Kuwait Airways hard landing caught on video

Post by Mark

It seems a Kuwait Airways landing caused quite a bit of commotion last month when it landed pretty hard at the Heathrow Airport in London. Someone managed to capture the whole incident on video and posted on YouTube which you can watch above. [YouTube]

Thanks Ahmad!

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  1. BAJS says:

    So I am guessing it was the pilots fault for landing to hard? or was it an emergency? Sorta lost here.

  2. Mesh says:

    I’ve heard many timed that the Kuwait airways fleet sucks and needs critical maintenance , my cousin who is fan of communication that listens to the airport tower via his licensed hand held device, told me that the Kuwait airways pilot crew published on the news papers that they are not responsible of any flight crash as the airplanes needs sever maintenance not being performed.

    my other relative told me a Kuwait airways flight to Dubai suffered from hard landing due to landing wheels got stuck, that incident happened twice with him, same destination, dubai.

  3. Bu Yousef says:

    Yes, it’s not a good airline. Yes their maintenance has been in the news recently… but the KU pilots are second to none! Some of the most talented people in the air.

    You have to love how Heathrow reacted so swiftly. They made it look so easy.

  4. Zorbon says:

    Just to correct some info…The fleet sucks…yes…
    BUT, maintenance is actually very good…if it wasn;t for that, there would be alot of accidents,,,
    They need a new fleet.

  5. Q8Path says:

    This was written in the newspaper before 1 week ago.
    I think it was from the aircraft tyres on the front.

  6. A. Benghaith says:

    Simply don’t fly with Kuwait Airways :>

  7. Bobader Alsarkastiki says:

    I get my tickets for free, there is no reason not to fly them, and the flight attendants and pilots are what makes flying with them worth it. Otherwise Its Qantas air, everything else including emirates AW and their noodle packs on economy class can kiss makwiti.

  8. tom says:

    dude stop scaring ppl that use their airways….
    since im a frequent flier of KA (i got a silver Oasis card) and i dont have any other option but to fly with them cause their prices are not too bad. so plz tune it down about how bad KA is and about its “flight crash”. :/

  9. tom says:

    *not to use

  10. desertsky says:

    I like how some people still deny that it’s either the pilots or the maintenance crew who’s at fault.I’m sure the pilots are good,but as pilots they should not fly those dodgy planes because they know if everything’s not 100% it’s a no-go.What it boils down to is that KA is a crap airline.

  11. ~LE~ says:

    2 of my brothers and 2 of my cousins are KA pilots..you guys don’t have a clue about how hard they train to be able to fly. They’re sent to UK’s finest air-flight schools, where they study up to two years, which includes their hours flying. Once theyre done the stay up to another yr studying for the actual fleet aircrafts.

    The pilots ARE highly skilled and trained, their is no wasta once ur in the flight school in the UK, if your not up to standards and fail the exams, your CUT!

    KA seriously needs new planes.

    It’s so sad to see one of the first and best airlines in the middle east declining so rapidly.

  12. SWAiN says:

    I’m a pilot since 2002 and I’m sure that hard landing in most cases means pilot error, it happens either when pilot approaching at a very high speed with high rate of descend or when the pilot flare the airplane too early (miss judgment) which leads to huge speed reduction at a high level altitude and then BANG!! into the runway :)

  13. Mr.pedro says:

    the landing seems to be normal i have seen way worse landings that that !!!

  14. 3azeez says:

    was that a hard landing or a stall?

    الكويتيين… صرنا نكته ومطنزه للعالم كله، لحد ياكل تبن ويقعد يغلط علي لاني مو قاعد اغلط على احد..فقط قاعد ابلغ اللي قاعد يصير.

  15. 3azeez says:

    “The pilots ARE highly skilled and trained, their is no wasta once ur in the flight school in the UK, if your not up to standards and fail the exams, your CUT!

    KA seriously needs new planes.”

    Flying airplanes is not about flighstchool and taking exams in two years… its about training training and training… MORE IMPORTANTLY PASSION.

    Unfortunately most Kuwait Airways pilots dont have passion for flying, they do it either for money or cuz it sounds cool. Dont tell me there is no was6a, it is FULL of was6a to get there. And just for ur information, most of them are those who didn’t do well in their math and physics in highschool.. most of them are graduates from ma3had deeni, which is a religions school with very low admission requirements.

    Dont blame it on the airplanes… in worst case is to have all engines shut off and no power… a true pilot would still be able to fly and land safely… a crappy landing like that (which is nothing new to KA) has nothing to do with airplane age.

  16. Les says:

    They’ve had pretty bad incidents especially lately… hope its privatization would help get it back together…

  17. 3azeez says:

    @Les, thats exactly why they’re doing this. what a waste…

  18. rv says:

    i’ve seen a lot of landings and i am a huge avaition enthusiast. having a look at that video, it seems the controller was a little too cautious. I wouldn’t say that was a hard landing but one that burnt a lot of rubber. Given that there might have been a little smoke from one of the gears.

  19. KA fan says:

    Actually last week I arrived from KA flight and both flights (depart + arrival) were good. I seen someone with 3-lines (I would assume to be the co-pilot) himself going around the cabin (including economy class) DURING LANDING to ensure everyone’s safety, asking everyone to fasten his/her seatbelts and checking that everyone has his belt fastened.

    I gotta admit it though, that person was NOT a kuwaiti :(

  20. Burhan says:

    This is nothing to be alarmed about. This happened to me on an American Airlines flight from Dallas to London. Pilot was told to hold on the runway due to apparent smoke from the landing gear.

    This has nothing to do with incompetent pilots. This is a fact of life when trying to stop an airplane quickly to clear the runway.

    Move on people.

  21. SWAiN says:

    @3azeez I agree with you, nothing wrong with the airplanes age!

    we are human and we got rusty sometimes due long holiday, injury ..etc so as aviators, we get to do a lots of written test and check rides every time we got those rusty issues.

  22. Mr.pedro says:

    Agree with Burhan this has nothing to do with the pilot or the plane

  23. bara7a says:

    Kuwait Airways have to improve their maintenance staff and system, if everything is going to work bil was6aat nothing is going to work in this country.

  24. desertsky says:

    I get the feeling that the people who are pro KA,re their safety and viability,have the same suicidal mentality when driving in Kuwait.

  25. TweeZ says:

    notihng beats Egypt air to tell you the truth!

  26. Spiderguy252 says:

    I am a moderator of an aviation forum, airliners-india.net and let me tell you that this is very routine as far as aviation goes. Stuff like this and bird hits, punctures happen everyday. Nothing unusual. Obviously you guys are reacting because it is a “Kuwait” Airways plane, but it has nothing to do with maintenance or the age of the a/c. It’s a hard landing and can happen to any jet.

    By the way, the aircraft involved is 9K-AMC, and was acquired by KU on June 1994. The aircraft is 16 years old and KU flies this to LHR, MAA, JED and CDG. The A300 is a wonderful bird and airlines like LH, AA and even QR and EK operated them for many decades.

    Don’t worry folks!

  27. ! says:

    One of my colleagues aunts is married to a KA pilot and that pilot drinks a lot and only god knows when will an accident occur. Add to that the staff suck and the whole KA suck, customers care comes last here in Kuwait nothing strange! You wanna complain shove your head in the toilet. I have never seen flight attendants giving you a bad look the moment u get on the plane and they don’t even want to serve you properly wonder why they took that job in the first place. KA will never be respected.

  28. Kuwait says:

    This may not be related to the above incident but I read a very interesting news item in Kuwait Times last week, a plea by the CHAIRMAN of Kuwait Airways literally begging for new planes. Tried my best to get the online version, couldn’t find it.

  29. Hielda says:

    I can’t help but remembering the golden era of Kuwait Airways ,, when it was the Elite airline of the ME !!! That was before the invasion,, What a BIG BIG gap between Q8 before 1990 and after !!! 3amar ya Kuwait !!

  30. Dj Hams says:

    I love Kuwait, and live in the states. When I come to visit, I used to fly Kuwait Airways, but they treat Indians (I am of indian descent) like maids! They treat us so badly, I have lost it for Kuwait AIrways. I fly Emirates now, and love it. Plus, they have free alcohol and much better food! Kuwait Airways hasnt pulled a profit in over a decade. The only reason they are still there is because of Govt. funding. Kuwait Airways should shut down. Horrible airline, and horrible staff (unless you are kuwaiti or european).

  31. ! says:

    Dj Hams I am a Kuwaiti and I have never flew with Kuwait airways without experiencing a bad service and a bad attitude during the whole flight. I stopped flying with them more than a decade now. I also know an old Kuwaiti man, very decent and very respectful who was asked to leave the plane for no good reason just cause the pilot didn’t want him to come along I bet that never happened to you Dj Hams.

  32. Pickles says:

    Kuwait Airways pilots are skilled, most of the flights I had with KA were smooth, better than American Airlaines pilots. but we definitely need new planes

  33. Spiderguy252 says:

    @Dj Hams

    As I commented earlier, why on earth are you flying 80s era jets when you have classy 5 star airlines in your backyard? (Jet, Kingfisher). EK’s 3-4-3 seating arrangement of their 777s is pathetic too.

    And FYI, KU had posted a profit in 2000. Not from 1954-1999, and not from 2001-2010 since.

  34. MoocherX says:

    DJ Hams… it’s ok, they suck if you’re European as well.

  35. Desert Girl says:

    How often does Kuwait Airways do RANDOM drug and alcohol testing?

  36. m says:

    its funny how everyspeaks likes an expert on aircraft maintenance, i bet no one on this forum went on a round inspecting kuwiat airways planes and their daily maintenance, how many KU accidents have you heard of – ZERO – so if you hate kuwait airways for whatever reason fly another airline and stop hating and speaking like you know how the maintain there aircraft

  37. ahmed says:

    The Kuwait Airways fleet may suck and is old, but they never compromise maintenance or crew and pilot training. When was the last time anyone flew on Gulf Air? now that airline sucks, in addition to the makeshift gate extensions in the airport.

  38. F says:

    thank you m, the only comment that made a valid point. Most of these comments are by people who do not even have knowledge about the industry, maintenance, etc. I have several close relatives working in KAC engineering and I do see how seriously they take their jobs. And to the uninformed people, was6a does not allow people to get pilot or engineering licenses and work in those fields. Since Kuwait follows the European system, their engineers must have JAR licenses and pass requirements from Kuwait’s DGCA. Try to make educated comments based on facts. You cannot judge the safety and maintenence because of the poor customer service levels or financial situation of the company.

  39. شمعة الجلاس says:

    But ofcurse Kuwait Airways !!!

  40. Mady says:

    i just love how kuwaities will never admit that they have any problem !!!!
    thats like so funny :)

  41. boss says:

    WTF are you kidding me ?? that exact same landing happened with me with Air Srilanka while landing in Dubai and they did nothing !! i don`t see anything unsual ?! What a Complicated More Stupidly Educated People :/

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