Mada to Focus Only on Corporate Sector

Post by Mark

Mada has decided to stop providing internet directly to consumers and instead focus all their effort on the corporate sector. All their retail customers will be shifted to Zain who acquired them back in 2011.

When I reviewed Mada five years ago they were great, like the best thing ever because until they came along, I was on a slow 2Mbps connection. But for just KD20 a month, they were giving me a 10Mbps connect and it was a legit 10Mbps connection at that time. But, in my original review I highlighted a potential issue with Mada becoming popular and the connection slowing down. That prediction turned out accurate since Mada grew too quickly and their connection speed became slower and less reliable. Things got so bad that I ended up moving back to DSL until WiMD came a long.

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  1. Dun says:

    Meanwhile Amazon video has just rolled out to 200 countries (Kuwait included). Surprisingly there is no news about this online, even with a deep google news search. Now enjoy your amazon prime video everywhere (much better than Kuwaiti Netflix).

  2. Dun says:

    I never heard a positive thing ever uttered about Mada except from you. I think they knew you had a high profile presence online and took care of you better than their other customers.

    • Mark says:

      You’re talking about Mada today but when Mada first launched everyone had positive things to say.

      • aaa says:

        I tried them I think… 3 years ago? First of all they didn’t have service in my area, then they told me it was my fault for not having service, then I had to leave work to return it and they almost refused to return my money (I bought it on Thursday and returned it on Sunday, they were closed Friday Saturday and said I waited too long)

        Then they made fun of the picture on my civil ID when they thought I couldn’t hear them

        They were by far the worst customer experience I’ve ever had in Kuwait

    • Khaled says:

      Mada was great when it was first released – the only alternative at the time was DSL. It was the only way to get (stable) 10mb to my location at the time.

  3. Ahmed shaheen says:

    How much is wimd now. I am using zain because viva internet is really slow. But zain unlimited actually has a limit of 32gb daily and then it cuts off completely for the rest of day.

  4. orion says:

    Good. You won’t be missed Mada.

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