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Post by Mark

Yesterday I finally got the chance to pass by Elevation Burger at The Avenues. I had heard from a friend that they’re always packed so I tried to pass by early and got there around 1:45 which clearly wasn’t early enough since the place was already full. Luckily I found one table clearing up in a corner and had Nat wait at the table while I ordered at the cashier. The interior is pretty dull and kinda reminds me of a food court which is fine since it’s more like an upscale fast food joint then a restaurant but one thing that really bothered me was the lack of proper ventilation. I quickly tweeted that and the owner of the place replied saying they’re working on it. That’s great because I already have a hard time getting Nat to go to a burger place yet alone a burger place that will also make her smell like burgers.

I took a quick glance at the menu and right away knew what I was going to have. I ordered the Elevation Burger which is a double patty double cheese burger and added Elevation sauce to it, I also added a side order of french fries and a fountain drink. I took my receipt and went and waited for my order. A few minutes later my burger arrived and it looked really good. I quickly took my picture and then dug in. The burger was pretty thick, a lot thicker than it looks in the picture since after I picked up the burger I noticed the patty had slid down to the other side. Note to everyone, I love thick burgers. I took my first bite and in under a minute it was gone. I was originally worried the bun wouldn’t be soft enough but it was and it also did a good job of soaking up all the burger juice which there was a lot of. The beef patties were super greasy, by the time I was done with the burger there was a large pool of grease lying at the bottom of my plate. I thought the sauce could have been thicker since it was washing away with the grease but it might have been thick to start with and then got diluted with the grease I’m not sure. In any case the burger was good and I was considering ordering a second helping but since I still had my fries I decided not to.

I’m not a fan of their fries and wouldn’t order them again. If you’re a fan of home made fries you’ll like the Elevation ones but the next time I’m there I’ll be skipping the fries and ordering a second burger instead. The main direct competitor for Elevation burger right now at the Avenues is Johnny Rockets but in a few months time it’s also going to be Shake Shack. Would I go back? Yes I would. It’s located in a convenient location, it’s a no frills in and out dinning place with good burgers. The biggest issue really is their ventilation which is getting fixed this week. Elevation Burger is located outside in Avenues Phase II, on the top floor.

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  1. Kuwait says:

    You took your wife along and all you ordered was ONE burger, ONE fries and ONE drink?

    Duuuuuuude, now that’s cheap :|

  2. deQor8 says:

    I went 2 or 3 times during soft opening … thought it was awesom .. easily the best in Kuwait … IMHO

  3. Ansam says:

    Their buns are made of potatoes, not flour! I loved’em

  4. Bojaij says:

    Really good quality beef, great bun, so-so fries. Some people really love shoestring fries, but they should have more choices like steak fries or waffle fries, and onion rings is a must.

    Just a warning for the chicken sandwich lovers…They don’t have ANY kind of chicken items in their menu.

  5. Kuwaitsblog says:

    look yummy mark :)

  6. Lucky_boy says:


    • b says:

      The UK has some good food, it matters what you get and from where . don’t forget to spend that quid in good spot!

  7. mimo says:

    13$ for a combo meal?! thats steep :|

  8. TweeZ says:

    Mark, you forgot the star rating system for this review.

  9. Anon says:

    Really disappointing. The U.S one in Baltimore/D.C was much much better.

  10. Khajoor says:

    As greasy as Johnny Rockets, as expensive and not nearly as good.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Star rating?

  12. Akbar says:

    Rating please… 3*?

  13. Mark says:

    It’s probably a 4 star but not sure. It’s kinda hard to rate burgers now since I spend all week on a diet and when Friday comes anything I have is like 10 stars out of 5 if you know what i mean. Give me a quarter pounder or anything and I will just love it to death on my cheat days.

  14. Jacqui says:

    It was an awesome burger I really enjoyed it more than Johnny Rockets and even more than Fat Burger. But I’m not sure how it’ll rate with Shake Shack as I tried them in New York and they were awesome blew every other burger out of the sky!

    Also check my baby sister Lujain’s review of the burger on her blog

  15. Chris says:

    I am so jealous of your appetite lol..

  16. Bo-Ya3gooob says:

    I loved Eleveation burger, next time im going with the i think its called vertigo burger the 3-10 patties but still haven’t decided how many patties i shoulg go with… As for i really liked their fries…

  17. Fahad says:

    I have been there thrice ,, I am in love with their patties..One thing you forgot to mention is that their ingredients are all organic, and their beef is minced daily..and you can feel how fresh it tastes..
    I agree with the fries, its not the best, but the reason it taste like this because of their healthy cooking oil,,
    I agree with the ventillation issue…Hope they fix it soon.
    Overall, I believe its one of the Top 2 burger joints in Kuwait..

  18. Danderma says:

    When we tried it the ventilation sucked… it was like sitting inside a butcher shop… and all these women were dressed up to the nines only to have their good garments smelling of meat :S

    So smelly and qamta… the fries I didn’t enjoy at all even though i prefer home style cooked fries on store bought ones… I appreciate the gesture of cooking it fresh in Olive oil but for some reason they were meh…

    The veggie burger was OK. nothing that is earth shattering my husband is the one who tried the beef burger and i cannot talk on his behalf but if he ever started craving the burger I wouldn’t necessarily feel inclined to go there o suffer from the odor to be frank. Maybe after they fix it that would change…

    • deQor8 says:

      LOL … kinda serves all those fancy schmancy girls right … hehe … its a burger joint for God’s sake … believe me, i know how the Kuwaiti girls like to get dressed up for the Avenues etc…. I’m married to one! but we’re talking about grease drippin’, elbow lickin’ cuisine here … as long as it doesn’t smell like Mishref then I really don’t understand the problem :)

  19. Mathai says:

    Are there any other places in Kuwait that serve burgers on potato buns?

  20. waiting for an official rating!

  21. its just that we all suffer from the one-burger a week syndrome, and I definitely can’t go try all your burgers to know what you think about this.. rating please!

  22. Babble says:

    Fountain drink 65 fils ? What’s that?

  23. Abdulrahman says:

    7aram 3aleek mark, the burger is awful, I’m sorry to say that. The bun was intresting and reminded me of Ralphes bread from those summer trips to USA. I didn’t like the meat at allll. I had mind with onions and alevation sauce and it was really bad. It’s the meat I think that had an off taste.

    I think fat burger is at least better since it tastes freasher. But sure can’t wait till shake shack is open, it’s going to rock the avenues and all these other places will disappear. Hope they stick to all there ingredients.

  24. Frank says:

    Went to Eleveation burger and the store had no burgers, how can a burger store have no burgers they had run out.
    Having just come back from Dubai I cannot wait until Shake Shack opens as the burgers are amazing. Heard thet are opening 7th July – I will be first in line!

  25. Allwyn says:

    Jus took my Wife & Kid yesterday there , and as you said the place was packed at 8.00pm. And People jus kept coming in. My wife who is not a fan of beef patty burgers, she like this burger so much. And now she is listing down every burger places in Q8 as per Marks Review , to check out their burgers. Thanks For your Info Mark.

  26. Bilal says:

    I went there with my wife and kid..the burger was really awesome..i didnt like the fries much..but overall its was a good experience..

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