The Mada WiMAX Review

Post by Mark

On Thursday two engineers from Mada came over and handed me a router so I could review and after using it over the weekend here are my findings. I’ll start the post with the speedtest results since I know that’s what everyone has been waiting for. I used for the testing and although I was originally planning to test using the servers in London, New York and LA, I ended up running into issues with the New York and LA server and so decided to add two more locations which are New Jersey and San Francisco.

I don’t know why the NY and LA servers were giving me such terrible numbers but I think it had to do more with the server than my connection since the connection worked perfectly again with their neighboring cities. The location of the WiMAX router does effect the speed of your connection. For example I live in Salmiya block 9 and according to a Mada engineer, Salmiya is one of their most focused areas so the speeds I’m getting are probably the fastest you can get. When I tried the Mada router at my office in Kuwait City, I was getting on average around 2.8Mbps tops. The engineer told me it had to do with the location (Kuwait City), the fact my office is on the 21st floor (connection starts dropping after the 15th) and the fact the windows were double glazed (bounces signals). A reader called Kevin tried Mada in Mangaf block 1 and his download speed was around 6.5Mbps. So location does make a big difference on the speed. I don’t play many games online but my brother who lives next door and leeches my connection does. He spent the weekend playing on his Xbox online and according to him he didn’t notice any difference going from DSL to WiMAX.

Setting up and connecting the router was a very simple process. You just plug in the power cord, wait a minute and that’s it. You can then either connect to the router via one of the two ethernet ports on the device or by wifi. I did face a minor problem when I wanted to log into the device so I could change the wifi password as well as setup other options. Underneath the device you have two sets of login information. One is supposed to be the default wifi password the other I assumed to connect to the device to change the settings but it wouldn’t work. It was around 11PM and I wasn’t sure if there would be anyone at Mada support to help but I called them up and someone answered right away and gave me the default username and password which was just “user”. I liked the fact that I didn’t have to go through a dozen menus on the phone just to get to someone from support and I liked the fact that I didn’t have to wait on hold either. This probably has to do with the fact that the service is still new and so not many people have subscribed with them yet.

Which brings me to the future. The Mada WiMAX service currently has no download cap for the next 3 months, after that they are still not sure what the download cap will be but they’re saying it will be at least 20GB and that they will be offering a package for people who consume more. 20GB a month means around 600MB a day which is too little and makes the device really useless. 600MB a day is suitable for users who just use their internet to check email, maybe visit a few websites and also watch a video or two on YouTube. Those kind of users aren’t heavy internet users and for them if it’s a 1MB connection or 10 it wouldn’t make a difference. The real people who can use and fully take advantage of Mada’s WiMAX speed are users like me who spend all their time online surfing through a ton of websites, watching a million YouTube videos while iTunes is busy in the background downloading all the latest TV shows and Movies, the Playstation and Xbox downloading game demos and the server downloading torrents. For me it makes a huge difference if the connection is 1MB or 10.

Which brings me to a potential future issue. The connection is really great right now but that’s because the service is only a few days old, how will it be a month from now or even a year from now? I am not sure. Mada has been around for awhile now catering for the commercial industry so that gives me a bit of confidence in them. But still, 20KD for 10MB is going to attract a lot of people specially with all the problems people have with the ISP’s introducing download caps. Personally I am going to take it day by day and right now the Mada WiMAX internet connection is the fastest connection I’ve ever had. I’ve already disconnected my DSL modem at home and replaced it with WiMAX, that’s how much I’m loving this connection.

Mada currently have a booth setup at Marina Mall right outside the Mac store Digits and they also have a booth at Mohallab. It’s KD20 a month and if you sign up for 3 months it’s KD60 but you get the router for free. Here is a link to their website [Link]

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  1. yousef5 says:

    Sounds cool for downloaders only, but once the cap hits it won’t be.

    This is not suitable for gaming at all. The ping and upload are way too high. I think you should double check with your brother about that lol.

    And I live in an area which Mada doesn’t say anything about, so I’m skeptical about getting it as if the speeds are really low in my area whats the point?

    Congratz on it though and I hope it works good for you.

    • Mark says:

      Once he wakes up will check and see what games he was playing. I know from his twitter that he was playing Fifa but will see if there was anything else he played.

      • Romeo says:

        Hi Mark, I bought the machine and I have been using it for one week…..The first 2 days it was at 6M now it is at 256 k or sometimes 390k … I feel like I have been screwed and of course the one week period has passed…
        Are they having problems or this is just a big scam????

    • Patrick says:

      I mainly played FIFA, Red Dead Redemption and Halo Reach. I had no issues at all when I played Halo, but with FIFA, once in a while, depending on where the player was located, the latency would be slower than usual. But for the majority of the time, it was pretty good.

    • SanDMaN says:

      Actually the pings are quite good with the exception of London and New York.. it’s the uploads that worry me for gaming, might just give it a go for three months anyway , then decide whether i’ll be keeping it or my FT connection after they decide what their cap will be.

    • Limit in place says:

      I recently purchased VIVA because they assured me no limit. After about 15 trouble calls about slow speed the tech told the truth that if you download 2 gig a day they cut your speed mine was cut to 20K.

      I purchased a 21 meg service really 7.1 meg actually 2 meg.

      All internet companies have a ban on high end useres.

      • Murs says:

        @ Limit in place. I’ve been using Viva internet (mostly for movie downloading and Gaming) and they don’t provide you even with the 2 G’s daily limit (for the 7.1 MB).

        I really prefer and advice Qnet, fast telco & KEMS for internet access. mobile Co’s sucks!

  2. Zorbon says:

    Great regiew Mark. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Kuwait says:

    Mark, is every wall also in your house Pink (or Fuchsia or whatever the hell that color is called)??

    This thing looks awesome for now… but like you mention, no idea how its gonna be in 2-3 months. If it fails, they might as well rename it as Madar.

  4. Chuknum says:

    Its seems ok now but the data cap is whats worrying me. Even if they do decide to raise it for people who need it, how much is it gonna cost?

  5. moe80s says:

    Mark still my connection on Mada is 3.4 to 4.5 so WTH!!! I called them and informed them.. they said we’ll call back and no one called.. I told them I live in Salmia, Plagat Street and 2nd floor!!

    I think they installed an antenna next to your house to make u beleive they have a strong coverage..

    • Mark says:

      I have no idea, my place is near Marina Mall

    • moe80s says:

      they just called and informed me that if my house is on the sea view I can not get good connection, I have to be oposite to the sea!!!(the Antenna is on the other side)

      so how can the support team install one on a bulding by the plagat road to cover the connection for future users in the area?! the answer is unknown :( will they fix it? if not any user by the sea DON’T use Mada bad connection for us

      • Ahmad says:

        Try to talk to the owners of surrounding buildings , tell them that they offer about 2500-3000 not sure yearly for installing the antenaa , some of them will take that offer and install it like my buildings owner :p

        • Mark says:

          hey i wouldn’t mind if they install the antenna on my balcony in return for 10MB uncapped internet!

          • Moe80s says:

            I wouldn’t mine to install an antenna on my balcony!

            • Moe80s says:


              • ahmad says:

                talk to ur buildings owner and to talk to the comp

                bas i think u need a place where the coverage is poor and a building on at-least three streets , or with alot of open space in-front of it (ie no neighboring buildings on three sides)

                • moe80s says:

                  I take it alllll back i think someone is monitoring the comments :D Connection 9.5MB and I’m in loveeeee :D

                  Torrent download 700 KB awesome

                  thanks MADA SUPPORT TEAM

    • Kuwait says:

      Last I knew it was called Belajaat Street.

  6. Kuwaitiful says:

    People who play ps3/xbox host based games shouldn’t worry much, because it is most likely that your friend (located in Kuwait) who will be hosting the game. Those who play on servers US/UK based however, I do not recommend using WiMAX with.

  7. SonOfAl says:

    Will wait 3 months and see what they’ll offer then.I’m assuming most of the people who are signing up now are gonna be here during the summer.Sucks even if you have fast internet.

  8. Frankom says:

    they invited me but had some other commitments
    however, is it shared? i mean KD20 is noting comparing to what we pay and what we get

    what if the number of subscribers increased? will it still gives you the same speed?

    • Mark says:

      They told me even if subscribers increase connection speed would still be the same but we won’t really know if that is true or not until it happens

  9. Omar says:

    Mark. I just have one question before going and getting one. We currently have Quality Net DSL. which is in our basement. And there is wires connected to every room. Can i just connect this to the place of the old router, Or do i HAVE to connect via wifi. I live in Surra, Do you think ill get anywhere near 10? Thanks In advance:D

    • Mark says:

      Yes thats what I did, I replaced my DSL router with the WiMAX one. It has DHCP so it will give ip addresses to all your devices on the internal network.

  10. Omar says:

    Ohh cool. Thanks, I called Qualynet, They said they would return my money but they’ll call back. Maybe ill wait to make sure they’ll return my money since i have a one year contract that ends in February. Thanks for sharing and the review.

    • Mark says:

      I won’t cancel my qualitynet subscription until I know what the download cap will be with Mada after 3 months. Currently my Qualitynet cap is 2.8GB a day which is terrible but still better than Mada proposed 0.6GB a day.

  11. Omar says:

    Sorry for the double post. But every time i call “1801888” nobody answers, Should i go and have a look at their booths to get all my questions answered?

  12. Omar says:

    My qualitynet download cap is 1.8GB since i only have 1.5MB/s. And with a family of 5 and everyone using and downloading thats not enough… Im thinking that if they return my money. I can get MADA for 3 months… Then look for the better option for the rest of the year.. But its Summer now, And 10MB/s would be awesome….

  13. TweeZ says:

    If Mada are smart enough, they would not introduce a download cap. That way, they will be sure to attract a huge number of clients that are fed up with Communist ISPs and their caps.


    • Moe80s says:

      Actually it’s not communist it’s exactly the opposite :P

      • TweeZ says:

        Excuse me? Download caps? Everyone has the same shitty internet experience regardless?
        What is it then?

        • moe80s says:

          I think it’s more like monopoly.. some guy told me that the ISPs met together and agreed on making coordination concerning the offers and rates that have to be given to the public…

          additionally, they also agreed on the cap issue, if you notice everytime there is an ennoucement by a certain ISP the others also gets it in the next couple of days..

          this is a very bad thing because they are suppose to be competitors NOT freinds?!

  14. PFunk says:

    VIVA was the same when they started their internet service and look at them now. Only time will tell if MADA is any better but going from past experience, i highly, HIGHLY doubt it. No trying to be pessimistic just REAListic.

    This is not just a problem with ISP’s it is a problem with big businesses in Kuwait as a whole, once they get big enough they get too greedy and stop caring so everything falls apart and the cycle repeats.

  15. Abdulrazzaq says:

    Got the Mada router, and works great as you reviewed. However the 20 GB will not make sense for sure.

    The sales guy in the booth claimed that the 10MB speed is not shared (which i doubt). If its not shared then why cap it ?

    Im sure 100% if the “CAP greed” wasnt applied by MADA all other isps will follow due to the spill off that will happen.

    Again another problem, when they do not have a cap. everyone will shift but how much can their bandwidth hold ? can it hold all the internet market in kuwait ? i have my doubts.

    therefore expect a cap.

    What mada should do is to give the customer an option.

    If he wants a cap he pays more but without cap.

    if he doesnt mind the cap he pays the regular price.

    Why restrain your customer and have no options for them.

  16. q8ysurgeon says:

    Internet capping sucks!

    I’m in Egypt right now, and I have had a 4MB connection for over 3 years now and I’ve been downloading stuff like crazy ( about 100GB monthly on average; games, movies, series ..etc ) let alone surfing and watching thousands of youtube videos.

    Egypt’s population is over 80 millions, and they don’t have internet capping !!

    While we’re only 2 millions and we still don’t have a decent ISP


  17. A1 says:

    Good Job with the Review. I’ve been into that lately, Internet speed, the time was right to talk about it…

  18. Baker says:

    The speed is so tempting, but I’m worried about gaming.
    I’ll probably use it for downloading and use my QualityNet for gaming .. I can use them both as the MADA is only wireless, right ?
    Any idea about the signal in Hawally ?
    Thanks Mark.

  19. Mark says:

    btw did anyone notice that even a 9.42MB connection got scored a F- on speedtest because its slower than like 99% of the internet connections in the States and UK lol

  20. eli says:

    Just bought it, it’s working fairly good up to this moment but isn’t a bit weird that no one from Mada has written anything here to assure us all at least about our concerns listed on this blog so far?!

  21. Pickles says:

    Here is a tip for Mada ISP : Provide uncapped internet connection to customers advertise it against other ISPs. Result : 100% market share. Be smart Mada and do this.

  22. q82011 says:

    Is this a monthly service or do you have to sign up for a year’s contract? I may want to do it for just the three months.

  23. eli says:

    couldn’t agree more with what pickles said.. but then again logically & fairly speaking, 80 GB cap per month would be reasonable enough for the 20 KD we are paying comparing to what we used to get. Mada would be initiating a competitive internet market and fighting with the big dogs like VIVA, Zain, Wataniya etc…Ideally, they will have to reduce their prices, which makes us consumers the winners ;)

  24. eli says:

    makes me curious to know if they have an advertising agency? Any ideas about that Mark?

  25. Blushberry says:

    speedtest in qurtoba .. mada using um al haiman server

  26. Jacqui says:

    Very cool review, I have one question if I connect to it as Wireless how many devices can connect to it or is it unlimited?

  27. Asif says:

    What do you say about Zain or Viva 21Mbps. Haven’t you tried that?
    I think it gives you almost the sane speed with 30GB cap.

  28. K says:

    How did you get less than 100ms with UK/USA?
    That’s great for gamers.

  29. Soul says:

    There is a dire need for a united public voice in Kuwait.

    One fine day, all ISPs decide there should be a cap.

    Read a review above by q8ysurgeon about internet in Egypt and their 80million population and no capping.

    Whats wrong with Kuwait and their ISPs?

    Either it is bad business models or no authority to protect public interests?

    Why is Internet capped by the way? Any reasons?

  30. Sfsa78 says:

    Steps On To Reduce Internet Fees
    The Ministry of Communications has started taking the necessary steps to reduce Internet fees in the country, reports Al-Jarida daily quoting Undersecretary Abdulmohsen Al-Mazeedi.
    Al-Mazeedi also called for allowing new companies to enter the market to boost competition for the benefit of the consumers.  He said there are plans to establish an authority in charge of the communications and Internet sectors.  He added details of the proposed authority are currently being discussed in the Parliament.
    According to the undersecretary, the establishment of the authority will be followed by the formation of two companies – one for regulating and supervising the transportation sector and another to oversee the postal sector.  He said the postal services will be governed by a strict commercial system, in cooperation with the private sector.

  31. Asadi says:

    It is only a matter of time before they inroduce caps.

    Also, if they are not as wide spread geogrpahically as other ISPs due to the WiMAX coverage, then this means less users and better contention ratios on the backbone.

    But with them having thoughts about adding caps with in three months, tells me they are trying to understand the user profile before they make their next move. Will have to wait and see.

  32. nasser says:

    20 Kd still expansive

    i looked over Zain , Wataniya , and Viva sites i found that paying an extra small amount you get double speed and at least it works every where in kuwait

  33. the MADhatter says:

    Hi Mark,

    Do you know which ISP does MADA use as its backbone or are they an independent ISP?

    I have a gut feeling with the buzz that Mada has, everyone’s going to be on it and then we might end up getting ‘road kill’ speed like the zain, viva & wataniya.
    Do they have a clause that guarentees a minimum speed, irrespective of providers?

  34. MADAtter says:

    Hi Mark,

    Do you know what MADA’s backbone ISP is or are they an independent standalon ISP?

    Mada sounds interesting but what I am really afraid of is because of the buzz about MADA everyone’s going to be on it and then we are going to get ‘road kill’ speed lik zain, wataniya or viva.

    Does Mada guarentee a minimum speed ?

  35. Fatima2t says:

    Thanks Mark for telling me about them!
    a while back i contacted the company to setup internet for our house but at the time they only had the corporate satellite thing and it cost around 1200 kd a year. at the time they said they were going to get something but didnt really elaborate!

    i got my Mada today and we double checked with the guy who sold it, he said for the next three moths, there is no cap, but they will cap it later on. the saleswoman says they dont know how much and the customer care person says they will cap it at 20gb per month like u mentioned. but i think no one is really sure. anyway i will enjoy it for 3 months :D

    also i got a brochure that explained the capping at 20gb a month or 60 for 3 months but they say it wont be in effect now. just FYI.

    maybe if we create enough buzz here they will reconsider and give us more than 20gb. :)

    thanks again!

  36. Fatima2t says:

    is it me, or is the internet only fast when we do a speed test? coz in downloading its actually slower than my 3mbps quality net subscription.

    very odd!

  37. The Real Burhan says:

    Too bad they don’t have mobile WiMax license, that would be perfect.

    Just like everything else wireless, you will suffer lag so any lag-sensitive applications (like gaming) will suffer.

    By the way, YouTube will work great because there are local streaming mirrors for YouTube in Kuwait.

    Its a great alternative to GSM provider’s Internet service – till LTE is launched then you’ll see another influx of subscribers to Zain/Viva (so far, Wataniya hasn’t announced plans for LTE).

    So be prepared for another slew of offers as LTE comes close – also as number portability comes into full force (I believe this Fall).

    I’ll try to get a unit and do a “geek” review on it and let you guys know what’s going on in the back end.

  38. MADAtter says:

    Just thought I’d give everyone an update..

    I went to the MADA stall yesterday and in turns out that their backbone ISP is KEMS (thank God). They have a very intersting offer you can take the device for 7 days, test it and if you are not happy return it back to them for a full refund…the only catch is you should not cross 7GB of upload/download for those days.

    But it looks like the download limit is real, they even have brochures printed for it :-( but who knows they might have a change of heart…GO MADA we are routing for you!

  39. MADAtter says:


  40. FUBU says:

    Looked at MADA , looks tempting , but here is a report for Kuwiat . look at the number of users testing .
    rool mouse of “i” to see number of users test.,86/Kuwait/

    Who is “Arabian Infromation Technology “

  41. q8plaza says:

    ممكن شرح بسيط للموضوع باللغه العربيه عشان استفيد ! قاده اعجعج بالموضوع و الكلمات / مي نو انجلش مي ذس ؟؟

  42. joe says:

    Hey Every one

    Mada is also available at Mohallab Mall in Hawally for Wimax devices and offers

    see you there

  43. Ahmad_Alamri says:

    I just bought it yesterday and it was the worst ISP & internet connection i have ever had !!!
    the signal is not stable, internet suddenly dead totally , the agents in call center have no clue of whats going on!!
    it was the wrost idea ever !
    whats killing me is that the person in call center like i was his test subject, he wanted me to tell him the numbers of the ” physical status, CCIN tx power etc, i felt like i was in experiment and i am thier gene pig!!
    Btw, if u use it in torrent the speed after 5 minutes it will drop dead & all of ur connection will gone , then u have to reboot!!

    my max speed was between 1 MB up to 2.93 MB !!
    the signal strength was ” strong” and green color , the coverage is nothing to do with thier internet speed & bandwidth!

    Epic Fail !!!!!!!

    • q82011 says:

      your torrent issues may be with your location. I’ve been running torrents for 3 days without issues.

  44. Ahmad_Alamri says:

    so why i have this problem??
    the disconectivty of the internet line is annoying , i have to reboot
    until it works again , the signal strength is good to strong, but in the speed test the download speed is almost 2 MB & drops to 1MB then 256 Kbps!!!!
    using youtube is also problem for me
    so each 15~30 min i have to reboot so it will work again correctly!
    i live in salwa btw , the operator said that Salwa is one of the coverage for MADA !
    yeah right!!!!

    • Dear Ahmad

      my apology for such problem , kindly contact our customer relation for assistance.


      please contact us if the problem is not solved.

      thank you for purchasing mada service.

      • Ahmad Al Amri says:

        Than you dear
        yesterday the problem solved perfectly, your customer relation kindly helped me,

        the problem was with signal localization for locating my exact where about..

        thank u

  45. Eli says:

    My signal is perfect in salwa block 7

  46. Eli says:

    Maybe it’s ur device. Ask to change it maybe it will work!

  47. Mark says:

    Wow my current Mada speed is 0.05MB! What’s going on?

  48. q82011 says:

    Mine was at 1Mb and now it’s starting to come back up:

    This is in Mangaf

  49. Ahmad Al Amri says:

    thanks for everyone help
    my problem solved ,

    thank you for this blog :):)

  50. dream crafter says:

    mada is down .. speed 24.kbps from 1.2 mbps only in few days … lol

  51. dream crafter says:

    i just talked to mada agent n he said after 3 month its will b 20 GB cap for month less then 700 mb pr day u cant even download 1 movie lol…

  52. Ahmad_Alamri says:

    inshallah after 3 month thing will be changed ,
    the ISPs will learn the lesson,

    if its not changed , then i will invent a time machine and go the far future just to enjoy internet over there ;) lol
    maybe also in the future we will have caping , hmmm x_x

  53. Liz says:

    I live in Reggai and I am going to get Mada, just wanted to know if anyone in Reggai tried this and will it work in this area?

  54. dream crafter says:

    well any other isp is better then mada … its been a week and they r out of bandwidth from last 3 days its working like dailup and after 3 months they gona make 20 gb pr month limit so i think i wasted my money and u should think before u do …

  55. dream crafter says:

    i checked it in jabriya salmiya .. farwaniya all the places i used to get 10 mbps now i m getting less then 1 mbps so yes they have the prob. and they admit 100 times everytime i call so i dont know who u r defending…

  56. RAED M says:

    I live in Almasouryia were prromised 10 mb speed but the truth its like a dialup and the signal is weak. called customer service ther were very helpful and they told me they have a problem. I’m not sure to continue or return my money back bad impression on my first day.

  57. Ahmad_Alamri says:

    LoooL X_X

    guys it seems all torrents downloading is blocked from mada!!
    i am at 3 kb/s and my speed is 8MB/S!!
    i have this problem since yesterday!
    please confirm guys!

  58. q82011 says:

    Torrents aren’t blocked for me. Just ran one this morning

  59. MADAtter says:

    Today is day 7 for my MADA home connection and I though I’d give an update
    Day1 -2: Wimax signal strength very weak, internet speed in the 5mb range, download good

    Day3-4-5:Wimax signal strenght very weak,internet speed reduces to 2.5mbps still bearable, complaint raised to MADA

    Day 5: Wimax signal strength still weak, internet connection is now 1.5mbps

    Day6: Wimax signal strength excellent, internet speed horrible at 512mbps, streaming impossible, download at 5kb/sec…back to the era of the dial-up! Mada assures that they are upgrading their bandwidth and things should be normal in a week

    Day7: In deep thought over whether to return the device….

    MADA if you are listening, if you are sure of your service, give an extension on the 7 day trial, till the speeds are back to normal..That would force me to stay as a customer and would show that you really care and are confident of your service.

  60. dream crafter says:

    .rar .zip .dmg files are blocked … anything u download is blocked but when u will run speed test u will see 6 7 8 mbps :D thats so funny

    real downloading speed

    and speed test

    this is such a joke

  61. Kenzen says:

    MADA company have problems with host providers like Filesonic and Fileserve.

    If you downloaded files through these host providers your downloads for some reason get an error message from Internet Download Manager after a short time of download and when you resume, it start from 0% again.

    I have premium accounts from those two host providers and I have complained may be 15 times or more about this situation with the Mada staff but they did not fix the problem.

    At the first month of subscription sometimes for some reason the download can get by and finish but now in the third month it got worse, I cannot even finish downloading 100Mb file from those host providers.

    • Shahim says:

      Does the problem still persist with FileSonic & FileServe. I too have the subscriptions with these providers & download alot of movies from them.

      Also, how is the MADA service according to you. Is it really worth the 20KD monthly fee.

  62. Kenzen says:

    Of course, if the problem with the host providers persist, then this is my first and last time subscription with them.

  63. mbahrani says:

    Alot of people are getting caught up in the scam . I see many people waiting in line in the avenues and feel terrible for them . I got mine from there and the sales rep told me that in Rawda you get full coverage and was jubilant and I was jubilant when I reached home and connected it , I got one line out of three service coverage , I went all over the house looking , stuck the device out of the window the most I got was two , Net was fine speetest gave me 5 mgps at first after 2 months its giving me 2 – 1.5 mgps. It is a joke and for gaming i want to break the thing playing mw3 I always get bad mouthed on my ping , Screw you mada like you screwed me and many others

  64. q82011 says:

    The only thing I can say to this is that Mada service is still better than any of the other ‘over the air’ providers. Yes, we were all happy when we had speeds over 4Mbps. Now, when we average 2Mbps for most of the day, we’re upset. But they never guaranteed those high speeds. As long as I get 2Mbps and up, I’ll be happy. And I can say I get that service for the past 6 months I’ve been with Mada.
    As far as gaming goes, you’ll never get a low latency with anyone. I see the latency is lower in the afternoon and increases in the evening.

  65. mbahrani says:

    Any update on Mada Speed! How is the actual download speeds these days! do you recommend it?

  66. Santhosh says:

    Pls update the speed test of Mada now a days pls.

  67. q82011 says:

    pls check the forum for Mada

  68. q8-1 says:

    Dont use Mada….. internet never work ,,, if it does work the speed is very slow XD

  69. mohammad says:

    mada router was so amazing when i bought its 4 month ago speed test was giving me around 9 MB
    but not its not reaching 2 mb
    i live in salmya block 12
    but am telling u am not so happy right now because of the net speed
    i spoke to them sevrel times but no use they just say were upgrading the server or just restart your router they really dont know whats going on or they’re just fooling us around
    for me am not going to renew my subscrebtion with mada and i dont advice any one too do the same ..
    this is my own openion

    • Ahmed says:

      Same what happened to me i used to get 7+ mbps now it cant pass 2mbps

      • Night says:

        SAME! :( i used to get 8-9mbps now highest i can get 2-3 and sometimes i get stuck at 1mbps to 0.5 mbps and called them like 10times, nothing was solved..

  70. sarah says:

    Unfortunately, your concern about speeds decreasing after more people get it must have come true.

    I live in Salmiya (5th floor), I have the strongest signal according to the soho box setting (max green bar for strength) and I get download speeds of between 1.2mbs and 1.8mbs. I am now trying to persuade them to give me my full year’s subscription back (I’ve stupidly just left it past the 2 week grace period thinking it would get faster afterwards (as they say it will once they know you are keeping the box)). I have taken the box back to their HQ to be updated and it hasn’t made a blind bit of difference. I suggest anyone taking this system, thoroughly checks your speeds and reception within the first 2 weeks – you can then return it with no financial penalty.

  71. Ahmed says:

    mada is TERRIBLE speed isn’t stable doesnt pass 2.00mbps

  72. Kevin Rutherford says:

    When I first purchased Mada, I was very happy. I was getting speeds between 5 and 7 mbs. Over time it dropped to a consistent 3 to 3.5, but that was still faster than what I got with Viva and Zain, so I was still happy. Early this year I started having issues with it being very inconsistent and speeds dropping down some times to less than dial-up. It rarely got above 1 to 1.5 mbs on a good day. I sent customer service several e-mails. They looked and said it may be the router, due to noise ratios. They said they’d get back to me about replacing it after they ran more tests. I didn’t hear back from them and sent several more e-mail a month or so later. They e-mailed me back asking for the router password. I responded with the password. I never heard anything back. I sent several more e-mails scattered over several months with no response. By this point the Mada service had become almost unusable. I had to re-purchase Viva internet at this point was MUCH faster that the Mada I had. I wound up using Viva for my day to day activities.

    NOTE: I was living in Block 1 in Mangaf and getting full (three lights) signal the entire time on my Mada router. I also had a second Mada biscut for when I was away from home (no issues with the biscut).

    Since then I moved to another street in Mangaf (still block 1). My new place does not get good Mada signal strength, so I’m cancelling both services and sticking with Viva, which is still blazing fast in comparison to what I was getting with Mada.

    The sad thing is that I was a very happy customer prior to having issues. All they had to do to keep me happy was send a tech to my house to check the issues or respond to my e-mail and ask me to bring the router in to be checked. Instead I was ignored. As a result they have lost my two accounts.

    • ak47 says:

      What sort of speeds do you get from your Viva service and is it consistent over weekdays, evenings and weekend?

      I testsed Mada using a router a borrewed from a friend. I got 5mb/s on one side of my appartment and barely 2mb on the other side.

      I’m think of getting either Mada or Viva so any advice would be appreciated.

  73. Lutfi Abu Al-Saoud says:

    I’ve been using Mada since 8 months now. i have the home SOHO fixed router. it works great for the first two months then you will get your life surprise of having a useless and worst internet connection ever. i can guarantee you that you will learn the best begging skills by practicing that with Mada support team for getting your connection reaches up to 1mbps. then another surprise will popup which is struggling badly with their funny IT support team and their excuses which doesn’t relate to IT in anyways. i’ve been told by their IT that my IP address can have a bad sectors if it stays online for more that 3 days??? can you believe that?? which IT planet is this?

    if you have money that you don’t know where to spend, Mada is the best way to waste them

    i logged a case with them since 10 days now, and the only support that i had are the below:
    1- i have to follow up
    2- no one is interested to your case
    3- whenever i can they ask me to turn off my router for an hr and then call back
    4- when i call back i never find the same person, so i will have to repeat my self again and again
    5- they will finally get you angry by saying ” there is nothing to do for you”

    My location is in salmiya, block 2 which is suppose to be a perfect location for the signal, the CINR signal is reaching upto “24”

  74. ALamerGamer says:

    I plan on giving this a try its my only option. my neighbor/uncle locked me out of the router with a new password. i went to caribou to do some downloading when i realized everything goes to shit when your that desperate. Iv been reading reviews and its mixed. I live in Fahaheel the website says they don’t cover my block but they cover the two surrounding blocks and mangaf is an earshot away. why cant shit be easy in this country goddamn. can someone give us an update, Mark did you regret it?

  75. Mowafak Gabal says:

    Gent’s, I had the worst experience ever with this SCAM Company, I bought their Wireless equipment for 180kd annual subscription based on receiving up to 10 mbps, when I went home to test, I did not get more than 2 mbps, when I went back for a refund, it was like, too bad, kiss your money good bye. they excatly said “We only guarantee that the service is not less than 2 mbps. What a SCAM.

  76. Spikz says:

    Think i’ll search for another service provider other than MADA. They’ve got pretty bad reviews.

  77. Shahzad says:

    Yes, They advertised as 10Mbps connection speed not download speed 10Mbps. Anyways they are not good in online gaming or streaming. Pretty disappointed services. Better to get ADSL or Fiber more constant and reliable internet. Never believe on Wireless internet connection company here in Kuwait. I had tried all but disappointing.

  78. Wassim says:

    Hi Mark,

    Did you do any review lately on Mada, if they are good? or any recommendation for a good internet solution?

  79. Nick says:

    Latest update . MADA now is not responding to any calls they hangup the phone please do not renew your subscription.

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