Whale Shark caught in Kuwait

Post by Mark

Whale Shark

Someone emailed me these pictures of a huge Whale Shark that was caught in Kuwait. I don’t know when these pictures were taken but since I haven’t heard about this before it could be very recent. Seems the pictures are old but you still check them out below..

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

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  1. Fonzie says:

    I got this email a couple of months ago

  2. Pearls says:

    Why didn’t they let it be?

    • sharklover says:

      This whale shark was in kharian i was there they captured the shark because they thought it would it was dead but when they found out it was still alive they put the shark in the on the boat and thew it as far as they could go without letting the shark die and kuwait divers are the one who helped the shark and there was one a shark was stuck on marina mall and thanx to kuwait divers they helped the shark and for your information before 50 years kuwait has the most sharks in the middle east but with the pollution most of them went to iran,oman and other countries and once again thank you kuwait divers.

  3. Yassie says:

    i’m thinking of getting my brother an i-mate k jam for his b-day, but i don’t know much about pocket pc’s, is there something better out there? any feedback would be great.

  4. Marzouq says:

    Pearls Im guessing they didnt leave it alone is because it was already dead. Whale sharks need a lot of depth to survive, and our ocean is relatively shallow compared to areas that this fish is usually in.. and it is harmless to humans.. he just probably floated to the top and people took him out. I dont think they could have killed him..

    whats odd is how everyone had a camera.. even by the water!

  5. Marzouq says:

    I wonder which area this was one.. i couldnt tell..

  6. Sharkies says:

    This harmless shark is one of the oceans most gentle creature. It is also protected from fishing by 43 world governments and all environmental groups. It is an extinct species and as always no one here seems to care the least or educate themselves about it. For them its just a show of muscle.

  7. omar says:

    this picture was taken in kharien resort and it was taken long time aqo

  8. Pétalo says:

    It’s opposite to Kheiran resort, El-Khor El-Mfatteh. It’s c;ear in the first picture.

    This is the second time this incident happens, only the first time it was alive and jet boats/skies maneuvering over and around it — really disturbed “me”, God knows how it was to it! :-/

  9. Pearls says:

    Marzouq, I agree! how odd!

  10. Anon says:

    Sharkies, if you claim it is an extinct species, then doesnt their catch contradict that? unless the one caught was the last one in which case now it is extinct… :)


  11. Anon says:

    cant be too long ago, the GMC is the current model with the rounded lights at the front

  12. Carlsb3rg says:

    I wonder what ‘Shark of Kuwait’ would say..

  13. holla says:

    he drove one of his 30 harleys there and posed with the dead shark. the pix will be up on his website in a few days. shark VS shark, only the reel sharq gonna win u.

  14. limited_edition says:

    OMG thats in Khiran and i’m going there tomorrow sooooooooo hell no am not going to be swimming there tomorrow with freakin’ sharks floating past me!! :S

  15. Yassie says:

    Thanks mark i’ll try asking in the forum… i was hoping for speedy feedback and everybody totally ignored me

  16. Yassie says:

    grrr it takes a while to receive the activation e-mail.. still didnt get it

  17. Mini R. says:

    Uhh..to rectify everyone’s info.

    That whale shark pic is old. It wasn’t caught. It beached itself, when whales beach, that means they came to die.

    Ask me how I know? I was working for the EPA when that incident happened. And it wasn’t the first whale to beach. I remember there were 3 others, one was young but seriously injured.

    So no one caught it, trying to catch a whale shark with our teeny bopper fishing boats? That’s a joke.

  18. Okay, well that was my knee-jerk reaction at seeing those photos…

    Now for my collected reply:

    I bloody hope they found that shark already dead.

  19. fadibou says:

    very sad photos :(

  20. Entrepreneur says:

    Beautiful creature… and yes, very sad to see its life come to an end…

    its shear size is awesome…

  21. oceanus says:

    took a wrong turn into this shit pit

  22. k says:

    re: whale shark in kuwait – the lack of respect in this country for people/creatures is astounding

  23. Emily says:

    Who ever did this to that poor animal is creul. Whales Sharks dont eat mammals it is physically incappable of doing so. They eat things like fish eggs. I cant believe someone would do this to a gentle giant.. Dumb people

  24. q8ty says:

    he was dying they had to get him out of there and he was trapped he couldn’t get out of the resort

  25. KaniiBeeBee says:

    of course..
    there go the forigners messing crap up again.
    the whale didnt do anything to anyone.
    and even if it was dieing let it be
    not pull it out of the water so it suffocates faster
    but people dont care about any of that

  26. fadibou says:

    funny to see someone using my nickname
    I didnt put comment 21:
    But still its a sad story

  27. roxas says:

    dude where were you in the 2nd grade whales kill them self for a unkown reason they just shove them self into the beach
    why do they do this reason unkown

  28. chuck says:

    the pictures cant be that old look at the SUV and car in the picture

  29. Ash says:

    ONE – Whale Sharks are NOT extinct. They are, however, on the endangered species list.
    TWO – They CAN live in shallow water. Fact – They spend most of their lives at/close to the surface.
    THREE – No one hurt this whale shark. When they’re about to die they swim to shore and beach themselves.

    It is sad to see, but, bottom line is that he was not harmed.

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