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Execution by hanging

Five people just got executed today morning for crimes ranging from rape to drug smuggling. The interesting thing is it turns out I could see the hangings from my office window. I used the office camera with a 120mm lens to zoom in as much as I could onto the hanging yard and if you look at the picture, on the left side you can see people wearing black. I think this picture was taken after one of the people got hanged because you can see the trap door open and some people dressed in black underneath it… [Picture]

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Rapists and drug dealers deserve this punishment.If anyone of u have been to the chip chop square of saudia arabia that would have really made you vomit .This is still not that graphic.I have seen people puking when there was this man who was beheaded for murder.

U always enjoy posting videos of nastiness that have no benefit for anybody!

Indians having sex in the street like animals
People getting executed
Remnants of horrible car wrecks…

perverse man u r!

OK, regardless of the fact the I am pro-capital punishment, I am also pro-doing it in private. I had NO IDEA this kind of thing was still being done outside for all to see. Barbaric. What happened to keeping it quiet??

And finally, i think rapists and drug dealers are the scum of the Earth, so yeah, kill ’em all. But like I said, INSIDE. Don’t want to be seeing none of that.

I was passing next to it today and it gave me shivers. I mean someone is loosing his life there while you are passing next to them.
it’s not fair to kill anyone for whatever reason and even though the rapist are animals and cruel and deserve bad punishment, I think we need to give people a chance to maybe one day repent and this is the whole concept of Jail. Isolate them till maybe they get some brains back again.

For rapist, I think lifetime jail is a fair sentence. Its like death but postponed for 40 or 50 years to let them think how bad they were.

well you know then you won’t get aways by committing these henious act. Ok i will ask you one question.What will u do if somebody did this to ur mother or sister? I am sure you would want him dead. Besides that it acts a source of wisdom for others

I agree with moe.. its easy 4 ppl who have’nt lost a love one by a sick jerk to say that this is not civilized or this is wrong! Just imagine your mother or sister or watever being striped, raped, and killed…then u’d wanna kill ’em with your own hands!
Serves them right!!

This has definitly got to change whether it is based on relegion or not. You simply can’t take the life of other people just like that, no matter how bad they are. Mistakes are never forgiven put people repent, everyone should be allowed that chance, i second fadibou life time in jail is far worse punishment than death.

For relegious people whether they were hung or not, punishment is up to god.

Really arabs especially muslims should stop these backward methods. The dealers and the rapist deserve hell given to them, but it is not up to us to tak another person’s life.

I think rapist should be tortured or castrated not executed.
for drug dealers I think they would rather be hung then have their hands chopped off or something..

why does everyone pick on arabs and muslims? leave arabs and muslims alone for now coz this shit’s happening in non arab and non muslim countries as well!

Man is too flawed to decide if someone else should die…

“life time in jail is far worse punishment than death.”

There is no worse punishment than taking ones life.

“Really arabs especially muslims should stop these backward methods. ”

Stupid blind comment.

The Death Penality has been in kuwait for as long as I remember..

Think about it, those people knew the consquences..

If you want to deal drugs or rape children.. Don’t do in kuwait for FFS!

I know it’s sad.. However imagine you were the father of the little girl?

Personally I don’t believe drug runner/dealers should be fucked that bad. A pharmaceutical company does exactly the same thing.. but do they get analy fisted in the end because some person abused say.. Valium? or the countless other drugs that are sold in pharmacies..

carlsb3rg, depends on what your views on the after life are…

if there is no heaven or hell, then a lifetime of guilt/repentance in my opinion is the worse punishment

Well the Quran states it, kill if a person killed, etc. and that’s what Kuwait is following, and the more severe ‘chop off hands if a person steals anything’ which goes in Saudi Arabia is said in the Quran…maybe the fight is agains the rules of the Quran?

the bible also states an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth…

MO it might be a conspiracy against all religions originating in the middle east!!!

I don’t really support capital punishment unless it’s for really extreme cases such as raping little girls or homicide depending on the cases. Although I really think that hanging is an extremely outdated method to take someone’s life, the government should consider using more civilized methods. That rapist definitely deserved death since he raped then stabbed that little girl to death, it’s really gruesome just to think of it. As for the drug smugglers, i don’t think they deserved the death penalty, 25 or 30 years in prison would have been more of a fair sentence.

dude, raping and killing a minor girl. Wow, that’s one deadly three-hit combo. He deserved it for sure. But, I think there should be a more private and less gruesome way to a death sentence…like the injection perhaps? As for drug smugglers, I think a death sentence is too extreme.
oh yeah, i’m against public prosecutions. They are so medieval.

so you are saying its ok to kill others we believe are wrong doers if its more fashionable or you dont have to see it happen?

I disagree.

Nat I dont know how I would feel to tell you honestly unless it happened to me. I assume I would feel hurt and enraged that something like this would happen to me and my family.

Nevertheless, having the culprit put to death won’t reverse anything that wouldve already happened to my near and dear one/s. Has putting people to death curbed the crime rate any? I dont know. I do know that some ppl that have commited heinous criminal acts have later gone on to redeem themselves in society and lived great lives. Who’s to decide that the next death row victim isnt going to do the same?

Osho what if that guy raped then killed ur little sister in case u have one or even your little brother? Wouldn’t you want to choke him to death yourself? I know I would, and I would do it all over again a million times.

mark, listen to yourself! tortured or castrated?! man i’ve been a silent observer of ur blog since i dunno wen, but here i feel i gotta comment.. i should agree wid osho in sayin dat a person, however degenerate he may be or however heinous his acts maybe, deserves a chance to redeem himself and repent. i believe its a sin to deny him of dat one chance. its like im kinda stunned dat u, who speaks about macs , h3, bubble gums and ice creams toks about how okay it is to castrate or torture people.. criminal or not..

This new article came in the Times of India soon after Mark’s
posting. Looks like one of them was
an Indian who killed his employer after being abused.

Life in prison..
Ceasing to exist..

If there was heaven and hell, it’s in the criminal’s best interest to live and redeem himself if he believed in such a thing. If he didn’t give a shit about the after life, living in prison will still be a logical choice, as the end of his life will mean the end of his existance, and there is practically nothing afterwards.

I’m telling you.. there’s nothing worse than death.

WOw…Just to go back to Nicola’s comment, I think that was a bit unfair to Mark. When I was in Kuwait if I had a slightly stronger heart I would have attempted to go to a hanging and take pics. I don’t think of it as cruelty or tastlessness on my part (or Marks part I guess). I think of it as more a human curiousity, or sociological interest. Neither of us is getting off on any of this or even enjoying it but it sure as hell makes for an interesting experience that doesn’t happen on a daily basis. Mark thanks for the pics.

ive got nothin wrong against human curiosity. but wen is it at the expense of da life of another human being… u be the judge…

I passed by that place this morning, and I had some time to kill. I know it’s where they hang people, so I figured I’d watch the show. They wouldn’t let me in. It’s only for judges and family.

tis a sad day wen a so called civilized person goes to a show involving slaughtering of his own fellow beings.. but since i realize there’s no point in tryin2 make some sense out of this whole thing, i rest my case.. peace

woe on all these employers who harras their employees. I mean simply shame on them and they should get the strictest punishment as far as myself is concerned.I mean i don’t see the crap here in america that i used to see in kuwait .what employers do to their employees.SOmetimes i also think that these scumbags who abuse people physically and mentally have the right to existence.

The short answer is that when the punishment is so painful no one would dare to attempt the crime and the source should also be found out. If you see somebody’s hand amputated infront of you for stealing .then i am quite sure u would not dare to steal.

Rastafarian: My comment wasn’t condoning or supporting the hangings, it was just stating why someone like me would actually watch it. I’m sitting on the fence on the pro/anti stance: Moe makes a very valid point which is the whole example thing. Hear about it or watch and you won’t attempt, but on the other hand I’m not sure that publicising it like its the greatest show to hit the city is a good idea either, its like taking joy in someone else’s pain. One thing for sure tho, is saying its a civilized vs un-civilized country thing (ie north america vs mid east) makes no sense becuase keep in mind that some states in the U.S still have the death pentalty.

m, i get ur point. but please read the comment posted by `thamer´. i think you will c wot im getting at..

Capital punishment exists in countries all over the world. It is such a hotly debated issue that even the United States can’t agree on one legislation, so different states end up with different laws.

That being said, I don’t believe that the death penalty serves a purpose. I don’t think it’s up to us (or a judge or a government) to decide whether and when another person gets to die. I’d rather we let these criminals rot in prison for the rest of their lives, and let them live with their guilty conscience (if they do have one).

I had written about this issue in one of my posts:

Dudes…I think people should get done the exact same thing they did, like a rapist should be sodomized then stabbed, it’s perfectly equal. A drug smuggler, NOT hanging, wtf he’s making money not killing people….

And yes if you people endorse anti-capital punishment methods maybe it’s time you left the book and religion

wow, this is so scary. But i believe in second chances… how is god supposed to punish them FAIRLY,when they never got a second chance in life?

Second chances people, everybody deserves it.

As for the rapists, I know it feels bad, at least make it’s punishment measured in years than an instant death at the yard.

As for drug smugglers, they didnt force you to overdose yourself, they supplying it for you, even if they didnt exist, they will always try and find a source. Give em second chances.

you guys should see what kind of punishment is given to a kuwaiti male carrying the HIV virus.

“I think rapist should be tortured or castrated not executed.for drug dealers I think they would rather be hung then have their hands chopped off or something..” – Hmmm….the intelligence level just scares me….

Do any of you think that the Al-Sabah recently arrested for trafficing drugs will be hanged? Hanging drug “mules” is a bit extreme. The the “man” behind the scenes funding the smuggling is the real criminal.

The rapist/murderer deserved it. Public/Private execution, who cares! Just rid the earth of his presence. One wastes his time trying to rehab scum trash of his ilk. I for one hope he is being raped in hell right now!

I was going to stay off this one but I can’t resist.
I am against capital punishment but let me answer some of the views put forward.
1. What would you do if it was your daughter? Well I would want to do someting extremely nasty but then again I want to do something nasty when I get cut up on the road too. A civilised society does not let personal issues of revenge run free.
2. They deserve the same punishment as they did to others. Well it sounds good but what makes you (or your society at least) better than them? This is the big failing of the west when it accuses countries of bad behaviour but does the same itself. I would like a society that leads by example.
3. If they saw what happened it would put them off. Does it really? Well how come countries with capital punishment do not have much lower murder rates than those without (per population). The US springs to mind here.
To be honest I don’t think barbarity serves much point beyond personal gratification.

“the government should consider using more civilized methods”, kind of an oxymoron, isn’t it? civilized public executions? either you’re for it or against it as a whole, not just the manner in which it was conducted.

well if i agree for a minute for a civilized punishment.Believe me the crime rate is going to keep going higher and higher as it is in America.It is better to enforce stricter punishments to the guilty for the benefit of people.I will again pose the question that if somebody harmed your loved one .What would you do ?I am sure you wouldn’t want him/her to be think from the perspective that how would u react not how others should react.

Why be lenient with them? I’d be a happy prisoner if I spent my years locked up in jail knowing I won’t pay for anything but my sentence. I’ll be provided everything I need: free shelter, food and medical services. What more can I ask for? I won’t call that punishment!

carlsberg what you said makes sense if a person believes in the after life but if the person is athiest it would make a lot more sense for them to choose death as opposed to life in prison. it’s also a lot more humane to offer that choice.

think about it, you are going to die in prison anyway, so why take all this time to sit around and go insane in solitary or get constantly raped and beaten everyday in a shared cell? it’s like mental and physical torture with no payoff (afterlife). it’s not like your existance means anything anymore besides being a number on the inmate list.

there are things in life far worse than death. i don’t condone the death penalty but don’t oppose it either. it’s a necessary evil sometimes.

For all of you soft hearted individuals, its always easy criticise, if it was your sis-daughter or girlfriend that got raped or overdosed becacuse of these scum bags Mother Fu****, I really wanna see your reaction, I betcha you will hang them by the BALLS with fishing line, burn the fuckers to the stake, cause any human scum who rapes helpless babies the death sentence is an easy way out, I will pull his guts out and feed it to the dogs!!!!

Hellraiser.. r u trying to prove ur nickname ?
And excecutions in public… i dont think this is any different frm ppl being headed and shown on tv in iraq/afghanistan/wherever.
Finally drug dealers only cater to the supply & demand function. There are mere pawns in the whole loops.

Actually executions were always done in public throughout history. Some people might consider it barbaric but it does have an effect on the ill minded people to think twice b4 doing any criminal act.

Compared to the countries mentioned by im3vil, look at them before the democratic governments…they had low crime rates compared to their current condition.

By swift law punishments you are actually maintaining order (now I sound like Darth Vader 😛 )…we do need order or the crime rate and number of stupid heartless assholes will rise in this country.

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