Shakshooka Farmers Market

Post by Mark

Over the weekend while in Lebanon I oddly found out about a farmers market located here in Kuwait called Shakshooka. I hadn’t heard of it before and the fact that someone living in Lebanon knew about it while I didn’t was a bit weird. I was planning to visit the next Shakshooka so I could write about it but turns out Danderma beat me to the punch since she posted a full write up on it on her blog earlier today. So check out her post [Here]

Photo above by @faisalthef

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  1. FaisalTheF says:

    Hi Mark!
    im surprised and flattered to find my picture on my favorite blog! ;)

  2. Danderma says:

    The market is gorgeous and the items on display are really REALLY good! Sadly there won’t be one next week and the next expected market might be held in September but its well worth the wait :(

  3. The Real Burhan says:

    What a refreshing change from the usual cupcake stuff. Nice find.

  4. Hi Mark, thanks for writing about Shakshooka Market! Unfortunately, as Danderma said, we had our last market of the season last week at Bayt Sedra. The idea behind Shakshooka which is spearheaded by the talented chef Mimi Al-Nusif, is basically that of a popup farmers market, in the spirit of the seasonal farmers markets in the US and UK/London. Each week, the location changes and the location itself is not announced until the day of the event – which has been Thursdays- for one hour only. We have vendors selling organic vegetables (locally grown), free-range eggs, homemade peanut butter and spreads, artisanal breads sourdough and organic breads (I am the organic wholegrain bread and salted caramel lady), and many other lovely things. We plan to start up again in Sept/Oct. depending on how things go. You can find us at #shakshookamarket on instagram. Hope to see you and Nat there! Thanks for the post! :)

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