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الرجاء ممنوع الإستفسار

I guess these signs are becoming more common at government buildings. The sign translates to “Please don’t ask us questions”.

Thanks Patrick

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Mark, the Americans drove us to this by getting us hooked on their fast food. Especially after a Go Large or Upsize meal we at the Ministry don’t have energy to answer questions. BTW, why hasn’t Potbelly expanded by now from the Avenues Mall? Need more around the city or near the Ministry where I work.

i totally support this. 90% of the questions people ask are soo stupid you just want to take their heads and bang them on the wall. at least thats how my colleagues and I feel at work.

And official there don’t know nothing when you ask them or they are busy in having breakfast and playing solitaire or on there mobiles or chit chatting in groups.

It’s your job to answer questions. How would you feel if that sign was put at the next pinkberry you visit?

Maybe bcs at the ministries the most common questions is abt directions! It is like a maze over there with no leading signs!

Why did they even say “please”

I remember once my father Went to ask for particular department to one of the person because he was sitting idle wt the counter, he was like come tomorrow ! I was like why should we come tomorrow to ask question !!!

And over here governnment are not for the people.

Quit complaining about my country all the time. There is good and bad everywhere not only in Kuwait. You are here by choice (at least most of you)!

So you think this situation is fine? It’s one thing to not like people complaining with no valid reason but this is a situation where they are definitely in the wrong.

The argument that “if you don’t like it, get out” is so pathetic. Don’t you want your country to improve? I certainly want mine to improve even if the criticism is by non resident workers. It doesn’t make it any less valid.

I could easily walk into any ministry and restructure it with no job experience and make the ministry employees jobs easier and the customers processing easier, just by common sense and basic organizational structure. And these signs would be taken down, because you wouldn’t need them. Kuwait cause their own problems – it’s all over the country – layers and layers of disorganization caused by stupidity and laziness.

That can be a two way street why do so many of your countrymen travel to other countries for things such as basic health care, education? Is it because this place has its act together.

If these facilities are staffed with PUBLIC SERVANTS, then do what so many of you tell others DO YOU JOB. If you don’t want to answer question take a job as a cleaner.

I know lots of good locals here they hate the way things are run here not just us imports….

wow, i cant believe some people think this way.. ohh well, its sad.. but its the truth.. dont you want to improve your country..? dont you want to improve the way things are being run here..? honest question.. just askin..

The solution to the problems for the ministries is simple. For everyone who doesn’t really want to work, have them stay at home and deduct 200 kd from their salaries. Then Hire expats to do their jobs, and you’ll only need 1 expat for every 10 kuwaitis.
The expats will always be at work ontime, will always be polite, will have few sick days, and won’t get caught eating breakfast at 9am while working.
Simple right

It’s not that simple. These people are given jobs by law. If you replace them, you wouldn’t hire expats – you’d leave the post open, because most of the jobs are created just to give them something to do.

Of course if you know your job is useless you won’t be motivated to do anything.

The probably meant that there is a Q & A department somewhere else in the building and they were not the Q & A department….its not biggie…sure it makes for a great meme – but i think we need to see this in the context of whoever placed that there..!

This ^^
Seen it a couple times before and they were placed in areas where “visitors” shouldn’t be. Basically you’ll see people entering offices just to ask for directions and such when there’s an info counter right around the corner. Those staff working behind a desk job are not there to answer your questions. I’ve seen the same shit happen in hospitals (Mubarak mostly). People go in and ask the doctors, nurse staff and even higher ups in their closed offices for directions.

Like always, commenters here just love bashing the fudge out of anything in Kuwait before knowing wtf they’re talking about.

I doubt the people who are clueless/rude enough to barge into a random office to ask a question are going to bother reading/following a polite sign. Easier and less sensationalist option for the frustrated workers would be to lock the door. But that’s not arrogant/silly enough and doesn’t generate attention whoring through gossip and controversy on blogs, twitter, mobiles etc.

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