Alshaya at the airport

Post by Mark

I’m at the airport right now and I just noticed the Alshaya section past emigration is going to be huge. Their section will have Starbucks, Potbelly and Pinkberry but I just noticed they’ve actually built a second floor on top of the place. Pretty cool.

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  1. BuYousif2010 says:

    have a safe trip Mark. Sorry but i couldn’t stop myself of reading “emigration” :) i guess you meant “immigration”. Anyway, the place look so neat and well designed. Hope to see it hen i come back to Kuwait next year :)

    • B says:

      it is the same thing.

      • The Real Burhan says:

        It is not the same thing. Emigration is from the country (leaving), immigration is to the country (arriving). “He emigrated from UK to Canada.” vs. “I am immigrating to Canada”.

        In this case, however – its the immigration department.

        • gunsmoke says:

          Technically, as this is on the top floor where people are leaving the country, it would be the emigration section!

          • The Real Burhan says:

            They name it for the arrivals section – since they don’t call it the ’emigration terminal’ but the “immigration counter” and “immigration desk”.

  2. meme248 says:

    looks great .

  3. The Real Burhan says:

    Is this all that area that’s boarded up, or is that something else?

  4. lulu says:

    At least it’s not in the run-down parking lot!

  5. sarah says:

    Can Al-Shaya buy the airport? I want someone else to run it. It’s disgusting.

  6. Randy says:

    Al-Shaya for President!

  7. Aref says:

    Great! Just what we need….another bloody Starbucks.
    And as for Randy’s ” al-shaya for president”, thats just what we need…. Another oligarchic shark running the show!

  8. BuYousif2010 says:

    Thanks all in adding a new word to my vocabulary :)
    Sorry Mark

  9. meme248 says:

    Jasim inta towik La3ant Muslimeen deer Balik.

    • Jasim says:

      Bashar Al Assad muslim, oo gayed yethba7 nas. Ham adeer baly??

      Elwa7id ely yan9ib 3la elnas hatha muslim?

      • meme248 says:

        Int Ga3id Itgool Ina Alshaya Yisti7iqoon Al La3an mithil Bashar Alasad? Khaf rabik . Shloon itqarin nas Musaleen wa muzakeen fee wa7id mithil hatha? ma yijooz Allah Yahdeek. Int Qa3id Taqthif Alnas min ghayr Ay Daleel.

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