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I noticed many bloggers are moving around lately either from blogger to WordPress or from Blogspot to a hosted blog. Well I found a link that can help you find free web hosting with no ads. There are a whole variety of hosts, some offering more web space, some offering more bandwidth but they nearly all allow you to setup your own domain. So if you are interested in moving to WordPress or off blogspot and need hosting, this link will help you find a free host. [Link]

Now in case you’re interested, here is a coupon for a $50 discount at my favorite web host DreamHost. Just use the code FIVEZEROOFF when checking out.

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  1. Jackie says:

    Okay need some suggestions here, which is sort of the best package. And does that mean I order the domain name separately and then the what’s it called get the free webhosting.. This is all to be done for a friend of mine :r

  2. Mark says:

    well there are different packages for different needs. if bandwidth is important to u then u need a service with more bandwidth, probably one of the unmetered ones, if webspace is an important issue then you need to find one which offers your the most space.

    now some of the hosts allow you to point your domain name to them, some just give you a subdomain or a subdirectory on their server. Also there are some that give you the free webspace if you register or transfer your domain name to them.

    you have to see which suits your needs best and go with that.

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