Best Internet Provider in Kuwait 2015

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Winner: WIMD (kinda)
Every summer I would go back to Canada. And in terms of mobile telecommunications, it would be like travelling to the 90s. The few people who had cell phones, had flip-phones. With antennas (remember antennas?). No one had any idea what the hell a SIM card was. The one company that had SIM cards wouldn’t give you one without you signing a plan for at least one year. Meanwhile at Heathrow airport, you could get a temporary SIM card from a vending machine. Total bush league. My point, in case you’re missing out, is that regardless of how ‘first-world’ a country is, it’s not above being completely backwards due to greedy complacent big business interests and/or excessive government bureaucracy.

Which brings me to internet in Kuwait. Over the years, I’ve had Fastelco, Qualitynet, WIMD. The internet in most parts of Kuwait is capped due to the ancient copper cables that connect everyone together. Unless you live in Salwa or South Surra, you’re going to be limited by your internet company. Now this brings us to an interesting point. Back in day, you didn’t need high-speed, since all you would do is pretend to be a girl on mIRC and talk to other men pretending to be girls on mIRC. But now, content providers are trying to go fully cloud-based, and when that’s the case, 4Mb isn’t going to cut it. Based on Mark’s results from WIMD, I decided to give those cats a try, and the results were much better. I get 14 now.

But even WIMD is limited in that all they really do is bypass the copper cables that go point to point nationally. You’re still using Qualitynet or Fastelco or United or whatever. When they go down because a fucking whale in Egypt took a huge shit on the undersea cables, you go down too.

The gripe is that for the amount of money people pay to internet companies is not proportional to the quality of service we get. Still, when it comes down to it, unless something changes dramatically with the technology or the government locally or regionally, WIMD is still the best, despite the technical issues that pop up from time to time. They’ve been kinda enough to reimburse me for my lost days of access. I appreciate that. When it works, it works and it’s the best.

All of this, is specifically for home users. If you’re a ‘corporate user’ you’ll get gouged by the OUTRAGEOUS prices you will be quoted. In the eyes of the internet companies in Kuwait, no matter how small your company is, you NBK to them, fat and rich. It’s criminal.

Runner up: LTE
I was one of the last one of my friends to switch from 3G to LTE. I held onto my shitass iphone 4 for years past the point I probably should have. Near the end of its long life, I was charging it literally constantly. During phone calls the battery life would countdown in real time and I would panic like it was a timebomb in a Bond movie. It would literally burn my ear from how hot it would get. Now that I have a sexy new phone with LTE, I am surprised by how incredibly fast it is sometimes. And with the personal hotspot, I always have a decent backup plan. Also, it’s what most smaller companies use now rather than get abused (please don’t write comments about me belittling abuse until you see the prices they charge and then gfy).


Winner: WIMD
When I first signed up to internet at my apartment, I had DSL and I was getting 1Mbps since that was the fastest my line could handle. Then a couple of years later for some reason my line started handling 2Mbps, it was amazing since it was twice as fast. Out of the blue a couple of years later, something happened and my connection speed dropped, my line could no longer handle 2Mbps and I was back on 1Mbps. It was horrible. Then Mada came along offering 10Mbps and I jumped onboard. It was super fast… until everyone discovered it was super fast and then it became super slow. Luckily I found out about WIMD and I signed up to their 10Mbps plan and I’ve been using them ever since.

It’s been three years now and really the only major issue I had with them is when a residential building got constructed down the street blocking my line of sight with their tower. But that was an easy fix, we just moved my receiver to the far end of the building. They’re really the best solution for people who have shitty phone lines. At KD350 a year for 10Mbps they’re more than double the price of DSL providers but when your alternative is 1Mbps, KD350 is actually an incredible deal.

Runner up: Mobile Internet
Although Nima focused on LTE I am just grateful with have decent mobile internet and at reasonable prices and it doesn’t matter from which telecom provider. LTE or 3G I don’t care, they’re both great since they allow me to stream music in my car. I also love the fact we get such high download limits including unlimited options.

When I went to get a prepaid sim card in LA, they were like how much bandwidth do you want a month, 1GB, 2GB or 4GB? That’s like the norm over there, only T-Mobile had a higher option which was unlimited so I ended up signing with them. If I didn’t have WIMD at home I would have definitely signed up to one of the telecoms for internet. They’re a great alternative to DSL since they’re so much more easier to setup and most of the time faster than DSL.

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  1. Theyab says:

    Wait…so all those 16-24/F/South Americans on IRC I cybered with…are you telling me they were guys? Possibly you?

    Internet here in Barcelona sucks too. I can upgrade 100mbps to 300mbps for free but I have to call my ISP and request it. The clowns don’t do it automatically!

  2. lucky_boy says:

    We might have a pretty bad home line based internet access. But I swear to god I haven’t seen a single country that has as fast LTE internet in Kuwait or even with as much bandwidth cap.

    I’m getting a f*cking average of 80mbs(sometimes higher!) with my Ooredoo LTE-Advance with 1 TB limit. Give me a single country on earth gives u such deal.

    • Orion says:

      You’re just extremely lucky with your area not being congested. As for you getting higher than average LTE speed is because Ooredoo is the only carrier here that provides LTE+.

  3. jelly says:

    Nima, I’m not sure Canada is ‘backward’ in the way you think it is (although every country is backward in at least a few ways). I just think it’s values (at least Western Canada) are less about being on a screen all day and more about being interpersonal in the traditional sense. I doubt big business would have much success pushing mobile technology on the West Coast – I just don’t see people here being generally interested in what this month’s phone release can do above and beyond last month’s phone.
    Which to me at least, being from here, is understandable, I have the Iphone 6 but no one gives a shit. And I like that no one gives a shit.

  4. Nicolas says:

    For me Zain is #1 now. They had their faults and make mad many times before, but last two months their LTE works amazing! I have 300GB plan for 19 KD and my usual download speed is from 18 to 24 megabit with pretty amazing ping for wireless network (120-140ms to US servers).

    • Orion says:

      120-140ms to US servers is ridiculous, just unbelievable.. When I was in both the UK and mid-west USA I’d get 100~150ms to both UK and USA. So I just can’t find it believable that you could get the same or sometimes less latency when you’re in the Middle East. Can you tell us what servers were you pinging? And maybe provide a screenshot/video?

  5. cookie says:

    Mark it would be great if u and Nima could suggest the best female and male salons in Kuwait? thnx

  6. Josiph says:

    Nima & Mark, why don’t both of you consolidate your reviews into one? You’re just repeating the reviews and you both pretty much always have the same winners and runners up. Nima, I like your comedic writing style.

    • Mark says:

      Obviously we have the same winners since we both agree on them ahead of time. With runners up I think we’ve only agreed once on the same runner up so not sure what you’re on a bout. The whole point of this is to read to different opinions by two different people, if we were to consolidate i might as well just do it alone.

    • mentabolism says:

      Good! I thought I was the only one seeing the pattern there!

      • meh says:

        It’s pretty obvious that Mark goes to a place and likes it, and then tells Nima about it. So yes they are becoming redundant.

        • Mark says:

          Redundant? Are you dumb? As I explained in the beginning we’re both voting and deciding on the winner TOGETHER, we are then explaining why each one of us chose it. You’re such a fucking idiot.

          • meh says:

            “Based on Mark’s results from WIMD, I decided to give those cats a try, and the results were much better. I get 14 now”

            “WIMD is still the best”

            “When it works, it works and it’s the best.”

            So the winner is WIMD because you suggested it to him and “it works” and that makes it the best, and the rest of the “opinion” is a story about Canada and jokes about whales.

            Whatever bullshit he is writing and as hard as he wants to be funny, I don’t see how this person is qualified to give awards except for the reason of being your friend.

            • Mark says:

              So you want the winner to be an internet provider that doesn’t work? Clearly you’re the one that’s full of bullshit here, you’re just trolling for the sake of trolling. I’m doing this with Nima because he’ my friend and like he cares about my opinion I care about his. If you have an issue with that well tough luck.

              • meh says:

                So you’re giving awards to things because they work? The flush in your bathroom works so give it an award.

                Dude you can befriend, care for and do it with whomever you want, but the fact is your friend cannot write an opinion.

            • Nima says:

              “Mark’s results” are his first post on WIMD years ago before I ever met him. That’s what convinced me to try WIMD.

              You’re a troll but you’re not even entertaining.



          • think says:

            Whoa chill out guys, its just a blog post about ISP’s. This is more entertainment than anything else.

  7. john says:

    Damn Nima on 248am…you’ve fallen on hard times, you dirty filthy sell out.

  8. Jay says:

    This guy mark has soo much attitude…full of arrogance..just reflects in the way he runs down people who have opinions different than his. He would be wise to know that such behavior often preceeds a massive fall

  9. Ally Burgess says:

    Best internet in Kuwait? Such an oxymoronic title haha. It’s like choosing between eating shit or vomit.

  10. abdullah says:

    wimd suck big time

  11. Tamerhabib says:

    Wimd is not good anymore

  12. Tamerhabib says:

    any suggestion for the best gaming internet provider in Farwaniya Area ??

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