Tour of Al Shaheed Park

Post by Mark

The Al Shaheed Park renovation in Kuwait City has been completed and the park is getting ready to open up any day now. The video above gives a small glimpse of the renovated park that will now contain a museum, a memorial and 800 underground parking spaces. The Al Shaheed Park project was commissioned by the Amiri Diwan who are also behind the new Kuwait Cultural Center, Shaab Museums and Al Jahra Hospital. [YouTube]

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  1. meh says:

    I hope it has a starbucks, a pinkberry and a small H&M.

  2. yousefq8 says:

    Wow. Something other than a new mall. Color me impressed.

  3. vampire says:

    wish we have a shorter summer!

  4. Tarek J says:

    Think we’ll be allowed to ride our bicycles there?

  5. MS says:

    i live right next to it, its nice but the only thing it lacks is a bit of greenary

  6. Just sayin says:

    There should be entrance fee to keep out the messy people

    • dee says:

      That goes against the idea of a public space. I would be disappointed if that happens, as we already lack open spaces that do not discriminate.

      • Nixon says:

        True, but how do we keep out the messy people then?

        I mean it’s just sad to see beutiful places like this open to the public only for the public to ruin it and then complain.

  7. zaydoun says:

    Looks great but I don’t see much actual green space… I hope this movie isn’t overly edited

    • dee says:

      What i know is that they are using native plants to keep it very environmentally friendly, perhaps that’s why the green is not lush vivid green. Also, the roof tops of the buildings/museums have green roofs.

  8. Faisal says:

    6 restaurants/cafes will be there also as per the project plan. The bid is out now so one company only will operate and run the six locations.

  9. Assaf says:

    Concrete stupid jungle

  10. Vikas says:

    When this is opened for public?

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