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Longest bridge in the world

Construction of the longest bridge in the world is going to start next year. The “Friendship Causeway” will link Qatar and Bahrain together and once completed should take people 30 minutes to drive from one side to the other. Now if only someone would build a Kuwait – London “Shopping Causeway”, that would be a cool bridge. [Link]

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Yeah, would be fun to drive through the Shopping causeway, however am sure we will have those boy girl maniac chases on there as well, Xenon flashing – hazard lights on panic n stuff…Hate those when they happen.

BJ remember, if there is sudden rises in temp. and or sudden coughs, first symptoms of the S* flu…

qatar should have linked with UAE not bahrain. Qatar’s used to have borders with UAE but now seized by the saudis and are left with only one land exit.

Kuwait to London? Either…
a) You made a typing mistake and you really meant Kuwait->Iran Shopping causeway.
b) You suck at Geography.
c) You are being funny
d) You really mean it. You really would like a bride from Kuwait to London even though it will have to span over other countries territories (and most of it over land).

Although this will be very impressive, having just visited Bahrain for a job interview and seeing the half finished roads/bridges there, i cant help thinking getting those finished first would be a better idea!?

People have plans. They work. They have a vision, they build things. Good for them.

I’ll settle for pedestrian bridges linking neighborhoods in Kuwait. Building one from Aidaliya to the adjacent neighborhood is an impossible task as it is – MP Ali Al-Rashed had to demand Minister Adel Safar to do it and it didnt even get done – and thats a *pedestrian* bridge because people are crossing the street and getting hit.

Think about that.

bahrain will totally sink !!!!
you can not imagine how many saudies are their during the weekend. not only saudies ! all people around GCC countries go there. you can spot every kind of licenses plate on the cars there.
now Qataries will be next. the small island would totally sink.

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