A baqala called Baqala

Post by Mark

Over the weekend I passed by Alghunaim Photography store to pick up a tripod (I got the Manfrotto 190XPROB for KD35) when I noticed a cool looking baqala had opened up next door. It’s the cleanest and coolest looking baqala I have seen in Kuwait and the best part is the baqala is simply called “Baqala”.

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  1. sooli says:

    the coolest baqala is mandarin mart in shaab

  2. JuVe says:

    i checked the price if ur tripod in amazon.com its 144$ which equal 40kd before tax and shippment…. amaaazing where is alghunaimphotoshop locate it ?!

  3. I really don’t like kind of baqala
    the bulkier is better , you can fine anything you’re looking for :)

  4. Sayed says:

    They all following the same kind of cool baqala concept here in Abu Dhabi as well , only thing is that every grocery in Abu Dhabi will be like that by the end of the year , YES, Every Grocery!

  5. DM says:

    ive been here!! haha pretty amazing, especially in kuwait!

  6. Shorestick says:

    It looks awesome! How’s the tripod treatin ya btw?

  7. Joe says:

    there’s a similar concept called Dukkan

  8. cajie says:

    Went to check the tripod since I found the price really good – but it is aluminium and very heavy. Not very practical for travelling.
    But I love the fact that this can go right down to the ground.
    Ended up with buying the carbon fiber version of it for 80 KD. It’s sold for 70 KD on Amazon, so it’s a decent price.

  9. Buzz says:

    They should have these places in gas stations like everywhere else in the world. That’s why they call them convenience stores. Being in a mall is not convenient.

    • Qutaiba says:

      All gas stations had plans to open such stores, but so far has been denied that because of the co-ops fight against it !! “Albaladiya” is not giving gas stations the permissions to open such stores !!

  10. Kuwait says:

    How much is a Pepsi there? 90 fils or 150 fils?

    If its 90 then it surely is cool!

  11. Korean events says:

    I work at alahli bank of kuwait next to baitik tower I just love this place it’s very convenient to grab a quick pit or a drink. I’m very surprised with prices though; its just like a regular Baqala but a 1000 times cooler & cleaner :) 

  12. Kuwaitiful says:

    For a Baqala that looks like a Baqala which is a Baqala, that’s pretty impressive.

  13. T says:

    Someone needs to do a study on the the past decade’s trend in Arab corporate branding. Emaar, Aldar, Surouh, Nakheel, Tabreed, Taqa, Etihad, Takaful…And this is just in the UAE!

  14. Lucky_boy says:

    Looks like any typical supermarket in UK. I think the moment big names such as Carrefour or Tesco enters the mini-market section, the bar will rise and most baqalas in Kuwait will look as cool and smart as this one.

  15. HIA says:

    T: I believe it isn’t extraordinary that branding in the arab world has turned into forms of nouns (mubadala, taameer, etihad, tasheel, tasjeel,..) because the previous model was an excess of grace as we arabs love it, or an excess of rigid lifeless governmental brands that nobody related to until Emaar came along and I believe established this niche brand that was modern and slick, until the crisis.

  16. Salbader says:

    Great – simple idea!

  17. JT says:

    Big deal, we need something better

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