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3D Print Yourself!

Best Electronics have a new service which uses tech by the company Doob to 3D scan your full body and then print you out as a miniature figurine. The result looks pretty realistic and they have a lot of different examples on display for you to check out. I held one figurine and it felt light and fragile, so I wouldn’t give it to a kid to play with, they’re more for displaying not for playing with.

Although it’s pretty cool, especially if you end up getting a 3D scan of you and your friends together, there are two big negatives. The first is that they print these figurines in Germany, which means you need to wait around three weeks to see the results. The second thing is the cost. They can print different sizes figurines but the smallest one which is shorter than your iPhone costs KD40, while the largest size is KD230. If you and your friends get a group shot you have to pay per individual. So if you’re four guys and you want to print out the smallest size that’s 4 x KD40 for one copy.

If you’re interested to check this out, the “Doob” booth is located in Best Electronics at Boulevard in Salmiya. [Google Maps]

Thanks Sabah

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You should update this with the current controversy around it. Some members of parliament are asking for it to be shut down for Paganism.

Yeah I was just going to comment

Some Islamist MPs have likened this to the worship of statues (aka idolatry) and are calling for this place to be shut down!!

Just when you think we can’t possibly embarrass our country any further…..

“Paganism” while they use the name of god to promote your own personal gains is fine. Using the name of god should be illegal in politics, god is the cleanest thing in all eternity and they rub his holy name on politics which is literally the dirtiest thing ever. Something needs to be done about this. I may not be religious but I would never do such a thing.

All I would like to say and remind to the Muslim population reading and commenting here that it actually is prohibited to make sculptures and drawings of living things in Islam. Do you research and support this notion instead of back lashing Kuwait and/or Islamic values unknowingly.

Well, if it was not for Wahabism, I wonder how many more like you will stand naked outside such booths to get printed 🙂

For the people saying this a bad thing that “Islamic” MP’s shuts the place down.

The first question i want to ask you is where do you get your morals from? Who says what good or bad?
And the only anwser to them should be Allah.

Exactly, from allah. Which means those Islamist MPs have no right to do anything because if we listen to them then we are following them instead of following god. God asked us to be merciful, understanding and educated… since Islamist MPs took over Kuwait has become less educated, Kuwaiti has become less understanding and less tolerant.

Well, first of all there’s nothing such as an ‘Islamist MP’. Your next door neighbor who has little to some knowledge about Islam would better be able to tell you why this decision is justified.

Secondly, if you are trying to relate religion anyways with this issue, then do it rightly and read about various Ahadeeth narrated in context of prohibition to making & also drawing pictures of living beings.

Wow the drawing of living beings. When I enter any government building I seem to be greeted by 2 pictures of extremely respectable and wise people, I think you know the two people I’m referring to. What are you tryinging to say about them? I think you should reconsider your thoughts on the matter.

removing one bad thing from society is better than nothing.

tbh, the 2 pictures shouldn’t be there because of religions reasons. however no one is campaigning to do so is unfortunately people got used to it, and that not a good thing.
beside you would no see a picture of any of the Prophets.

im not sure exactly if every “islamic” MP is actually on the right path but, when you said:
“Exactly, from allah. Which means those Islamist MPs have no right to do anything because if we listen to them then we are following them instead of following god.”

if you hear what they day, for eg” close down the statue shop” they give reasons. Dr. Othman AL Kamees a well known sheikh and respectable, said why in one of his videos.

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