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Kuwait Airways not even a Top 100 airline

According to the Skytrax 2013 World Airline Awards, Kuwait Airways is so bad it didn’t even make it into the Top 100 Airlines list. The #1 best airline in the world according to Skytrax is Emirates while the Royal Jordanian Airlines was ranked #100. Below are the Top 10 Airlines in the Middle East for 2013:

1 – Emirates
2 – Qatar Airways
3 – Etihad Airways
4 – Oman Air
5 – Gulf Air
6 – Royal Jordanian Airlines
7 – Saudi Arabia Airlines
8 – Middle East Airlines
9 – Air Arabia
10 – flyDubai

For the list of Top 100 Airlines in the world click [Here]

19 replies on “Kuwait Airways not even a Top 100 airline”

Nor is Jazeera. I am tired of them going in AB bragging when they can’t even schedule a flight after 6:30 PM to Dubai and render 3 or 4 flights a day to a competitor, FLYDUBAI. Their website is horrible, if I change flights, they recharge me for the seat. I would be safe to say that Kuwait has no idea how to run a successful carrier, nor a successfully running airport, ironically in a country that it’s residents are totally dependent on the travel industry in their escape routes. Jazeera’s initial marketing campaign had it right, they called their flights ‘Freedom Flights’.

Also if you change your flight on Jazeera (same route just a different date or time) they double charge you the taxes which is already way too high for this market. Why should we pay taxes and seating costs again after we paid them for this route?

I’ve flown most of the airlines on this top 10 list and am a bit surprised Qatar outranked Etihad. Qatar business compared to Etihad business class doesn’t come close. I will even go as far as to say I was somewhat disappointed in Qatar Airways.

Emirates should just be on a list all by itself. When you can shower on your flight to the USA you know it’s quality travel time.

Qatar Business actually came first in the best business class category. I haven’t flown Qatar business so can’t really compare it to etihad business which was cool but nothing special.

It depends on the region/distance of the flight as well. Flying Etihad business from Abu Dhabi to Kuwait wasn’t even worth the upgrade. But from Abu Dhabi to JFK it was definitely worth it. Yet from Abu Dhabi to London it wasn’t even as nice as United economy plus to the US.

No, that looks more like the Abu Dhabi/Kuwait seat. It looked like a pod with almost no visibility of the seat next to it. Seat laid down flat and it had a 20 inch flat screen and full massage and heat options. Unfortunately I slept through much of the flight and missed taking full advantage of the little perks. But it’s not often I can say I slept through an international flight.

None of you have flown business class on Emirates on the A380 Airbus? This is the best plane flying in the sky!

At a cost of over $200 million, the Dreamliner is big business for Boeing. The company is aggressively trying to raise production rates on the Dreamliner to 10 planes per month. The Dreamliner has been plagued by problems since its launch in 2008, even before several aircraft developed battery problems. The 787 uses more electricity than any other jet. And it makes more use of lithium-ion batteries than other jets to provide power for things like flight controls and a backup generator when its engines are shut down. Each 787 has two of the batteries.

Firstly, it took him 40 minutes to get a glass of water? there is bottle of VOS in the seat and if he really needed a glass of water, there is a stand-up bar in the back of the plane. As I pointed out above, the problems with the Dreamliner have been enormous. Also, this guy does not address the new A380 terminal in Dubai, spectacular! Also the toilets, well, he was on a 12 hour flight to Dubai, he has ample time to plan his toilet visit. And finally, many of us have Egate, as well as SuperGate, so entering Dubai is a breeze these days. He is the type of person that wants the flight attendants to wait on him hand and foot, he is probably annoying, and I have never had any problems with the service level on this plane, must be him? Airbus is superior to Boeing, I would say he is one of their employees, but he is from Kuwait and I don’t believe they have an office here.

Keep in mine Ethaid crashed a bran new airplen while it was parked on the tarmac!

The story I was told was that the Ethaid pilots showed up after NOT reading the manuals and ran the engines up to full power with the parking brake on. The aircraft being intelligent Knows that if the brakes are on and the engines are at full power for an extended period of time you want to take off and will release the brakes for you.

And it did.

Hey Mark,
If the list only goes up to 100, and Royal Jordanian is ranked at number 100 (and number 6 on the Middle East rankings), I’m curious as to how you got numbers 7 to 10 on the top ten list of Middle Eastern airlines.

i was wondering about Air india that also disappeared just like Kuwait airways in the list both are going in a loss and both are having terrible Service with lot of attitude. but still prefer Kuwait Airways then Air India.

True Yeah…, but three of the pvt Indian carriers made up the list , indigo , jet airways and indigo…43,52 and 83 .

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