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There is an interesting discussion in the 248AM Community regarding internet latency in Kuwait. Internet latency is how much time it takes for a packet of data to get from one point to another so for example, from your computer to the website you’re trying to access. When browsing the web though, latency isn’t that important, but when playing video games, latency can make a world of a the difference in gameplay. A FASTtelco employee left some information regarding local internet latency in the discussion which I thought would be interesting to share, so I’ve copied and pasted it below with some minor changes:


In order the get the best latency, first we have to understand the dependencies and the major elements which might effect your latency:

First, the ISP’s are contracted with international providers either by dry routes (land) or through the wet routes (sea). Sometimes it’s a direct IPLC to Europe, and sometime through other destinations. The major difference might result in higher latency, but at the present time, most of the international routes are optimized to provide the best routes, resulting in closer latency ms. So let’s put this factor on the side.

Unfortunately, the mobile is a non guaranteed service. It always depends on the load within the closest cell tower and this changes with your geographic location. You will always be getting different ms (ping) depending on how many people are using the same cell tower and the time of day.

Fiber GPON:
This is the most guaranteed service in Kuwait. Usually the latency between the ONT box located in the house to the main point of the ISP is 10-15ms and that’s consider to be the least across all the other internet services. Another factor, we have CAT6 cables connecting between the ONT box and the main router which isn’t the situation in DSL areas (with few exceptions to DSL clients having upgraded their copper cables to CAT6 cabling from the MOC external point to inside the house). The GPON provides stability and FASTtelco does offer the gaming package on the GPON due to the reduction of error factors.

The various ISP’s differ in local ms (ping) latency depending on the equipments they use, the different routes and the types of services they have with the MOC. The best way to compare is to test the local ms (between you and your ISP). This will indicate the exact latency which will assist you when conducting the comparison between the different local ISP’s.

When an ISP conducts a test on the clients house, they check the external point, and that’s what’s guaranteed. Meanwhile, the local building cable (copper) is out of the scope. Therefore, a proper cable needs to be in place. Today most of the DSL areas are over 30 years old and so we heavily recommend to replace those old copper cables with CAT6 cables in order to have a much more stable service.

The router also plays a major part with the service and is the last factor that can effect your internet latency.

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  1. Ahmed says:

    What about WiMD and Mada.

  2. Rob says:

    I kept on being told to change my cable , by qualitynet every time I complained about the speed, from the moc box on the ground floor to my flat on the 5th floor. Eventually I did it and paid kd40 for it to be done and it did make a difference. What I don’t like is the filter is now downstairs in the moc box, which anyone can mess with.
    The other weird thing is we have had a fibre optic box downstairs for years in readiness for when the cables are laid, but when one of the qualitynet engineers came a few weeks ago he said a lot of the cabling had been done in salmiya, so just wish the moc would get it finished as am now relying on the Internet for streaming Tv and I think the fibre optics would be an improvement.

  3. fahad says:

    “with few exceptions to DSL clients having upgraded their copper cagles to CAT6 cabling from the MOC external point to inside the house”

    would anyone know who do i have to contact to have cat6 cable and how much would it cost. I live in Khalidyah

    • Dun says:

      Cost me 60KD. DId absolutely nothing. Now on LTE and much happier.

    • Khaled says:

      Cat6 cable is network cable standard; which has reduced interference in comparison with older standards. Anyone that does wiring can install a Cat6 cable (instead of a phone cable) from the box to inside the home.

      The best way to test if this will have an effect is to connect your modem directly to the external point (usually outside the house in a silver box).

  4. Burhan says:

    I gotta remember to check my cagles as well.


  5. Hey Mark,

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  6. Mr.Shawerma says:

    Most of these suggestions are valid but most of the issues with latency in Kuwait is bad routing configuration. I still remember when communication locally between Qualitynet and KEMS was routed through the internet London and back again.

    ISP’s have many issues between each other and also have internal issues with optimal configuration.

    • Khaled says:

      Correct and this issue will not end here – ISPs will continue to go for the cheapest link possible, until consumers value latency as much as speed.

  7. James says:

    I was on GulfNet fibre (Salwa) for three years and did not renew this year. They gave me an ‘offer’ – 122KD for 6Mbps line! I contact Zain and they gave me 100GB which a fixed LTE-A router (150Mpbs) for 88KD a year and Oredoo went one over with a LTE-A router, 200GB/month for just 96KD! Now tell me, why would I go back to GulfNet for 8Mbps!

    I’m open to criticism – legit that is

    • Anonymous says:

      Depends on what you use your internet for. Me for example, I use Gulfnet despite having Zain LTE as well. Nothing beats the latency I get for gaming via gulfnet (adsl, no fiber in my area)

    • DeViL says:

      Same thing but my line could not handle more than 2Mbps. So, while still subscribed to ADSL, I tried out Zain weekend free for a couple of months, worked out really nice. Then Viva 5KD – 250GB, which worked better than Zain also. Decided to stick with Viva which now works out 5KD+4KDx11 = 49KD annually, while my ADSL was 61KD+35KD(Telephone line) = 96KD. I know speed varies a bit on load on tower but it is definitely better than 2Mbps, averaging about 20Mbps. I cancelled my telephone line and invested my 35KD in unlocked LTE router. I can now pick and choose, whichever LTE I want without and commitments.

      However, since you were on Fibre. I think it might not be a good move, it all depends on what you are looking for in your ISP.

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