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Visiting the Bayan Botanical Garden


If you’re interested in visiting the Botanical Garden at Bayan Palace I have some good news (and a bit of bad news as well). The Bayan Botanical Garden is open to the general public every Thursday. You don’t need special permission or anything of the sort. All you need to do is give security your civil ID and they will let you access the garden.


The Bayan Botanical Garden contains three different zones with different kind of plants in each. It’s not that big but it’s still pretty cool and most of the plants are labeled with their names. There isn’t a guide book that contains details on the plants so if you’re really curious to know more about each plant be prepared to wikipedia from your phone.


Now for the bit of bad news. The Bayan Botanical Garden is open every Thursday… from 9AM to 1PM. That pretty much sucks for everyone who has a job. It also explains why the only other visitors at the garden while I was there were housewives with their kids. Still, it’s better than having no access at all. If you’d like to visit the garden, here is the location of the entrance on [Google Maps]

Thanks Maaz!

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You need a letter from the Amir inviting your school for a visit. General public with ID are allowed to visit in small groups of 2/3 people. Larger groups must have official invitations.


I know you said that you just need to produce your Civil ID and then have access. But do I need to call beforehand to arrange the visit? Thks for your reply.

We would like to visit the botanical garden. Will it be open for public on Thursday 30th November 2017 as it is declared a holiday.

Today we came to the Garden and the security indicated that this is open only for locals and not for expats…Really sad, was looking forward to see the place.😭

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