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Imation Disc Stakka

disk stakka

I was searching for a CD Writer for my mac online when I found this device. You know how you have tons of CD’s lying around on your shelves and around your computer? I have like tons stacked up on my shelf and I have no clue whats inside them or if I need them. With this device, the Disc Stakka, it will know whats on my CD’s and it will archive them for me. Next time I need to find the CD that has this word document I did 2 years ago, I just use the Imation software on my mac to find the file and then the Disc Stakka will spit out the CD for me. Very cool and practical, I just sent it to the IT manager in our office to order us a couple. When you have hundreds of CDs its a real pain trying to flip through them all trying to find what you want. This will make our lives a lot easier and will save us a lot of time. I found it on Amazon for $129.

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