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Post by Mark

After checking out the Google Sightseeing website, I decided to make a collective of landmarks around Kuwait. I found a couple, if you guys can help me in finding some more it would be cool. This is what I have found:

Amir’s House
Baseball Fields
Bayan Palace
Entertainment City
Funky Circles
Green Island
Kuwait International Airport
Kuwait Towers
Kuwait University
Liberation Tower
Quarter Mile Race Track
Seif Palace
Shaab Leisure Park
Sheraton Roundabout
Souk Sharq

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  1. Sami says:

    Masjid Kabir(or Grand Mosque) which is next to Seif Palace.

  2. Mark says:

    oh yeah forgot about the airport

  3. TwaiF says:

    did you check google Earth? it a whole program..

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