Don’t smoke? You suck.

I really hate how the no smoking sections in restaurants here in Kuwait are usually tiny and located all the way in the back near the bathrooms. Restaurants should encourage people to cut down on smoking by having the prime seating locations allocated to non smokers not the other way around.

Update: For some humor watch the following three clips in order from the IT Crowd that are related to smoking:
Smoking was fun
Too Soviet
New smoking area

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I AGREE…. non smokers should have the best view and seating… while smokers to quit they should be near the TOILET… or the restaurants should have outside seating for the smokers…

Guys, its the age of equality. Smokers have sentiments too. If Kuwait has more smoking areas then maybe smokers are more willing to shell out their dimes, nickles and quids…Chillax now. 😛
(No, I am not a smoker and I am allergic to smoke) =)


I DISAGREE… Smokers should have prime locations at restaurants in Kuwait. If you can’t handle the smoke, have your food to go. Thats my opinion, sue me.

Mark, I agree with you 100%. When I arrive at a restaurant during “hunger hours” all the nonsmoking seats would be taken because there is very few of them! However, if restaurants did what you’ve said then they would lose customers. :S

@Not Dead… and your justification is?


i have been saying this for over 5 years!!!

why is it that the non smoking sections are small and tiny and dingy… ur completly hidden away from the people… as if ur the person bothering the diners not vise versa!!!

elmafrooth ye3aqbon those with the smoking habits… u want to smoke like a dragon and have other diners inhale ur filthy smoke with their food? fine… do it in the back with the least amount of people possible

u should try and see the non smoking section in Alforno…

Smokers have the best views ever… they are rewarded for that habit… i for one cannot stand smoke… i simply choke and my eyes water but in some restuarants or cafes in Kuwait i must endure or else i would feel secluded and lonely!!!

In Aorobaa wel dowal el motaqadema… smokers are not allowed inside buildings or restuarants… perioud… u want to kill ur self? do it outside, standing on ur feet in the scorching sun or the freezing wind!! Ur addiction… ur habit… ur problem!!!!

oh nandos ..

I thougt u know better .. I dont even call it a resturant .

For me Apple pease is without a dout is a resturant that i am sure i will not return back again to it .

It’s all a matter of numbers… in kuwait the majority of restaurant goers are smokers unfortunately, therefore they command the better sections of most restaurants and in greater numbers

Organic… that’s because laws in NYC are actually enforced, a novel concept that has yet to reach our fair land. People here light up and smoke right under “No Smoking” signs, safe in the knowledge that nobody will do or say anything to them. They smoke in elevators for %$#&’s sake!!

lol @ we must keep fighting till the bitter end – third video.

We are not even spared in hospitals, forget dining places. This needs a culture change really.

don’t complain. at least there is a smoking section . try going to most european countries, especially Paris where the whole place is for non smokers and you should get out of the cafe or restaurant i mean out side the place to smoke. which i really support, cause if u want to kill yourself it is up to you , but dont harm others

it’s really sad that some of you guys don’t care about your health as well as others… and people wonder why countries like kuwait can’t move forward *sigh*

I remember that there was a law passed back in the late 90’s that prohibited smoking in public places… whatever happened to that law??? Same as with all the other laws I guess… like talking on the mobile while driving…wearing the seat belt…. etc… they were never upheld…

Smoking is a disgusting habit that should be completely banned in public places where it affects everybody’s health.Societies arround the world have realized this and have taken measures to eradicate smoking. In Arab countries, however, the smoker is still king which shows how far behind the rest of the world we are. Having shopping malls, expensive cars, designer duds, and peppering your sentences with English words does not a civilized society make. When will the superficially-minded realize this? And they wonder why we are so far behind the rest of the world!

Whatever happened to freedom of expression? As a smoker, if I have to respect all anti-smoking people, they too should respect what I like to do. If my cigarette is bothering you, DON’T STAND NEXT TO ME! I don’t have to put it out just because “you can’t stand the smell”. Hey, if I’m at your house or in your car and you don’t smoke, I respect that and won’t light up. But don’t tell me what not to do in public, thats my point. In the end it all just boils down to business. If I own a restaurant and I know for a fact that people here are mostly smokers, I’d set up my primest locations for them cuz they are my target market. The other non-smokers can have the leftovers. You think bar owners in New York are happy with this new law? It’s driving business away.

Not Dead Yet, remember that the “norm” is being a non-smoker, so technically smokers should be the ones inconvenienced not vice versa…

Not Dead Yet: Freedom of expression is accepted except when it starts effecting other people in the same way you can’t go around with a knife stabbing people.

pinkdress: Come on! What “norm”? There are no norms anymore! Thats like telling me that the norm in the world is being ‘white’.
Mark: Don’t tell me u’ve NEVER answered ur phone at a movie theatre? People ALWAYS like to impose themselves on others and thats just the way it is.

Not Dead Yet: No, I have never answered my phone at a movie theater and I love the fact that they now block cell phone signals. Are movie theaters losing business because of that?

I think Cinescape here in Kuwait have it the other way around cuz I’d have no service when I’m in the lobby, but as soon as I’m inside, service’s is back up! And you can thank Cinescape for that.

And yes, you ALL have answered your phones at the movies, at least to tell your mom/wife/girlfriend that you’re catching a flick and to stop them from calling you every 5 seconds because you WILL NOT be able to ignore them. And NO, you won’t SMS/BBM them back cuz you want to keep your eye on the movie, not your phone’s screen.

Not really, I’m an average smoker. It just pisses me off when people are so biased to a subject that they’re blinded to whats on the other side. Someone always needs to play devil’s advocate in every argument.

I smoke… I started smoking in Kuwait (see previous posts). In saying that, I hate over-filled ashtrays (anything over three butts is over-filled in my book), smoking in lifts, and I’m actually glad there’s no smoking on planes (ever been in a “smoking train”? It sucks). And as a smoker, I thought those video clips were bloody brilliant. I couldn’t stop laughing.

I agree generally that there should be ample room for non-smokers and for people who dislike the smell, especially while eating. But some of the Nazi laws being passed from the States and even in parts of the Far East are getting to be a bit much. Balance. Extreme anything is just evil.

I agree with you 100% .I have asthma , my precious daughter too.I always think that the smoking area should be the worst spot in the restaurants, although it is useless because smoke goes everywhere.The problem is with the people themselves .For example in marina mall there are non smoking signes but..WHO CARES????????many times , when sitting in a restaurant i ask the manager to tell his customers to stop smoking but he wouldnt ! First because he does not want to lose the customer ,and second because the people wont listen!!!So we have to sit there annoyed.couphing .and covering our noses and mouths to minimize the effect.So to all smokers , PLZ respect yourself and others, and think about children with asthma

Leave it up to the business owner is what I think. I also think it’s wise for a business owner to accommodate both smokers and non smokers with a semi perfect balance and comfort.

Considerate smokers do exist, ever come across a considerate non smokers?

“People talk about how hard it is to stop smoking; about as hard as it is to start flossing” -Mitch Hedberg (commedian)

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