Top 10 Salaries in Kuwait (2017)

Post by Mark

Gulf Business released the 2017 list of top salaries in Kuwait and the top jobs according to their research are the following:

1) Chief executive officer/managing director – multinational: $34,271
2) Chief executive officer/managing director – local company: $22,178
3) Banking – treasury manager: $13,224
4) Information technology – manager: $12,097
5) Construction – project manager: $11,853
6) Legal – lawyer marketer/manager: $10,355
7) Banking – retail/personal banking manager: $9,625
8) Real estate – manager: $9,610
9) Banking – branch manager: $9,577
10) Healthcare – general practitioner/ manager: $9,416

I was comparing it to the list from 2012 and the biggest difference I noticed is that everything related to print media like advertising, PR and publishing, is now no longer on the list. No surprise there since that field has basically crashed due to the shift to digital. Check out the 2017 list [Here]

Photo by Mohammed AlSultan

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  1. Simple_Man says:

    are these monthly or yearly?

  2. Ahmed says:

    As a person working in IT. I call bullshit in IT manager. I don’t know any IT manager payed 3687.53 Kuwaiti Dinar. Maybe there is one, but many are payed much less.

  3. lolguy says:

    The article appeared in the arabtimes.

    I suppose it should be taken with a fistful of salt. The article goes on to state that the average Asian salary is $9,148…?!!!

  4. ahmed says:

    are these for expats only ? because i am pretty sure that oil sector salaries make these look like a joke
    even government new entities commissioners gets paid 10k+ with ease

  5. khaled says:

    its relatively difficult to get figures in Kuwait, so I doubt the accuracy, however in general managers in Oil companies get around 3- 6 k a month, anything from HR – planning and more, CEO gets over 10, as do DMDs and MDS. They also didn’t include uni profs who start at 2+ and go up to 6

  6. Kuwait says:


    1. Bloggers – $100,000

  7. John says:

    Are these amounts in USD or KWD?

  8. aceboy44 says:

    Treasury and Branch Managers in the bank make such salaries? If that was true I wouldn’t have quit my job in treasury AND branches in the banking sector and moved to the government sector.

    The salaries posted are waaaay overrated (this is coming from a previous banker)

  9. Zohaib Irfan says:

    There are many qualified expats in Kuwait with lots of experience but i’m pretty much sure that they are never gonna get this amount of salary per month. All just because of the upper management in the company will only give this much salary and rank to the person they personally know or that person has a really good contacts (wasta).

  10. Sheri says:

    What about Auditors ???

    • aceboy44 says:

      Auditors make peanuts for a living in Kuwait. I took an internship with one of the big 4 auditing firms but didn’t continue there since the wage was a joke!

  11. 9gagger says:

    I know of an expat working in a banking sector who’s monthly salary is 70,000 KD, YES KD! with all expenses paid. :)

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