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Pimp My TCN

YouTube Description: Two awesome Americans in Kuwait give one lucky TCN a taste of the good life for one night… Will this spark a trend of kindness?

Basically two guys find someone who needs help, they then take him shopping, buy him stuff, take him out to dinner and then give him KD100 cash at the end. I think its a pretty cool idea especially if it catches on and random people start doing it. [YouTube]

Note: TCN stands for Third Country National

Thanks Nate

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The title card is a ridiculously annoying, and the concept seems a bit condescending…. but… you can’t help but smile seeing Muntaz having a great day and having some people treat him nicely…

Hope it catches on too

Just please change the title card…please

very nice indeed ; Mark , why don’t you try it your self with someone and record the event , would be a nice blog topic and a hell of an experiance

TOTALLY condescending. If you want to help someone , just give them money ( like the little bengali man who sweeps the street) or buy two Big macs and give one away, but don’t make a whole big Oprah thing out of it.

im happy mumtaz got some new stuff and some much needed money, u can’t help but realise it was during dinner and when he got the money which really got the smile out, but video taping it, chna its a bit… i dont know the word bas humilating? or rubbing it, just do a nice thing and dont mas5r the man..

TCN was a term coined by DoD and DoS on the onset of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Basically all nationals inluding Kuwaiti’s, Lebanese etc; except Americans are termed TCN’s. Very derogatory and extremely racist to say the least.

@ kyx… Actually, the term TCN, in DOD speak, means any nationality other than the host country nationals and US nationals as it relates to DOD operations. So, in Kuwait, as far as the US DOD is concerned, Kuwait nationals are host country nationals and US nationals are first country nationals. The DOD operates like this in all countries and it is not racist to do so. While some idiots may use the term in a racist manner, the term as origibally implemented by DOD was simply intended as a means of identifying employees as it relates to security regulations.

@kyx ”Basically all nationals inluding Kuwaiti’s, Lebanese etc; except Americans are termed TCN’s. Very derogatory and extremely racist to say the least.”
Yes, don’t they call us ragheads too?
Well MY feeling is, Mr US Moneybags can take his dollars and stick them up his baked alaska………………….

An extremely generous idea ..

but 2 things just kill it

1. calling the whole thing ‘Pimp my TCN’.

2. making him say ”America ‘pogiya’ ” at Ruby’s which, correct me if I’m wrong, sounds like ‘Hail America’ !

good idea…but it kills the person respect…the guy who took all that stuff for free have no respect for himself..and thats bad…Its better to work for something than get it for free and be on the internet where it says *i need help*…

Guys, let this people help and as long as they didn’t do harm unto others (they are doing good instead), so be it.

Different people, different style. This people help others while promoting themselves, while some do help others anonymously because they knows that somebody is watching somewhere.

btw, the repeatedly saying ‘Pimp my TCN’ is so annoying, why not just fix that on the screen instead.

By the way, if these “Americans” were in America and someone did this to a poor black ghetto rat, the race card would be thrown down in a heartbeat.

I think I’ll make a video titled “Pimp My Negro”!

I don’t see any of you going out and helping the needy. Much less using this to reflect on what you can do for society but beeitch and moan about this. Go out and do something…start with the person in the mirror before you go hating.

I guess curlysue think all Americans are $Rich$. I was just wondering what was their last good deed? This is the epiphany of someone who thinks they actually know everything and has a chip on their shoulder and an axe to grind. Thanks Larry, Moe and curlysue for moderating such negativity in this forum.


Youre a dick

India nationals work their asses off here for peanuts. They could work for 100 years here in Kuwait and not have enough money to “pimp” themselves. It isn’t selfish or disrespectful to take help when you need it.

At least these two americans have the kindness to help others…. Ive never seen a arab have that much compassion even during Ramadan Kareem. Most arabs see india nationals as laborers that if they get hurt you can just get another one.

I see Kuwaitis actually speed up when they see a indian walking across the street.

I have witnessed first hand a Kuwaiti paying for an American who purchased some ethnic Kuwaiti / Mid Eastern stuff. Though it wasnt much in amount it was only 29KWD but the Kuwaiti said “my gift to you and your family”.
Now lets see what can we call this act “Pimp my Yank” or “Pimp my Gringo” anyone??

@GF: I was a DoD Contractor for over 3 years in Iraq and can say without doubt that this agency has got to be the most racist govt establishment ever in history.

@ Bruno: An American was exploiting a “TCN” worker by giving him a few KD’s and then grabbing him and smooching him. The poor guy was so scared of complaining that he went ahead with the sodomy all the time in silence. This happened in one of Kuwait’s top logistic firm. So when others say that they havent seen Arabs doing good things to poor ‘TCN’s’ I can say some “Western Expats” are no damn less.


u just “touche’ d” the debate some what gd job.

ppl dnt understand that theres bad and good people everywhere here there left and right, and its easy to point the finger at a certain group or person without looking at the stuff you or your own ppl do.

Kudos to these 2 guys..

why when someone does any good to somebody else.. it won’t pass without any negative feedbacks from people???? reason…. well it’s so simple… they’re jealous that they themselves couldn’t do such good deeds to others… hats off to both guys who did this to Muntaz..

It wouldn’t give a much fuss here in Kuwait though.. In this month of Ramadan i hope charity begins at home.. meaning treat all your household help nicely….meaning humanely…

@nate- Of course you don’t see. Your eyes are closed and Kuwiat for you most likely exists in the area between Fahaheel and Camp Arifjan.

People help others everyday in Kuwait. But most people are not so crass as to expose the people they claim to be “helping” to the world on youtube. Stop and realize that “helping” people in this manner is crass. There is no need to film and publish the act.

Make no mistake, the motivation here was not in helping Muntaz, rather it was in making a video of themseves “helping”. The benefits to Muntaz was not the primary motivation.

@ Nate:
go by a simple ethos of life: If you do charity dont even let your left hand what your right hand is giving out in kindness. This is called charity. Doing something and then showing it on camera or talking about it is as good as not doing it.

the difference between kuwaitis and this is that in ISLAM u get more good deeds if u do something in private mainly not to embarras the person and the establishments in Kuwait for ur information sir send money throughout the whole year to india and many other countries.

Also there are establishments who carry out aid work funded 100% by the Kuwaiti public.

So excuse us for not making a production and a huge fuss so u can no about it

Its a humanitarian act not a marketing service.

So do ur research before u by some reflex action blurt something out !

As for Nate your Youtube description says it all
the above post is to u as Well.

instead of looking down in Kuwait i suggest you look at HOMELESS statistics in the US of A. Rocketing each year…. at least in Kuwait everyone has a roof over their heads.

And u go ask the indian nationals how it is in India… and if they earn more in their countries like BRUNO said …why would they stay for a lower quality of life?

I just loathe how some ppl choose to bite the hand that feeds them. Simple….u dont like it here …then leave its not rocket science

haha monera you are one funny person!

typical tactics – oh you think Kuwait is bad? Look elsewhere see how bad that is. im sure they say that in north korea as well.

Yes I guess everyone does have a roof over their heads. in fact in some of the labour camps people are lucky enough to have TWELVE people together under the same roof – a very small roof in fact – about the size of a medium sized bathroom. You ever been? cus if you have you wouldnt talk nonsense. But yes its still a roof so you know what forget it lets look at homelessness in the US instead

You seem typically ignorant. Like you heard 5 other ignorant ppl say something so you think your opinion holds the weight of proof. Which is how lots of popular ideas spread around Kuwait.

Also you seem to be confusing money with quality of life. Not everything is about cash – people coming here are promised a certain lifestyle in addition to cash. No recruitment company says hey guess what youre going to make lots of money but your lifestyle is going to be shite! If they knew that then these ‘indian nationals’ would stay in India where lifestyle IS better,

When the hand that feeds doesn’t actually hand out food, and instead beats the shit out of you… sometimes it gets bitten. It’s not rocket science. It’s not even 1st grade science.

And hey guess what – here’s a first. If you dont like what ppl are saying – remember it might be your country but YOU personally dont make the rules. So until you do, all the thousands of expats living in your country have a right to air their frustrations. So if you dont like that – YOU leave.

wooow you guys are looking WAY too into this! lol

I think its really sweet what these guys did for Mumtaz! And Mumtaz looked like he was having alot of fun and really appreciated everything–I thought it was really sweet 🙂

My lord–you guys are bringing in religion and I dont know what else–pleeeeease! Here we have two guys who just happen to be American helping out someone less fortunate.

And just a note: They aren’t the first people to film charity!

Sure maybe in our culture we don’t broadcast when we give charity but they aren’t from our culture and neither is Mumtaz—just call it as it is–a very generous gift.

Did you ever think the purpose of filming and posting this was maybe to inspire the rest of us to do the same?

TCN is a racist term , it is very degrading ….. Indiviuals are still in their discrimination mode with their caste, creed & sex no matter what nationality ……Grow up !!!! We are all firstly ” HUMANS”

TCN is a very derogatory term, I would rather people be openly racist then use these crap abbreviations on third world nationals. I mean be real, if you wanna call us sand niggers go ahead, but quit the TCN shit.

And I think we all appreciate the kindness shown to Muntaz, we just don’t appreciate his exploitation on video. If you want to be kind to him do it for yourself and not to show the world. That’s how we Third World Nationals do it.

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