Watching Formula 1 in Kuwait (2023 Edition)

I just got back from watching Formula 1 in Bahrain and honestly, I always found it super boring watching the races live. You only watch an F1 race live for the experience, not the actual race since while you’re at the track you’re really only watching a corner or two of the race.

My favorite way to watch Formula 1 is through the official F1 TV app. It’s really the best way to watch F1 since you get to watch all the practice sessions, post-race shows, and of course the qualifications and races. For the races, you get to choose between two different English commentary teams as well as have access to multiple cameras and race data. The subscription costs around $80 for the whole year which isn’t bad if you’re an F1 fan.

Technically, Kuwait isn’t a supported country in the app, but there is a way to get around that.

Firstly, you need to get an F1 TV Pro subscription. You can’t use your credit card to subscribe because it won’t accept Kuwait-based cards so you’re going to need an Apple device and a US Apple Store account. If you have those two then can subscribe to F1 TV from inside the F1 TV app and pay for the subscription using your Apple account.

The second thing you need is a VPN or a SmartDNS service, similar to the ones you use to access streaming services like HBO, Hulu, etc. I prefer using SmartDNS since it’s super easy to set up on the Apple TV. I get mine from (affiliate link) and it costs me around $5 a month.

Once you have your SmartDNS set up, it’s just a matter of launching the app whenever there is a race and you’re set. Easy.

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I pay 80$ for all sports including PPV events, imagine paying 80$ + a vpn to view a single sport kek.

$19.99 a month get’s you Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ but you need US credit card and Smart DNS. Not sure if Paypal will allow you to by pas the US credit card when pay through them using a Kuwaiti credit card but worth the try.

Well for same price as ESPN+ you can get a dedicated F1 channel with a ton of F1 content, I don’t watch any other sport other than UFC so it’s a Better deal

Shahid is $19.5 a month or $195 a year which is nearly triple the price of F1 TV. You get a lot less F1 content, none of the extra camera angles or extra race data and don’t think you can even watch the practice sessions, post-race shows or the press conferences. So totally not worth it.

When I go to purchase it through this method for 1 month, it says insufficient store credit. I have $10. Could this be tax?

Hi I really need your help. I subscribed for the first time last week for the Bahrain GP. I got a US store account, a VPN, and bought $10 credit. Signed up for a month (with the 7 day free trial). Now that my trial’s up, it won’t accept the $10 credit in my account and is asking for other payment methods. Do you know how I can work around this before the Saudi GP? Really gutted right now.

On your apple store account, do you have a US credit card? What does one do if they don’t have a US credit card, buy gift cards?

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