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Do you miss watching Grendizer, Captain Majed, Sasuki, Sanshiro, Jongar, Hekayat Alameya etc.. Well I have 2 links here that you might like. The first one has a lot of cartoons which you can download directly from the site and an option to download a lot more cartoons if you become a member. The second link is more complicated to use because it contains torrent links to many of the popular cartoons. If you have any more links please share them with us.

Link 1
Link 2

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I found this girl by the name seema the website is


has grendizer , sindibad , adnan wa lina , iftah ya simsim or sim sim , and even Nizar qabbani musalsal , she has good feedback and very good looking too .

I did get some dvds from http://www.UniversalCartoons.Com and the service was not bad and quality is good . but the guy is not a full time dvd maker . the site needs to be updated too.. he promissed he will be working on it soon.

the prices on the site are not real if you email him for the expensive ones he might be able to give to you for lower.

I got Pepero al nesr al thahabi for about $150 from him insted of the 900 he has on the site.

the other guy from kuwait internationalcatoonsclub has crazy prices and I think he doesn’t have most of the things on his site . I know a guy that lost about $1200 ordering from that kuwaiti guy.

also I think he is the same guy Al Anzi that had a site called tvq8,com I think… because if he knows he is a scamer and they are both from kuwait wouldn’t you think that he would be able to have someone contact the scamer and take him to police. He has a warning on his site about tvq8,com, but when I emailed him and asked him why he can’t tell his family in kuwait to call the police on the scamer… he said to me that I should do it!!!!

tvq8,com al anzi scamed everyone on earth. I lost $400 just for him.

I hope this helps

Don’t trust any new website… specialy if they don’t take credit cards and only western union… that how tvq8,com scamed arabs. He would act very dunp and like he didn’t know much about how credit cards worked. Ya right.


i was wondering if anyone knows or familiar with a cartoon show called Cindabel? i watched it 16 years ago and I can’t remember exactly what it was called, but I believe it was about this little girl who was looking for her mother i think. i just remember a little blonde girl in pigtails, dressed up like a princess with a carriage and white horses. i know it sounds like Cinderella but its not..

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