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Aïshti on Sale

Aïshti and Aïzone at the Avenues have a 30% sale. It started yesterday and from what I can tell everything is on sale except for one tiny section of new arrivals.

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A7es enhom taqleed, coz Mara sharait 3azkom Allah jote Burberry emsawen 3alaih sale o khathaita eb 80 kd o yoom re7t burberry 360 mall shefta nafsa ohwa o ham emsawen 3alaih sale o kan se3rah eb 125 kd Etha mani ghal6ana bs kan bel 100 o shai fa kan faaaarq belse3er laish madre !!

A9lan shay emah ‘Marka’ bilKuwait la teshteroonah! Jam marra raf3een qa9’ia 3ala ma7al w msakreenah, lesh? Le2anna elly yesteroon min hal markat lamma te5tereb a3’ta9’hum yektashfon enna taqleed w yetwahagon.
Agool a7san taboon marka a9liya? Safro barra w eshtero, w law ma gedarto, 6elbo min elinternet. Ba3ad shensawy?.

this is called competition and what you got from Aishti was the good rate especially if you compare it with the rates online

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