Salmiya now on Google Maps

Post by Mark recently got updated with new high resolution images and Kuwait gained from it. For example Salmiya no longer is a blur on the map, the images are pretty good quality. Also I found a military base which was previously also blurred out. Check it out.

Marina Mall
Fanar Complex
American University of Kuwait (still being built in this picture)
Shaab Park
American International School
American School of Kuwait
Military base with planes

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  1. Carlsb3rg says:

    That’s really awesome! Now I can see who has a pool in their house :P Jazeera alkhathra looks nice from above

  2. snookie says:

    haha! AIS representin’!! :D

  3. Mo Hat says:

    lol the new GES is still being constructed in that pic :P

  4. cyberrowdy says:

    Wonder why it took so long for them to catalogue those areas!

  5. TweeZ says:

    wow, that’s a really old pic of AUK. The parking lot is not even built yet and the Arts and Sciences building is not there. Oh yeah, the new mall building site across from AUK , what else, is not there even.
    I think this AUK’s campus is very small. AIS is bigger!

  6. Stafa says:

    Hey Mark, how can I get to you by email? Theres something I wanna show u! :D email me once u see this!

  7. holla says:

    obviously this thing could never be real time, but it would be nice if it kept a bit up to date on all regions. googles maps is so awesome.

  8. Yazeed says:

    lol AIS
    brings back so many memories
    the school looks like a stadium not a school.

  9. Mark says:

    I used to go to AIS

  10. Yazeed says:

    did u graduate from AIS?
    class of 2001 myself, and TweeZ :P

  11. Susan says:

    I think that the air base may be Ali Al Salem

  12. Mark says:

    me and nibaq class of 96

  13. TweeZ says:

    hehe, Yazood representing the 01! AAAAHHHH YYEEEAAAHHH!

  14. K says:

    Tweez: The picture of AUK was before it actually even went under construction in 2003! So it’s a REALLY old picture!

  15. tim says:

    hope they update Google Earth soon with these new maps… Salmiya’s still a bit blurry, which isnot always a bad thing :P

  16. Zorbon says:

    Heyyy,,, I graduated from AIS too :)
    Class of 95…

    Wow….interesting, and mabe scary number of people from ais so far :P

  17. Mark says:

    Jazz and Rampurple and K.thekuwaiti also from AIS.

  18. KtheKuwaiti says:

    yup, I graduated with Yazeez and TweeZ.

  19. Yazeed says:

    anyone else from 2001?

  20. Zorbon says:

    Has anyone seen any alumni website for AIS? Whoever is taking care of their official website is not giving it much attention.

  21. Mark says:

    before i left to uni i vandalised the AIS website, changed it from class of 96 to class of 69. silly stuff like that. it stayed like that the whole summer cuz no one was available to change it :)

  22. Dyxio says:

    Lol really old pic of ASK as well, its from before the old bubble deflated lol. Class of ’01 AIS huh? I was just looking at your scrapbook last night, my cousin graduated in ’01, so did alot of our friends lol. What a small world.

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