Kayak4Kuwait Nearly in Oman

Post by Mark

Back in early November I posted about how Kuwaiti athlete Bashar Alhunaidi along with three other kayakers had started their kayak expedition from Kuwait to Oman to raise awareness of the environmental issues facing the Gulf. It’s been nearly two months since they left Kuwait and they’re now nearing their final destination. Bashar and his team are currently in Abu Dhabi and have around 800km left before reaching Oman. They’ve been pretty busy adding videos and pictures to their instagram account including some funny ones when a gerbil managed to steal some of their food. So check out their instagram account @kayak4kuwait

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  1. Alfie says:

    Great effort by Bashar, the other Kayakers and his support team. We can support them all in spreading the message and sharing their posts whether through sharing Mark’s piece above or Kayak4Kuwait’s facebook or instagram posts.

    We can also be thinking about what we do when we use the sea or visit the beach by leaving no trace. Take all your trash home with you or place in the nearest bin – it’s simple and requires little effort.

    Or you can go further, we regularly take gloves and one trash bag when we walk our dogs. In 5 minutes we have a full bag which we then ditch in a local bin. Over the course of a few walks we can notice a change to the beach, making it nicer for everyone and safer for the local fauna.

    Why not try it as part of improving things for the New Year?

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