Followup on MMA Manager, Mishal Abul

Post by Mark

Mishal Abul on the left with Lorenz Larkin, Audie Attar, & Ramsey Nijem

Back in 2012 I posted about a friend of mine on the blog, Mishal Abul since every now and then I like to highlight a local talent or achievement. Back then I posted about how he was a partner at Paradigm Sports Management, a US based company that manages Football, Baseball and MMA athletes. The most popular fighter they were managing when then was Michael Bisping, and I thought that was a pretty cool achievement, that a guy from Kuwait was part of the team managing Bisping. Bisping wasn’t even that big of a star in 2012 but this year that changed when Bisping caused one of the biggest upsets in the UFC title fight history to become the UFC Middleweight Champion. So the fact that a Kuwaiti is a partner in a company that manages Michael Bisping is already an amazing feat.. but that’s not even their biggest star anymore. Paradigm Sports now manage a ton of other high level fighters including arguably one of the most popular fighters on the planet right now… Conor McGregor.

Conor McGregor winning his second belt at UFC 205

Yup, a Kuwaiti is part of the team that manages Conor which is also how I got into Conor’s afterparty last year after UFC 189 (best wasta ever). It’s crazy! Their whole roaster of fighters is now insane, like no exaggeration here are just some of them:

Artem Lobov
Chris Weidman
Conor McGregor
Gunnar Nelson
Jimi Manuwa
Lorenz Larkin
Michael Bisping
Rick Story
Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson
Tony Ferguson
Uriah Hall

Mishal Abul with Amir Aliakbari in Rizin

In 4 years they’ve managed to grow so much and these are just their MMA stars, they also manage other athletes but since I don’t follow any other sport (except for Formula1), I’m not really interested in the other athletes. Mishal is also now a partner in Tough Prints who do most of the printing for the UFC Reebok fight kits and he’s also now the point of contact for the Japanese Rizin Fighting Federation who are exploding because of their fight matchups involving the likes of Fedor, Wanderlei Silva, Mirko Cro Cop and Shane Carwin.

Anyway, to most of you the above is going to sound gibberish, but for those of you who’re into MMA I thought you’d appreciate this random info. If you’d like to find out more about Paradigm Sports Management you can check out their website [Here]

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    • AJ says:

      Schmoozing level 1,000,000.

      • Yeah, cause that’s what the post is all about – Mark’s man crush on Conor McGregor.

        I love that I have a reliable troll. My dream is to one day have my very own stalker too.

        Piece of advice: don’t do Yiddish. You can’t pull it off, bubby.

        • Mark says:

          ummm I don’t have a man crush on Conor. Luke Rockhold maybe but not Conor.

          • Sarcasm, Mark. C’mon brother.

            Side note: Rockhold sounds like a gay porn actor’s name.

            • AJ says:

              I honestly try to restrain myself from trolling you. I really do. But you don’t make it easy…look at your comments above. Ugh.

              • Listen, Haters Anonymous. If you hearing someone calling someone else “hot” gets you all hot & bothered, then I strongly suggest you stop interacting with human beings. What else sets you off “the sky is blue”? “There are books in the library?”

                Who exactly am I schmoozing? Conor McGregor whom I doubt has the time to read a person in Kuwait’s comments or Mark who’s already a friend and whom I have no trouble arguing with?

                I should just be grateful that I’m getting someone’s attention but I’ve never really understood the whole point of Internet Trolls like yourself.

                So l suggest you stop hiding behind your keyboard and show yourself. Pick a time and a place and I’ll happily meet you. Otherwise you’re nothing more than a pathetic coward who hides behind his keyboard and has the time to troll people.

                You probably won’t show your face because you’re a coward. And you’ll come up with some lame excuse to avoid the confrontation.

          • EatWhatYouKill says:

            “The only reason anyone ever gets laid is because Luke Rockhold didn’t get there first.”

            -Joe Rogan

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