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Hello Sony A7 III!

Earlier this year I sold all my Nikon photography gear because I wasn’t really using them. They were large and heavy so I spent more time using my iPhone and compact but full-frame Sony RX1 camera instead. That setup turned out to be fine for 80% of my needs, but over the past few months, I realized how much of a handicap it was by not owning a DSLR with changeable lenses. So I started looking at compact mirrorless cameras, specifically the Sony A7 series and the newly announced Nikon Z and Canon R series. Mirrorless cameras had similar capabilities as much larger DSLR’s, but they’re a lot more compact. I was kinda leaning towards the Nikon Z mirrorless camera, until I found out that AAB World had recently become official Sony camera dealers. That news made my decision easier, I was getting the Sony A7 III.

Full disclosure, I have a long-standing relationship with AAB World. They’ve been very active with me and the blog over the years and they’ve lent me lenses and camera gear to review whenever I wanted and also hooked me up with discounts. I’m a huge fan.

I’ve had the Sony A7 III for around two weeks and I love it so far. My aim with the A7 III was for it to play two roles, I needed it to be compact when I needed something small and portable, but I also needed a full frame camera I could attach various lenses too˙. The A7 III has fulfilled both those requirements. First thing I did after buying the camera was to get the compact Sony 35mm F/2.8 prime lens for the A7 III. With the 35mm lens, the A7 III was not that much larger than my RX1 (check the picture above).

The second lens I picked up was the Sony 12-24mm F/4 lens and now I’m planning to get the Sony 24-105mm F/4 and Sony 70-200mm F/4 lenses. I’m going with F/4 lenses and not brighter F/2.8 lenses because the F/4 versions are lighter, smaller, cheaper and nearly as good for my needs.

The A7 III feels really great in my hands and I’m loving all its features and capabilities. I can understand why many are calling it the best camera of 2018. I’ll be posting a more comprehensive review after I get the rest of the lenses and shoot some more with the camera. But first impressions, the A7 III is great, it’s so good that I’ve actually decided to sell my Sony RX1, something I told myself I wouldn’t do.

If you’re interested in the A7 III, AAB World are currently out of stock but they should getting another shipment soon. Here are their preorder links on their website:

Sony A7 III (Body only) – KD679
Sony A7 III (Kit including lens) – KD749

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Dear Mark,
I have the Sony RX1, more and more shooting videos. I have for that Sony RX100 V. Thinking about selling RX1 and RX100 for a Sony a7iii and 35mm f2.8.
I love the RX1 but it is maybe time to sell.
Do you regret selling yours? Are you happy with the 35 2.8 compared to Sony Rx1, regrets?
Thanks a lot for your reply.
Regards, Louis from Belgium

I completely understand where you’re coming from. When I first sold the RX1 I felt regret, but then the more I used the A7 III the less I started missing the RX1. Really the only thing the RX1 had going for it over the A7III was the size, and thats it. Everything else the A7 III wins hands down. The ability to swap lenses has brought back a lot more excitement and creativity in my photography. My photos are coming out better, and I’m back into photography again. The RX1 now felt like a point and shoot and it was limiting me, the A7 III has the opposite effect.

Thanks a lot for your reply!
Another quick question: Do you see a true difference between the 35 f2 on the RX1 and the 35 f2.8? Regards and again thank you.

Hey mark im also interested to get the sony alpha like yours and i hate how heavy and bulky my nikon camera and gear are. Where did you sell your stuff? Would be helpful if you kindly share and know places where i can sell my gear

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