Cultural Centre Drive-by

Post by Mark

The new Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre (ASCC) is set to open towards the end of this month, but if you drive by at night, you can get a sneak peek at some of the dinosaurs on display.

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  1. lovelyKuwait says:

    Wow it looks amazing can’t wait for the opening

  2. X says:

    Bro it opens tomorrow 5:45 PM

  3. Sam says:

    Serious question, no troll: Are these dinos found in the region, or are they just random/ popular one? Because it would be 10x cooler if it were the former.

    • Sulaiman-COOKIEE says:

      That would have a long answer, basically I would say popular dinosaurs could have lived here? I’m not too sure, dinosaurs definitely lived in the gulf. To put local dinosaurs one needs to excavate them professionally, to insure minimal damage. As a side note never multiply a word.

    • Hamad says:

      Yea it would’ve been cool. But no I don’t think our region have this much variety of discovered Dinosaurs fossils

    • Sauce says:

      these are paper mache dinosaurs

    • Mastodon says:

      Most of the dinosaurs in our region, along with ancient plant matter, have already made the transition into delicious black oil lol. at least i think they did. so technically, if that were true, old dinosaur remains in this region helped pay to build fake dinosaurs haha. +1 humanity

    • Ali says:

      Sam these are local dinosaurs captured near Jabriah burger king.

  4. zaydoun says:

    Your post title led me to think there was a drive-by shooting!!

  5. Hisham says:

    They just discovered one in Egypt.

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