Tatami Japanese Restaurant

Post by Mark

Has anyone been to Tatami Japanese Restaurant yet? I just heard about it from a friend and a quick google resulted in some shots of the place. It’s supposedly a local creation and judging by the pictures, a pretty cool looking one.

Here is a link with pictures of the place [Link]
Here is a link to the Tatami website [Link]

Update: His&Hers passed by Tatami over the weekend and you can read their review [Here]

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  1. zaydoun says:

    I had dinner there a couple of weeks ago… I liked it!

    Disclaimer: My cousin designed the interior :-)

  2. naser almutawa says:

    its a kuwaiti concept, really cozy interior with an exotic fusion menu, the chef is a talented kuwaiti. its opposite of Cadillac showroom next 2 khaleejeya

  3. UCF says:

    i’ve been there 3 times, loved the food, unlike other japanese restaurant tatami serve the traditional japanese food. i give it 9.5/10

    • David says:

      I have to say the pictures of the food in the link don’t look very traditional. What are they serving?

      • Mark says:

        Naser described it above as “exotic fusion” while UCF described it as “traditional”… so which one is it?

        • Hanaa says:

          It most definitely is nothing close to traditional. Edo and Kei are the only restaurants in the country so far that offer traditional Japanese cuisine.

  4. Realist says:

    Nice simple decluttered design. However the food looks “average”. Will have to try it though.

  5. fadibou says:

    are you still reviewing japanese restaurants ?

  6. Macintosha says:

    you got me excited for a second, I thought they actually had tatami rooms ! and the food doesn’t look traditional to me.

  7. sooli says:

    kuwait has the most restaurants per square mile than any other country in the world. lai meta me6a3em w bal3a??? ambaaih unbelievable

  8. Adam says:

    248 am is overwhelmingly food-related! :P

    • Mark says:

      i dont know why but its usually like this. i write 1 post about cars and then end up with 3 after it. Check the post thats coming up in a few minutes.. its also food related!

  9. Hiwa says:

    Tried it reaally good. The chef came up to our table she was really sweet recommended a couple of dishes everything we tried was excellent the negimiyaki was to die for the meat was so tender and not so oniony just perfect. The cod reminded me of zuma’s if you guys know it. Overall we loved it. In kuwait I havent tried any real japanese as good as this.

  10. jay says:

    best japanese restaurant in q8 just that simple

  11. q8t100% says:

    Nuclear radiation in my food.. No thanks!

  12. naser almutawa says:

    mark, id go with exotic fusion, its Japanese with a twist, goes more into gourmet.

  13. His says:

    I heard about it a few days back. Thinking of going to it this weekend

  14. Q80 says:

    It is the worst Japanese food ever ,its a combinatin of cold food & bad service . I liked only the decoration.

  15. sami says:

    Had lunch there today with my wife, cosy decorated, neatly served sushi and maki delicates, good service very friendly chef and host.

    Salmon usually comes from Norway and Canada to Kuwait
    and Tuna from Thailand and States and Other places including Japan.

    Did not Ask them where do they get theirs form though!

    Guys you should encourage local talent and not demean it.

  16. Moe says:

    tried it out this weekend and the food was really good … i also enjoyed the atmosphere

  17. Cant think of a name says:

    Where is it exactly? The maps confused me O.o

  18. sami says:

    Take Fahaheel express ( 30 ) way towards Kuwait City, pass the first ring road, pass the gas station on your left, at the traffic light ahead merge left passing Soor St, at the round about ahead is Kuwait new business district
    make a left on that round about merging towards Omar Ben al Khattab St
    Should be the first building on your right hand side Shyma Tower

  19. Somethings were good. Some average. Not a bad place to have lunch. But they served us undercooked chicken – THAT is unacceptable!

  20. yaqoub. says:

    portions are small compering the high price…
    service is 2/10.
    will not go back again.

  21. jhovy says:

    how much per head in Tatami Resto

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