Ordering Groceries Online in Kuwait

Post by Mark

I was talking to a friend last night who doesn’t drive and has to walk or take a cab to go get her groceries. So I was like why don’t you just order your groceries online?

We actually have a lot of options to choose from, so I decided to put together a list. Here are all the websites I’m aware of that deliver groceries:

Blue Passion
Fresh Mozzarella
Gourmet Me
Gourmet Shelf
Healthy Shop
InstaSalla (Only App)
Prime Cuts
The Approved Market
The Sultan Center
Tons (Only App)

If I missed anything let me know!

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  1. BrownSwoosh says:

    What about FitFlip?

  2. Ahmed Shaheen says:

    How about delivery cost? Who has most content available? Any recommendations?

    • whizb says:

      I like Saveco – they deliver free over KD10. But the one thing that irritates me is that their content is not sorted optimally.

      • MarksBFF says:

        BTW, they are closing down ALL the Saveco branches around Kuwait

        • Mark says:

          Are they? That sucks. I like Saveco, they’re just located too far for me and I’m guessing a lot of other people

          • Altaf says:

            They are closing all branches except the one in Rai, the original Saveco which will be the only one left. I’m not surprised, they were overly ambitious in opening more than one or two branches. It’s expensive!

        • Yazi says:

          Does that include Wholefoods too?

        • Kuwait says:

          That’s a shame, they had a lot of unique quality products, but they were also the most expensive out of all the supermarkets.

          I wouldn’t say the problem was being far, the locations didn’t suit the demographics they were targeting.

          I think if they were smaller supermarkets they would have been more successful.

        • Elsayed Elasy says:

          Saveco’s management has decided to relocate the store. In the meantime you can continue shopping in our existing and new locations or through the Delivery service.
          For Whatsapp: 96621778 or call 1821050 or 22287787

  3. Hussain Al Sarraf says:

    I was genuinely asking some friends about this a couple days ago :D Thanks for your help :)

  4. The Other Ahmed says:

    There’s Room Service Q8 (I think that’s the name), but they only sell products from particular brands, and delivery times are usually long.

  5. Prince Joseph says:


    app available on android and iOS

  6. adly says:

    Rare Cuts

  7. Santy says:

    Lulu charges 1 KD delivery …i ordered for 12 KD ..the delivery was done the following day in the morning

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