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AbiDoc is a website that allows you to search, find and book an appointment with a doctor all via their website. They originally launched last year but I wasn’t a fan of the website back then, it felt outdated and really sluggish but now they’ve given it a major facelift and relaunched it. The way it works is very simple, you select what kind of doctor you’re looking for and then select your area and the website will list all the doctors and their available timings.

Not all the clinics and hospitals in Kuwait are available though, only the ones that have signed up with AbiDoc in the same way not all restaurants are available on Talabat. For example I searched for “Physical Therapist” in “Salmiya” and got “Sorry, No Exact Matches Were Found” even though the Fawzia Sultan Rehabilitation Institute is located down the block from my place. Still, the site contains a lot of doctors and the more popular AbiDoc gets the more will want to sign up with them. Check out their new website [Here]

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  1. Tony says:

    I had booked an appointment yesterday through this site with GP in Clover clinic. When i reached the place i found out it was of no use. Since they don’t track any appointments through online and we need to call them to make an appointment. Hence i feel this website is totally farce.

    • Hello Tony,

      Thank you for your feedback. At AbiDoc, we always strive to improve our service. Please note that our Call Center has reviewed the log of our past appointments and have found no record of an appointment with a GP in Clover Clinic.

      It is our policy at AbiDoc to double check each appointment by having one of our Call Center Staff call both the clinic and the patient ahead of time to verify that all appointment information is accurate and everything is to the highest standards.

      We also send a confirmation message by both SMS and email for each of the hundreds of appointments booked through AbiDoc via our Call Center, website or mobile applications, so please feel free to forward us either your SMS or email message so that we may investigate your issue further. You can email our technical team at help@abidoc.com or call our call center directly at +965 22 623 525.

      Finally, please note that all doctors, clinics and hospitals on AbiDoc are verified by our Executive Committee with the utmost assurance that all the data represented on the website is accurate and certified by the Ministry of Health in Kuwait and the Private Medical Licensing Department.

      Thank you again for your feedback and for helping us improve the levels of access and accountability to the healthcare system in Kuwait.


      Dr. Mussaad Al-Razouki
      Chairman, AbiDoc.com

  2. moes80s says:

    Talabat is awesome :D

  3. Mishari says:

    I have tried the application , i have not tried the website yet. But from my experience with the application, the service is great, and very convenient.

  4. Bystander says:

    Tabeeby.com is also good they have apps but sometimes i prefer word of mouth to find a doc. Thanks for sharing Mark

    • AbiDoc Team says:

      Hello Bystander,

      Your comment is absolutely spot on. In fact, part of the reason behind the success of AbiDoc is that it allows potential patients to learn more about their preferred doctor, clinic or hospital. Think of it as a digital ‘word of mouth,’ especially since in the next update on the website we hope to make it more media rich.

      Thanks again for your support

  5. Burhan says:

    I think the site would be better if the doctors were rated by the patients that actually booked appointments – this would be like the “verified purchase” reviews you see on Amazon.

    Other than that, the site itself needs some polish. The text contrast is not that great, the FAQ seems like it was pushed together at the last minute.

    • Mark says:

      thats exactly what i told them as well because i also go by word of mouth and reviews. but basically this is kuwait and doctors wouldn’t like negative criticism and abidoc would probably get sued and lose.

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