  194. Knight says:

    Have you ever heard of Hell Yeahhhhh!!!

  195. s.a.m says:

    career wise and personal life what things would you have done differently and why?

  196. Alain says:

    Question: Can you get me one milkshake NOW? i hate waiting in line !

  197. s.a.m says:

    How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? ;p

  198. Mohamed says:

    Do you think that without your looks (you and your other family members), you wouldn’t have been who you are today, an international superstar and a member of the world’s most famous family?

  199. Thamer Al Mutairi says:

    Dear Kim

    Would you like to open a dash store .. In Kuwait , or in any countries in the Middle East ???

  200. Mohamed says:

    Where do you think you would be right this day if it weren’t for your fame, fortune, and Ryan Seacrest’s amazing idea to start your reality show?

  201. A says:

    Who’s your idol? Why?

    Who’s your inspiration? Why?

    do you know a famous person from the middle east that u adore or like? Why?

  202. Azeez says:

    If you could be remembered for 1 thing, what would you want that to be?

  203. Waqas says:

    What’s the exact deal with the devil that you’ve signed? :P

  204. A says:

    Would you like to lear Arabic? Why / why not?

    Would ever live outside the states? Where? When? Why?

    Are you proud of your armenian roots?

    What do you like/hate the most about yourself?

    Whoes jealous from you today? Why?

  205. A says:

    What are your priorities in order?

    What does your name mean?

    Would you ever adopt a child? When? from where?

  206. lulu says:

    What’s your beauty secret? What’s’your favorite country? What is your future plans?

  207. W.U.H says:

    Kim, if you have been privileged with the magic lamp?
    What would be the 3 most desired wishes, u gonna ask to be fulfilled?

  208. A says:

    What time you hate yourself the most and what time you loved yourself the most??

    What one world describe your feeling now?

    How can you describe Kuwait to your family and friends when you back home?

    How much money do you have in the bank! Lol

    What are your next plans in the middle east?

    Would you ever marry a Kuwaiti man? ;))

  209. sara says:

    Is everything in your reality show true?

  210. sara says:

    will you ever consider marrying kanye?

  211. sara says:

    your beautiful! most people try to copy you, what are some beauty tips?

  212. sara says:

    Do you really think your more famous than your sisters? Do you think you have more fans than your sisters? Why or Why not?

  213. sara says:

    do you think people watch keeping up with the kardashians because your in it?

  214. sara says:

    do you ever get tired from all the fame?

  215. sara says:

    why dont you visit your hometown that often? (she is armenian)

  216. Dear Kim, my question is if you know that you have only one hour to live what you shall do in your last one hour?

  217. Don’t you get tired of always wearing make up, high heels, reading stupid comments of people, standing infront of camera, etc… ?

  218. dhay says:

    honestly Kim, when you first heard that there was a country called Kuwait, what image was illustrated in your head? was it camels in a golden desert like a number of people would unintentionally suppose ?

  219. Kim's loyal fan says:

    If you could take one thing from Kuwait to your home what would it be?!

  220. Dear kim, kardashian family has everything clothes line, makeup, fragrance, nail polish, reality show ,, i wonder why dont you have a foundation company undername Kardashian to help people who need your help!?

  221. Kim's loyal fan says:

    Whats your favorite quote? Why?

  222. A says:

    My question to her would be:

    What would she define as fame and success?!

  223. Kim's loyal fan says:

    What lesson have you learned the most? How?

  224. Kim's loyal fan says:

    Will you marry a Kuwaiti man?

  225. How can you reach to all of this things that your doing now in the same time? Work, family, love, etc. ? and whats your advice for a business women? and for all who are trying to be or do something?

  226. Kim's loyal fan says:

    What is your definition for the word “happines” ?

  227. Kim's loyal fan says:

    Do you still believe in love?

  228. Kim's loyal fan says:

    When are we going to see you pregnant ?

  229. Kim's loyal fan says:

    Would ever adopt a child? When?

  230. Express your sisters and brother in one word and who’s the one who understand you mostly?

  231. Kim's loyal fan says:

    Do your consider yourself to be lucky?

  232. Why don’t you open Kardashian stores all around the world?

  233. Kim's loyal fan says:

    Are you going to shoot here in Kuwait for KUWTK??

  234. fns says:

    What’s the side of Kim people don’t know?

  235. Kim's loyal fan says:

    What’s the secret behind your success?

  236. Whats your next plans and goals?

  237. Kim's loyal fan says:

    Who is your closer sister?

  238. Kim's loyal fan says:

    If you could tell your father somthing now what would it be?

  239. Kim's loyal fan says:

    Do you know how to speak Kuwaiti? If yes tell us how!

  240. Dear Kim, in your opinion what’s the secret of Kim kardashian success in life and business, fame, and beauty?

  241. Kim do you follow your heart or your mind?

  242. As Armenian, Do you speak or understand armenian?

  243. What’s your idea of Kuwait? and Are you going to visit us again?

  244. Are you happy in what you are now? or there is things that you would like to change in yourself and life? If yes, what it is?

  245. Who’s your motto in life?

  246. What’s your motto in life?

  247. What you like and dislike in yourself?

  248. Do you read all the tweets that people send you?

  249. If you put yourself in one of your fans position, whats your comment will be about all the things that Kim Kardashian is doing?

  250. Sul6an says:

    Do you think your mother would prefer Kourtney or Khloe over you if they made more money than you did?

  251. Sul6an says:

    People claim you didn’t deserve your fame initially. But currently, you’ve launched your own perfume line, clothing line, have become a successful entrepreneur and landed a leading role in a Tyler perry movie. Do you think that’s enough to change peoples minds or will they always see you as the girl in the tape?

  252. Moe says:

    Kim, what made you famous in the first place?

  253. Kim's loyal fan says:

    Would u be in love with Kuwait just because it starts with letter “K” ?? Lool

    I bet this is the most funniest Q lol, Hope I’ll win !! Thnx

  254. Please can you give an answer to all those people who think you dont have any talent and your famous for nothing!! Its enoug that you have talent to attract people and the amount of the people around you now is enough to prove that! I am armenian girl and so proud of you!I want to tell you that you encourage me to be strong and to fight for dreams, your tweets draw a big smile on my face whenever im not in the mood i always love you and wish you all the best!

  255. The blessing of beauty disappears by aging, what would like to do materially, spiritually, and morally to keep your fame immortal in the history?

  256. Sul6an says:

    For someone who’s known for wearing slightly revealing outfits to showcase your widely acclaimed body, do you feel nervous travelling to countries such as Kuwait where your everyday attire would most likely be frowned upon?

  257. Sul6an says:

    You released a single Called “Turn me up (Jam)” and even recorded a music video for it, but it was never released. Was it because the song received many negative reviews or were you not satisfied with the video?

  258. waleed kh says:

    ( money is a bless that does not last )
    if you become a very poor family , will the fame help you .

  259. Tariq says:

    What do you like most about the Middle East?

  260. Tariq says:

    What was your most embarrassing moment ?

  261. Stormz says:

    Was your previous marriage a publicity stunt?

  262. Kim's loyal fan says:

    Are you going to release a book about you and your life? If so, what is the most thing you will focus on ?

    Dying to be one of the winners :)

  263. Kim's loyal fan says:

    What compliment do you get most often? Which was your favorite? Why?

  264. Kim's loyal fan says:

    What is not completed in your life yet?

  265. Kim's loyal fan says:

    What milkshake do you like other than yours?

  266. Kim's loyal fan says:

    Don’t u think it would be awesome to have some of the middle east celebrities join millions of milkshakes menu and have their own milkshake??

  267. bo3alwa says:

    Are you with Team Edward or Team Jacob? (Twilight)

  268. Ayub says:

    What Does The Future Hold For Kim Kardashian And Kanye West?

  269. jj says:

    What were you told about Kuwait?

  270. bazaar says:

    What do you think of the unique smell of Kuwait?

  271. Singh says:

    What were your dreams as a child???

  272. Cookie Ri says:

    How did you react or feel when you found out that during your visit to Kuwait particularly, tickets were being sold for 350KD (over 1000$) just to see you/ have dinner with you?

  273. Sauce says:

    how did you get famous???

  274. natalia says:

    No questions to be asked, too boring this lady. Just congratulate for the alost 300 comments in less than two hours….. I would love to interiew you!

  275. Faisal says:

    Do you consider yourself a role model to people around the world? If yes, how?

  276. Munira says:

    do really want to be a mother? when? and who do you think the person that deserve to be the father of your kids?

  277. Abdullah says:

    Were your sisters could be something without their total reliance on your name and success?

  278. Gabbar says:

    Will you come and join us for a game of football (the real one, not the American one where there is loads of body contact)?

  279. gnlstryker says:

    What name does your mom call you by?

  280. Jasem says:

    Are eyebrows considered facial hair?

  281. Eddie says:

    Here you go I will ask her this question after the launching;)

    If you had the chance to go back in time for 24 hours, where would you go and would you still open the store in kuwait?

    If she survived from the crowd;p

  282. saeed says:

    ‘Kim-What has been your perception of the middle east and the middle eastern people before you visited Dubai last year and now Kuwait. How do you rate them in terms of behavior & hospitality.

  283. Just says:

    I think the problem is she is programmed to give politically correct answers when in public – She’s probably answered every question in the book plus her life is documented on TV. Maybe something like, what is your favourite pizza topping to throw her offguard and to get an honest answer but it would be boring. So what I would do is;

    Would you like to have a staring contest ? Loser buys the winner a milkshake.

  284. Arlene says:

    Kim, Where is my husband?

  285. saeed A. says:

    What is the best message you like to giveto your fans in Kuwait who consider you as a role model

  286. meh says:

    Is your ass insured?

  287. Joe says:

    Haifa Wehbe is arguably the hottest female celebrity in the Middle East.

    In which way do you think that you two compare?

  288. Samantha says:

    Your rise to fame started with you buying clothes off of ebay and selling them which led you to become a fashion consultant to the stars Paris Hilton being one of them. Even though you came from a wealthy well known family you started your business in a way the average joe can relate to. With this in mind, what advice would you give to the millions of people out there who want to make it big but dont know where to start?

  289. U still Talkin??! says:

    Kim, Who are you? … no seriously who are you?

  290. Jassim says:

    What’s on the best burger you’ve ever had or made?

  291. sara says:

    kim, you are sooooo overrated! can you explain that?

  292. How do you see Middleeast women style? and what do you advice?

  293. Santhosh says:

    Kim What is the one thing you would like to change from your past and why ?

  294. What do you say to all the girls who are trying to become kim kardashian?

  295. Kim Who’s your favorite celebrity, man and female?

  296. B says:

    How do you deal with any negative remarks made to you as a request of “mistakes” that we’re a part of your past?

  297. Kim, express yourself in one word?

  298. JJ says:

    Does Kanye West really help you to get dressed up ?

  299. Rain says:

    What is your opinion on Islam or how do you feel towards it?

    What is your opinion or how do you feel about the Arab lifestyle and culture?

  300. Mrs. Mohammad says:

    Using your celebrity, what do you think you can do to help champion rights for women around the world?

  301. Kim what are the things that you can’t live without?

  302. faisal al mejel says:

    if you would marry kanye west would you think it would be kris humphries all over again ? if yes why ? and if no why ?

  303. this is me says:

    You keep bringing up your Armenian heritage, why haven’t you visited the country? What’s keeping you from visiting your country? (how do you have so much pride in a country you’re from that you’ve never been to?)

  304. Sukaku says:

    How are you feelin after reachin to this place and what are ur future projects and goals?

    – What examples/lesson/guidance would you like to teach/tell to new comer into your business based on your experience so far and your mistakes?

    Suggestion: Please help others so that they do not get same kind of entrance like you did chasin money and FAME game. Unknowingly/knowingly most of the young generation are seein this as BREAK to get into entertainment business!!!

  305. berry says:

    Kim , alot of people and celebraties think your fame was all about the tape, what could you say to change thier minds and see the real you?

    Do you regreat making that tape?

    would you have liked to start all over again and change the way you became famos, such as taking small roles and going up?

    have you ever thought about giving your party life up for a family life with kayne?

  306. manish says:

    given your popularity status in the world, how do you think would you use it so that you can try and help the underprivileged children so that they have access to good education, food and better benefits ?

  307. Mrs. Mohammad says:

    Celebrities, like yourself, make lots of money based solely on the public’s interpretation of what is popular/fun/beautiful/entertaining, etc. What type of social responsibility do you feel with regard to the use of your money and fame to improve the world around you?

  308. Nora says:

    If you could back in time and change one thing, what would it be?

  309. aaa says:

    What the hell were you thinking with that Israel tweet

  310. Mohammed says:

    What do you value the most – Beauty or Brains?

  311. John says:

    If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be and what would say to them?

    John Fernandes
    contact no. 60361180

  312. Tukki says:

    Can we expect any more movies from you?

  313. fahad says:

    have you ever kissed a Arabian guy before?

  314. Naseem Al-Kayyali says:

    How does it feel like to have your life under the lens 24/7?

    :) wish me luck

  315. Tukmol says:

    What is your message to all of your fans in Kuwait?

  316. Bo5illy says:

    what do you see your self doing when you reach 50 years old?

  317. May says:

    My Q to Kim – “Why you are scared of Spiders?” Story behind it?

  318. Ebrahim says:

    Do you consider yourself a role model?

  319. Reef says:

    How did you picture or feel about Kuwait before visiting?

  320. ayen says:

    my question would be:

    what’s your view on arabic women?

  321. Sarah says:

    what made you famous? ;)

  322. Reef says:

    How did you picture or think about Kuwait?

  323. Marwa says:

    What do you consider your greatest strength/asset is and what is your greatest weakness?

  324. Herman says:

    What’s your biggest pet peeve?

  325. Roy says:

    You surely have heard about many middle eastern foods such as hummus,shawerma,kebabs etc…. If you already got the chance to taste a traditional Middle Eastern cuisine what is your favorite Middle Eastern dish?

  326. Roy says:

    Do you think that a black woman could become a respected celebrity after starting her career with a sex tape just like you?

  327. Roy says:

    Do you consider yourself to be a role model? If so, for whom and why?

  328. Roy says:

    Was your wedding a fake?

  329. Roy says:

    If Kanye West pops up the question, however he puts a deadly condition that you should lay low and lose your fame. Would you put Kanye before your own fame?

  330. Roy says:

    Why do you think Kim Kardashian has become a beauty icon for the Middle Eastern culture other than other celebrities and models out there?

  331. Roy says:

    Do you think you would have become this famous if you did not have the 2 main factors that many consider as the “reasons” behind your success?

  332. C says:

    Since you are involved in many fields (fashion design, acting, etc.) what would you say is your biggest achievement so far, and why?

  333. Kuwait says:


    Are you or your business ventures involved in any charitable causes or donations? If yes, have you also planned visits to less fortunate countries where kids may not know you and you may not be mobbed?

  334. Noons says:

    what advise would you give teenagers especially young girls who look up to you

  335. nilson says:

    Whats the first thing that came on your mind? Right now?

  336. italianman says:

    how can i become superficial and shallow like you?

  337. Kim whats ur plans on New Year eve ?Where u will celebrate ?

  338. P says:

    Instead of asking Kim a question, I should be asking Mark since he’s the one sitting on the passes and not her. Mark, I love you… Why don’t you give me the ticket??? ;)

  339. Tester says:

    What has motivated you to becoming a world renown business women/icon for today’s generation?

  340. Marina Fernandes says:

    If you could trade places with another person… who would it be and why?

  341. AndyQ8 says:

    If you had a daughter, what would be the 3 most important pieces of advice you would give her?

    If you had a baby, what would you name him/her?

    What is your earliest memory in life?

    If your house was burning and you could only save 3 things, what would you save from the fire?

    If you were stuck on a desert island for 1 year and could only have 3 songs on your iPod, which 3 songs would you choose?

    What item do you never leave home without?

    Choose one:

    Peanut butter or chocolate spread?
    Late nights or early mornings?
    Spiderman or Batman?
    Tea or coffee?
    Lipstick or mascara?
    The Simpsons or South Park?
    Jazz or Blues?
    Jetski or Snowmobile?
    Rats or snakes?
    Pink Cadillac or Red Ferrari?

  342. Faisal says:

    how did u become famouse/celebrity ?

  343. Rahaf says:

    Q: Kim as you said you are excited to meet your fans and come to kuwait,
    How would you like your Kuwaiti fans to think of you when you meet them? How would you like to be remembered between the people? After Talking to your fans what do you think of them? Did you like kuwait? Did you have a great time?
    Was Kuwait and its fans the way you expected them?
    Thank you mark for the great contest im dieing to win an meet her im a big dash doll ! Thank you hope i win ! <3

  344. Rachel says:

    Name a woman (who is still alive) you could picture Kanye West dating besides yourself.

  345. Jose says:

    Do you think a woman can be sexy if she’s completely covered up? If so, would you consider a wardrobe change or would you stick to your current style of flaunting the goodies?

  346. Ilan says:

    What made you to became a person as you are? and is it hard to maintain that high level?

  347. :) says:

    Comming to middle east you will find many women covering their heads, what would you like to say to them? Do you ever see your self wearing a head scarf.

  348. Lama al abduljaleel says:

    if you had the chance to come back again to kuwait would u come ?

  349. Dabia says:

    Do you think your dad is proud if you that you came to Kuwait? Do you think you have a connection with your Middle East fans?

  350. Roy says:

    Is it true what the majority of people say about Kanye’s connection to the Illuminati & if its true did Kanye ever open the subject with you or try to convince you to join the illuminati or are you already a part of the illuminati even before your relationship with Kanye?

    I just hope she answers that!

  351. Hala says:

    Everything has its blessing & cursing, what are some blessings and cursings of being a model and being famous?

    What did you think when you were invited to the opening of Millions of Milkshakes Kuwait? Did you compare it to Dubai?

    What was the best experience in your life?

    What dress from the Kardashian Kollection is your favorite?

  352. Zaina says:

    Imagine if you’re not famous right now, what would your job well be?
    What’s your favourite milkshake?
    Would you donate money for the poor one day?
    What do you think about Millions of milkshakes?
    What do you think About the Arabian World?
    What’s the difference between USA and arabian countries in your opinion?
    What’s your favourite brand?
    Would you like to open your shop Dash in Kuwait?
    You have a great body, Do you always eat healthy or straight away ?
    What’s your favourite arabic dish?
    You’ve tried the Abaya dress, was it comfy for you? What do you think of it?
    What do you think about The Avenues Mall?
    Would you recommend your celebrity friends to visit Kuwait?

  353. Zaina says:

    You have a great body, Do u always eat healthy food Or junk food straight away? **
    Corrected my question :)

  354. SAK says:

    Can I get a kiss on the peak? (a)

  355. Zaina says:

    Imagine if your not famous right now, what will your job be?**
    Corrected my q. Again-.- :)

  356. LJH says:

    Kim your an inspiration to me, ive watched you struggle and get through the hardest situations, how do you stay strong?

    Im a huuuuge fan:(

  357. Ali Sleeq says:

    What do you think Kanye West’s song “Gold Digger”?

  358. lulz says:

    I’m sorry, but textual diarrhea transcribed above is some of the dumbest shit I’ve ever read in my entire life, and the universe is now slightly less intelligent for bearing it into existence. I hope Kim Kardashian’s overprotective bodyguard rips your ticket apart at the gate for being uninspired, cringeworthy turds, and a steady stream of tears trickles down from your herpy derpy eyes as she waves at you from a distance.

    Mark, I almost feel sorry that you have to sift through all these questions individually. But you brought this upon yourself. May God have mercy on your soul. Can I have a ticket bro? Just kidding not kidding kinda serious not serious thanks.

    • Just says:

      As usual lulz, you sit high on your pedestal looking down at everyone like you have some god given gift for intelligence and creativity. You have never once been inspiring yourself, always negative and attempting to be funny. It’s useless, you’re silly and unoriginal.

    • berry says:

      Yo hater let the people speak thier mind.doesnt matter if thier dumb stupid or blind they have thier rights so its alright. so stop hating and get in line!!

      on the serious side: thiss isnt your blog , these people arent talking to you , they are just trying to get a ticket * not everyone really thinks thier going to get it so they just play along* so stop hating and go wash your mouth with soap!

      • lulz says:

        You make an excellent point. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, except for me because mine is negative. Therefore I apologize. I hope my little comment on an obscure corner of the Internet tucked between hundreds of other comments didn’t ruin your day. That would be a shame because the weather’s beautiful tonight and you should go outside and enjoy it. I’m so sorry, friend.

  359. Face says:

    Kim how and why do you come up with the concept of milkshake store? whats the story behind it?

  360. osama says:

    When will you marry the wright man who deserve you?

  361. Nour says:

    Have you ever heard of Kuwait before? Did you know that there’s a country called Kuwait ever existed?

  362. P says:

    An ode to Mark

    There was a guy called Mark,
    Who was giving away tickets to see Kim
    He started a contest and invited,
    People to send questions to him
    Some questions were funny, most were lame,
    But everyone wanted a piece of the fame
    If you gimme a ticket, Mark,
    I’ll make you the biggest burger in the world,
    Go on and email me that I won,
    So that I can laugh at the rest of em turds! :D

  363. Zaina says:

    I wanna win so bad :(!!!

  364. bader says:

    how will the money from the 350 kd tickets for the dinner be spent? are you giving them to a charity or any sort of organization?

  365. Rahaf says:

    Sorry i didnt see you said one question, so here it is
    Q: If you werent famous right now, what would your job be?

  366. Roy says:

    The Hejab is wore by many Arab girls and most of them think that they won’t be pretty anymore. What are your fashion tips Kim for girls in Hejab?

  367. HayaAlT says:

    Question: What’s something you wish everyone knew about you?

  368. Fay says:

    Do you think that your father would be proud have liked the fact that you have been visiting places in the Arab World?

  369. Fay says:

    What is one thing you are really proud about and would want your father to know about?

  370. Fay says:

    If Kanye had proposed to you any time now , would you approve ? Or have you learned a lesson from your past and wouldnt rush this relashionship?

  371. Fay says:

    If you had the choice of choosing family or fame , what would you choose?

  372. Fay says:

    What was your goal in life , that you have already succeeded ?

  373. Fay says:

    What made you accept the advantage of coming to Kuwait?

  374. Fay says:

    Would you like opening a D-A-S-H store here in Kuwait?

  375. Nasser says:

    Why in the world did you marry Kris Humphries for 72 days, and waste millions of dollars?? Did you do it to increase the ratings of your TV show and image?? Huh?!

  376. Fay says:

    If you were to write a new book , what would the title be?

  377. Fay says:

    If somebody would present you 3 dresses , with colour black , white or red , which would you prefer?

  378. berry says:

    hey mark why dont you make a contest to win tickets to meet you? all in favor say aye

  379. Fay says:

    If you had the chance to stop at any city in the world , where would it be and why?

  380. Zayoon says:

    Do you really like Millions of milk Shakes , or do you prefer having a milk shake at another shop?

  381. Sunny says:

    400 comments for Kim…. :O :O

  382. Anthony says:

    If you were stranded on a desert island, what three items would you take with you?

  383. Tariq says:

    Did you know you would become famous when you were growing up ?

  384. Tariq says:

    Is what goes on during ” keeping up with the kardashians ” the same as when the cameras are off ?

  385. Tariq says:

    Does all the fame and attention ever stop you from doing things an average person would do ?

  386. Fatami says:

    If you had the choice, would you do it all over again?

  387. LeeAnn says:

    What is the most important belief your parents instilled in you and that you will pass on to your own children?

  388. Fatami says:

    You became famous from a scandalous video, how would you feel if your younger sisters released their own tapes?

  389. paokski says:

    Mark, some funny icebreakers:

    • Are you related to Lil’ Kim or Kim Jong? hahah
    • Is it possible? to be Kim Possible? (Disney) winner!!!
    • Hows being the Samantha Jones? (Sex& the city) – but its Kim Cattrall lol
    • If you make your own OS, it’ll be Kimputer(computer) right? hah corny!!
    • You like Kimchi. I just know hahah

  390. tarek says:

    If ur dad was still alive today and still married to your mom, do you think your career would be different and marriage more succesful?

  391. m.chehimi says:

    What was the main reason of shooting “that” movie

  392. abdullah ali says:

    Q : what would you say was the most influential business decision you have ever made?

  393. Del says:

    Will it blend?

  394. Blaise says:

    Did your dad Robert Kardashian wrongfully defend OJ Simpson in the Simpson case.

  395. Moey says:

    You say, Beautiful city Kuwait. If you define that and answer it in 10 seconds, I’ll walk away and give the chance to someone else…

  396. Tariq says:

    What is the best piece of advice you’d want everyone to follow ?

  397. Tariq says:

    What’s on your bucket list ?

  398. Sheikh says:

    What makes Millions of Shakes different or special from any other milkshakes?

  399. MNS says:

    How many Millions of milkshakes have you sold so far??

  400. shagy says:

    Did you honestly think that kate middleton would wear those revealing clothes ?

  401. Dalal says:

    How did you prepare for your trip to Kuwait? Did you read up on the culture, people, trends?


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