Aramex increasing their prices again

Post by Mark

Aramex are increasing their prices once again starting January 15th. The last time they increased their prices they blamed it on the increase in oil prices I’m not sure what the reason is this time. Here are the new prices:

First Half KG
Old Price: KD3
New Price: KD3.15

Additional Half KG
Old Price: KD2.5
New Price: KD2.65

My biggest issue with this is the change, the Aramex drivers already have a hard time giving me change and now we’re getting into coins? At the very least I hope they give the drivers Knet machines. They had them for awhile so not sure why they stopped using them. Here is the PDF with the new prices [PDF Link]

Update: I was just checking my archive and noticed a couple of years back, June 2008 to be exact, they sent an email saying they were going to introduce online payment, I wonder what happened with that?

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  1. BAJS says:

    I can’t recall but if their not calculating by volumetric weight then their still cheaper than DHL. Correct me if I am wrong.

  2. Mathai says:

    oh damn! I’ve got some items still in the wishlist. This price increase looks like its more of a ‘loose change’ headache than a monetary burden.

  3. medo says:

    KD 2 for the first half killo then KD 2.5 for each additional half KG

  4. Mark says:

    I would rather pay half KD extra and use Aramex, I’ve had my mailbox with them for 10 years now and whenever I swap to another company I always end up coming back to Aramex.

    • Snake-87 says:

      if you are using Aramex for long time you can talk to the manger and all the shipment will be charged using your credit card automatically, just bring your card and your ID to them in the morning .

  5. s. says:

    well look on the bright side,, they used to increase by half a KD every year, this year its just 150 fils.

  6. FYI says:

    online payment for S&S using credit cards was introduced in bahrain a month ago.

  7. medo says:

    it’s the customer choice at the end ! but they do provide a high quality service as well. :)

  8. Mehreen says:

    Hello! First of all on behalf of Aramex Shop and Ship I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! Secondly, Yes we do have the online payment option available. You can now pay for your packages on our site without worrying about change :) please email me at if you need any more info or help with anything

  9. Shocker2002 says:

    this is disgusting.

    Sorry but this is ridiculous without given any solid reasons, last time was because the oil prices but now because of what ? Greece problems? I can’t swallow it really.

    in Bahrain their prices were already insane (4BD) why the extra 200 fils.

    they need a serious boycott campaign, because at this rate they will increase the prices ever year.

    I really wish there is a decent alternative.

  10. moe80s says:

    I bought 2 shirts online and shipped it through Ushopweship and they are charging me 21KD!!! WTF.. they are less then a kilo?! :@

  11. HNM says:

    Aramex driver got a Knet machine. just ask him he will get it.

  12. RBG says:

    Mark: Have you seen oil prices lately? Last closed just under $90 per barrel. Just returned from Houston where grade 93 octane is selling for $3.15 or more per gallon.

    • Shocker2002 says:

      yeah but oil are still less than what they were in 2008 ( they hit $110-130 back then iirc), yet Aramex prices are now higher than 2008.

      and why Fedex ,DHL (not that joke called EasyShop ) UPS, USPS and other respected couriers don’t rise their prices too because of oil every year like Aramex? ( I buy stuff Amazon or Yes-asia and it’s the same prices from DHL/Fedex since like forever now)

      we just don’t have anyone to protect the prices and the poor costumers here.

  13. truewords says:

    Thanks for disappointing me Aramex. They increase their prices every couple of years. Do I have to cancel my subscribtion with you guys just to show you how disappointed I am?

  14. SoulQ8 says:

    @moe80s : I never understand how they calculate also , it’s always more than expected. their weight isn’t well calibrated I guess.

  15. HIA says:

    Online payment was active the last time I got a shipment.

  16. ! says:

    I told you they were going to increase their prices didn’t I? Increase in price = slower package delivery and service =) this is so funny I swear

  17. Nour says:

    Just switch to
    Better than Aramex and price same on small packages and less on bigger ones. Everything is online, payment, delievry, etc… They use DHL

  18. Saddy Qadah says:

    An advice i’ve been given long time ago, and didn’t believe till i’ve used it.. Switch into or, don’t waste your time with Aramex, its just getting old and crappy with all do respect to Aramex’s team.. but its not their fault, its just that their literal SERVICE suck big time guys… prices goes up and down every while, and don’t even get me started on them handling the customs as they say ‘We are the best’ … how can a pair of shoes get into customs? i mean c’mon and asking for almost 15 KWD just to make it pass customs, while i’ve got another pair of shoes delivered via DHL with no customs vision/corruption at all..
    Got to admit been enjoying Aramex for a year or two, but that was about it. they don’t deliver on time, they have customs issues like 90% and the prices goes higher and higher with every day we spend it with them.

  19. Mohammad says:

    This is my first comment on your blog :)

    I come here every couple of days to check for any new stuff.

    I started with Aramex in early 2009. Their service was excellent and fast. I used to expect my shipments in less than 1 week once it’s shipped.

    Then tried USWS because it was cheaper than Aramex, but taked a littles longer based on some articles I read here at that time.

    After what happened with the customs, waiting time jumped to minimum 1 month with Aramex, and more than 1 month with USWS.

    So, I read about DHL easyshop service here on your blog and went there and opened an account with them. Their service is very fast compared to what happened to aramex after the customs problem.

    Now, when ever I have a heavy shipment and need a fast delivery I go with DHL. Or send it to aramex if I’m not in a hurry, or it will be packed in a big box full of airbags.

    Now for the main thing of writing this long essay:

    I called Postaplus as per medo’s recommendations since their since doesn’t have any information about their mail forwading service.

    I got answered by their customer service. First of all, my questions were not answered right away since the employee had to ask somebody else when my queries got beyond the 1st and half kilo’s price. And I was told that the service could take a minimum 1 month to be delivered!!!.

    So, I thanked them and hang up the phone. I think I will continue using DHL and Aramex.

    As we say “khalik 3la maynoonik”.


    • Mark says:

      Now that’s a good example of how to deal with a customers complaint!

    • Mohammad says:

      Well. That was fast! :)

      Dear Mr. Mahmoud,

      Thanks for your reply.

      I will contact the numbers you posted soon to get more information about your MyBox service.

      And Mark. Sorry for the problems you are in now since some people can’t take a complaint and use it to improve themselves like what Mr. Mahmoud did here.

  20. Mohammad says:

    Hey again :)

    I Called again and spoke with Miss/Mrs. Angylin today.

    She provided me with all the information I needed untill I ran out of questions :D

    She was very nice and informative which made me rethink my choice of not signing in with you.

    I gave her my email and she sent me the registration for and prohibited items list.

    I guess you just increased your customers by 1 :)

    Thanks alot.

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