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Aston Martin Rapide Testing in Kuwait

I posted a video of the Aston Martin Rapide in Kuwait before but here is better footage. I can imagine they would have a hard time explaining to hotel security what the box with all the wires in the trunk is for. [YouTube]

Update: Here is an article to go with the video above that talks about the testing that went on in Kuwait. [Link]

With the hottest part of the day approaching and temperatures now exceeding 50 deg C, the next test involved leaving the car parked outside in the intense midday sun for an hour – typical of an everyday lunch stop.

Sixty minutes later, the team measured what’s called the solar load placed on the car during the break using a device on the roof. To give an idea of how hot the sun in the Middle East can get, a typical solar test in a factory is usually limited to 1,000kW/h, as values higher than this rarely occur in habitable climates.

But after returning from lunch, the laptop was reading a peak value of 1,100kW/h! [Source]

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They should test it in Kuwait since Investment Dar own Aston Martin (majority of the shares). It is beautiful car though and it looks like a coupe.

most car companies test their cars in Dubai, because its more fun there…
but they would get closer to actual desert conditions here in Kuwait or Saudi Arabia…where they should test cars….

Hey testing the new Aston Martin in Kuwait is an honor and a privilege. I would love to buy one as soon as its available in the market.

mentabolism: I totally agree with you. Testing in Dubai is one thing, I was always hoping car manufacturers would start testing in Kuwait due to the dry heat. The humidity helps to cool the car as well as make the A/C more efficient. However the car is truly left to its own devices in dry heat conditions like here in Kuwait. In my book this is a real heat test

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