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I heard about this reality show this morning on BBC and thought it was extremely creative. Young Imam is a popular reality TV show in Malaysia where the winner of the show wins a car, a scholarship to study in Saudi Arabia, some cash, a pilgrimage to Mecca and gets to be an Imam of a mosque. It’s such a smart idea and it seems to be working really well in attracting younger people back into religion. I found a good article about the show on the Wall Street Journal which is where I got the video above from. You can check out the article by clicking [Here]

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  1. Ahmed says:

    good for them.
    for me i dont care, religion should be segregated from the state. I dont want someone preaching over my head. Telling me what to do.

  2. Ram says:

    Mark, despite the content of the post, i adore ur way in writing about different things regardless of religion or what so ever ;) keep it up mate and all the best

  3. Mark says:

    What does segregating religion from the state have anything to do with this post?

  4. Mark says:

    Ram: Thanks, a good idea is a good idea. I hope they do something like this in Lebanon but the sexier Young Nuns version :)

  5. Q8tii says:

    its funny how we hear about these stuff through the west media , alarabiya nor aljazeera didnt even bother to pick this up , Nice post

  6. skoulikimou says:

    i can see no adel imam

  7. q8travelbud says:

    hmm … I always appreciate new ideas … but the study scholarship to SA doesn’t sound promising to me :)

  8. Full marks for original concept. But on second hand i couldn’t stop laughing reading the prizes. May the pious one win this.
    From my point of view religion should be kept as something holy and close to heart. The car should be removed from the gift. Others stuff is fine for a pious person.

  9. Mark says:

    The car is just a means of transportation. It’s not like the guy wins a Ferrari or something.

  10. fishma4 says:

    The French would probably ban it…….

  11. Bu Yousef says:

    It’s all great – except for the part of studying in Saudi… That type of Islam doesn’t allow creativity!

  12. TweeZ says:

    Al-Azhar would be a better destination

  13. mr.mtwa3 says:

    “It’s such a smart idea and it seems to be working really well in attracting younger people back into religion”

    nice idea
    nice notice

    nice open mind mark ^_^

  14. Bu Yousef says:

    @ TweeZ

  15. ssd says:

    You’re right Tweez, Al-Azhar would be a much better place to study.

  16. Abdullah says:

    I think it’s better to learn in KSA more than Al azhar!!
    I don’t trust azhar’s scholars with their funny fatwas!!
    their fatwa’s motto
    give me a chicken and I give a customized fatwa

  17. Mohammed says:

    I like the post Mark, keep it up

  18. Spartan says:

    Abdallah, the saudi scholars have their shares of “funny” fatwas..dont forget that al shaikh al 3baikan also afta about retha3 el kabeer, just as someone did in al azhar EXCEPT al shaikh al 3baikan is of a MUCH bigger stature!

    on another note, we’ve seen the quality of “religious” people that saudi produces Vs. the quality of “religious” people egypt produces…i’ll take a customized fatwa over a customized car bomb ANYDAY..

    all due respect to the respectable mo3tadileen scholars from both saudi and azhar

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