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1966 Crash of a Kuwait Airways Plane

I recently came across the picture above of a Kuwait Airways plane crash dating to 1966. Only a month after Kuwait Airways received their brand new plane, it crashed on landing due to pilot error and was written off.

On 30 June 1966, the Trident 1E registration 9K-ACG was destroyed when it crashed 4KM short of the runway at Kuwait International. The plane was on its way back from Beirut when the plane descended at a high rate and the pilot didn’t follow the proper regulations. No lives were lost.

A higher resolution of the photo is available here, and a full report of the incident can be downloaded from here.

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Interesting read. Kuwait Airways was a pioneer of aviation in the MENA region, but the momentum wasn’t carried forward after the 1990 invasion.

I was told by an ex KAC engineer that the pilot was a British national and he had high alcohol level and was terminated at once.

i think he meant the ex KAC engineer had high alcohol level and was terminated at once. Also, the pilot was british.

That would definitely be mentioned in the crash report if true. If true and KAC found out and hid it from NTSB/BAAA/NAS, that’s a crime on another level with extremely heavy financial and operational repercussions; that’s why I find it hard to believe.

My mother and her siblings along with her mother was in this crash. I’m still looking for the passage list.

My mother and my older sister and my two younger brothers and I were on this plane. My youngest brother was taken off the plane by the copilot. The report we got was the drunk British pilot, and he was grounded for life. I’m sure they tried to bury that in the accident report to avoid the lawsuits.

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