Ahmad Al-Jaber Oil & Gas Exhibition

Post by Mark

I haven’t been to this exhibit yet since I just found out about it a few days ago but going by the video it looks like it might be worth visiting especially if you have kids.

The Ahmad Al-Jaber Oil & Gas Exhibition plays an important role for KOC by telling the history of oil – both in the State of Kuwait and throughout the world. From the formation of oil to its discovery and the thousands of ways that oil products help make our lives better, the exhibition serves to answer any questions the public may have about oil and gas and the important functions they play in our modern lives.

The exhibit is located in Ahmadi and here is the location on [Google Maps]. The opening hours are Saturday to Thursday from 9AM to 9PM and Friday from 2PM to 9PM. The exhibit isn’t free, the cost for adults is KD3, KD1 for children under 12 and free for people with disabilities. For more information you could check out the exhibits website [Here]

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  1. Khaled says:

    I have visited the place recently, and I highly recommend it, its bilingual, has lots of educational and interesting areas, its a must visit for all students in Kuwait as it provides an interactive walkthrough the history of he Oil sector and oil in Kuwait. And since history classes revolving Kuwait are not widely available, this provides an excellent opportunity.

    I would recommend it though for kids 12+ as they will understand more and get the bigger benefit, I went there and learned a lot as an adult.

  2. yousef says:

    it’s open now ?

  3. M4 says:

    Hey Mark. Unless I’ve been out of the loop the exhibit is still closed to public. They arrange tours for specific groups only and visits need approval.

    • Mark says:

      hmm i got the opening info from their website, i’m heading there tomorrow anyway so will see

      • M4 says:

        There are no tickets being sold for now (again unless they haven’t told me, its my job to know). But if you don’t manage to get a tour contact me I’ll try to arrange one for you.

        Also if you haven’t been to the old exhibit you should go there. They might shut it down after the new one officially opens to the public.

        • Amanda says:

          I am trying to arrange for a tour of this exhibition for a school group. Can you get me in touch with a tour contact? I haven’t been able to reach anyone there.

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